Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 94

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The next day Bai Xun woke up, and Qin Feng, who was beside her, hurried forward. 

He didn’t have the right to make any decisions for her in regard to the doctor’s words, so he still needs to ask Bai Xun for her opinion. 

“I don’t want it.” 

Because she hasn’t drank water for awhile, Bai Xun’s voice was hoarse. 

After listening to Qin Feng’s narration, she said softly, “I’m going to die. How else will you suffer for your sins?” 

“… Xiao Xun…” Qin Feng was crouched by the bedside and trembled slightly. Half his head was on the bed which concealed his red eyes.  

This calm man, who possessed a straight back, was formal and polite, has finally collapsed at this time. 

Because now he knew he had no room to maneuver, and knew he was going to lose her forever… 

Bai Xun lowered her eyes slightly, only to see his neatly arranged black hair. Some of his hair roots were slightly white which made her sad.  

She slowly lifted her hand which were full of needles and tubes, and gently placed it on the back of his head. 

“Qin Feng, your hair is white…” 

Was she concerned about him? 

Qin Feng’s body trembled. He slowly raised his head and held her hand, “Xiao Xun, do you still blame me?” 

Bai Xun sighed softly, “At this time, why should I remember those things…” 

Her life was about to end, and she didn’t want to waste any energy caring about anything.  

Qin Feng’s heart couldn’t pinpoint his exact feelings, he only felt sour, sweet, bitter and astringent. Finally, he could only tuck her in the quilt gently, then softly said, “Okay, you don’t want to do that operation, so don’t do it. Just rest first…”  

Qin Feng regained his calm composure.  

“Xiao Xun!” 

At this time, an anxious male voice sounded, then the figure of Feng Chi stumbled in.  

He was beaten up severely by the others yesterday and has been resting on a hospital bed until now.   

Only after speaking to the doctor did he discover that Bai Xun was severely ill and that she may have to undergo invasive procedures. His eyes turned red instantly and he grabbed the doctor as if he was his last hope.  

“Doctor, please save her. I have a lot of money, as long as you cure her, please…” 

What does he want? 

In the past 20 years, even if he stepped on a quagmire, he has never asked anyone for help.   

But now… he realized that he was so helpless. 

The doctor shook his head. Feng Chi felt as if he was crushed by a huge pressure, squeezed and pulled into an infusion tube as he looked at the doctor desperately.   

Looking at the extremely weak Bai Xun on the hospital bed, he stumbled to the ground, groped the edge of the bed and his voice choked, “Xiao Xun, I’m sorry, I’m sorry… it’s all my fault…” 

Bai Xun shook her head and feebly called out to him, “Feng Chi…” 

As if he didn’t hear, he continued to admit his mistakes. 

Qin Feng also frowned. He was worried that Feng Chi would affect Bai Xun negatively. Then he bent down and lifted his collar and was about to drag him outside.   

His mental state wasn’t normal. Bai Xun slightly frowned, stopped Qin Feng and raised her voice slightly, “Feng Chi, I don’t blame you, don’t be like this…” 

Feng Chi slowly returned to his senses. For a moment, he trembled when he looked at Bai Xuan’s soft eyes. Then, he shivered and tried to touch her, but then quickly retracted. 

“No, I don’t deserve…” 

Bai Xun lowered her eyes and sighed, “I really don’t blame you. I know that you were just trying to scare me. There weren’t any other intentions… so you shouldn’t be burdened and take good care of yourself in the future.” 

Good care of myself? How will it be possible? 

As soon as he thought that it was his fault that Bai Xun died, he would go crazy. 

Bai Xun saw that his expression wasn’t right and hurriedly said, “Feng Chi, please do me a favor.” 

“What?” Feng Chi pressed his restless emotions and stared at her closely, “Xiao Xun, you say, no matter what, I will do it for you!” 

If he doesn’t do something, he’s afraid he really will go crazy. 

Bai Xun calmed her breathing before continuing, “I don’t want to stay in the hospital… It’s a pity to waste away in this cold place… Can you take me out?” 

“Okay, I’ll get you discharged immediately.” Feng Chi nodded hurriedly and turned to handle this. 

He was still in a hospital gown and his figure was still a little shaky. 

Bai Xun glanced at Qin Feng on the side and said, “Go and look after him. I’m worried that he may be mentally unstable right now.” 

After a pause, she did a rare wink and teased, “By the way, help me see if there is any beautiful and painless way of dying. I don’t want to be seen looking crazy every day and when I die, to look ugly… ” 

She made fun of her own death so easily, she wanted it to be easier for others to accept… 

She didn’t know, but it was like holding a sharp blade and cutting into their hearts repeatedly.  

But this was her last request, how could they disagree? 

Qin Feng’s throat constricted and he couldn’t speak for a while. After half a day, he spoke gently, “… Okay.” 


Bai Xun’s illness was basically incurable. Her family member was determined to have her discharged and the hospital didn’t stop him, so he went through the discharge procedures quickly.  

By noon, Feng Chi had already arranged a beautiful villa. The glass windows of the room were covered with heavy curtains. Bai Xun was bundled up in blankets tightly before she lifted it off her body. 

She was so weak that she could only sit in a wheelchair, but when she was discharged from the hospital her eyes were livelier.  

