Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 95

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Bai Xun, who had chosen euthanasia, lost consciousness for a split second and returned to the original room with the vast expanse of whiteness. 

After a while, Bai Xun returned to her senses— it’s over!!! Did she succeed?? 

Her final perfect ending absolutely eliminated all the blackening values! The process was so exciting, her heart was still palpitating!!! 

Bai Xun took a big breath and slowly calmed her mind until the game sounded— 

[Congratulations to the player who successfully cleared all game levels, “The Affectionate Prince is Too Clingy”, “The President’s Sweetheart”, “Secret Lover”, “Don’t Run, My Wife with Amnesia” and “Accidentally Fell into a Shura Field”.1Shura field is where all your lovers are gathered in one place and usually the person who has all their affection gotta act normal so those lovers don’t find out that their love one is on more than one boat…basically how to act normal with the husband and boyfriends in the same room and they don’t know about each other lol… At present, the player has two choices: 1, to return to reality with a 10 million bonus; 2, return to the game world with a healthy body for a lifetime.]  

What the hell is 2? Who wants to go back to the game world that is full of perverts! When she happened to be sick, those handsome men still barely maintained harmony. If she was healthy, wouldn’t she go crazy from torment?  

Obviously, it was 1, not only could she return to her original world! But she would be rich?!! 

Bai Xun ignored the second option. She quickly and wildly smashed the first option! 

“111111 …” 

[Di ——The player will return to the real world in 10 seconds and receive a 10 million bonus. 10, 9, 8 … 1 …] 

The white light flickered, Bai Xun held her breath, and slowly opened her eyes when she felt that the surrounding area had stabilized. 

Looking at the familiar and strange room, Bai Xun raised her hand in disbelief and touched the soft pillow— it’s true… she’s back!!! 

She suddenly remembered something and hurriedly flipped through the calendar. Only one night had passed when she entered the game.   

Bai Xun found her mobile phone and checked. Her bank account indeed had an additional 10 million— the game system didn’t cheat her! Her eyes brimmed with tears of excitement!  

This is what she got for her life! 

She has lived in the game world for several years, and every day she lives on edge with a psychological shadow! 

Just then, her cellphone rung— 

“Xun Xun, what are you doing, why haven’t you come to work yet?” 

As soon as she picked up, her friend’s voice full of concern, sounded from the other end. Bai Xun was stunned by the gentle spring breeze voice. She hasn’t heard the other’s voice for several years and missed it.   

But in the next moment, Bai Xun was angry and sorrowfully opened her mouth to say plainly, “Bai Shui Su! What a good thing you did! Why did you send me that broken game?”  

The other side was stunned for a moment, and even had doubt, the voice was still soft and crisp, “What game?” 

“The link you sent me last night! Don’t you remember?” Bai Xun frowned. 

After a few seconds, the gentle voice softly spat out a sentence, “… I simply sent you Pinduoduo2It’s a mainstream mobile shopping app in China. Users can start lower bids with a group of friends, family members, neighbors, etc. and fight to buy high-quality goods. Its goal is to gather more people so they could buy better things at lower prices and experience more benefits and