She took a deep breath and smiled slightly. “It’s so nice. I don’t smell the scent of disinfectant in the air…” 

Several men followed, and at the last moment, they glanced at each other, no one wanted to leave for even a minute. 

Su Shi suppressed the pain from his heart, smiled, and crouched down to look at her. “Let us go buy some food so later you can eat a delicious meal.” 

“Okay.” Although she couldn’t eat at all. 

“Xiao Xun, I have prepared this place for a long time. I originally wanted… to give it to you after marriage. I’ll show you around…” Feng Chi looked at her a little nervously. 

Bai Xun didn’t refuse and let Feng Chi push the wheelchair to show her every room. 

The house was very big. The dressing room, study, and closet was specially prepared for her and were full of new clothes… 

Even though the lighting in the room was dim due to the heavy curtains, it could be seen that every arrangement was carefully planned. 

After a while, Bai Xun was a little tired. 

“Xiao Xun, you go rest first. We’ll call you when the meal is ready.” 

Su Shi gave a meaningful look and the others took her to the bedroom to rest first. 

When Bai Xun woke up again, she smelled the aroma of the food. 

Bai Xun had no energy and didn’t want to eat. They didn’t dare to persuade her, but they were afraid that eating would trigger her illness. 

So, everyone sat together, but no one moved their chopsticks. 

“Why don’t you eat?” Bai Xun smiled, and labored to get food for the nearest Lu Zhi Yuan. 

Her hands were shaking, and Lu Zhi Yuan hurriedly caught it. 

“I’ll eat. We’ll do it ourselves.” 

Everyone started to use their chopsticks, but they were numb and didn’t know how the food tasted like. 

Bai Xun was slightly in a trance as the scene of sitting together for dinner was really harmonious. 

“There have been so many things that happened along the way. I loved, hated, and reconciled myself with my losses… now, I suddenly feel that there is nothing else more precious than life. After so many experiences, I didn’t expect everyone to sit down and have a meal together. ” 

Her voice was soft and unreal, with a slight smile. “In the future, it should be like this. Even without me, you all should eat well and live well.” 

They didn’t speak, but tears fell into the bowls uncontrollably, and the taste of bitterness and saltiness permeated in their mouths.   

The day passed by quickly and it was evening. After Bai Xun was sent back to her bedroom, the other didn’t leave, but stayed outside quietly.  

Seeing her push the wheelchair to sit by the window even though it was covered by the thick curtains, blocking the outside scenery, she was still and motionless.   

After a while, Su Shi stepped forward to wrap her in a blanket and softly said, “It’s getting late. Go and have a rest.”  

Bai Xun turned her eyes and looked at him, then softly said: “… Senior, I want to see the sun again.” 

Su Shi was stunned, and his eyes became sore. He knew what this represented … The others also knew what it meant, and their hearts dripped with blood, but they could only clench their fists and stand still. 

Su Shi crouched slightly and choked, “… Okay, then I’ll stay with you.” 

Inside the room, Su Shi accompanied Bai Xun to wait for sunrise. In the darkness, the other six people stood outside the door. 

They don’t know how much time passed, but the morning light slowly revealed itself outside.  

Bai Xun closed her eyes and smiled slightly. Her voice was very soft that he could hardly hear her if he didn’t lean closer. “I … feel … the sun … coming out …” 

“… Yes.” Su Shi’s voice trembled a little. 

Bai Xun raised her hand extremely slowly, and gently pulled his sleeve, “Bring me the medicine…” 

Su Shi acted stiffly and didn’t move. 

Bai Xun smiled, “Otherwise… after a while… illness… ugly…” 

Su Shi stood up silent after facing her eyes for a while, then returned with the medicine from Qin Feng’s hand.   

He only felt that his every step seemed to weigh a thousand pounds.  

Bai Xun looked at the medicine in his hand for a while, and when she reached for it, a teardrop fell on the back of her hand. 

Bai Xun’s movement stopped and her red eyes met with Su Shi’s red eyes.  

But she smiled and said, “Why are you crying? Is it because I’m too ugly now…” 

Su Shi’s voice was hoarse, “Not ugly… Xiao Xun always look the best.” 

Bai Xun smiled and took the medicine. 

“Good, open the curtains…” 

She looked forward with great expectation and the light from the bottom of her eyes hurt other men’s hearts even more.  


Su Shi got up and pulled open the curtains. 

The heavy curtains were slightly pulled apart, and the golden light shone into the dark room. 

Slowly being exposed to the sun and stained by the faint yellow light, Bai Xun’s eyes pricked as if she wanted to shed tears.  


Perhaps it was the effect of the medicine, but Bai Xun was a little groggy. 

She narrowed her eyes and smiled vaguely, “It’s so beautiful…” 

As soon as the words fell, her head drooped slightly and became motionless. 

“Xiao Xun…” 

Su Shi saw that she hasn’t moved for a while and called her out. 

He slowly walked to her, his voice shaking, “Xiao Xun?” 

The six people who had been waiting outside rushed in when they heard the sound. 

“Xiao Xun!” 

Their hearts were torn apart and their lungs were pierced as they cried.   

It was just that they couldn’t wake her up as if she had fallen into a permanent deep slumber.   

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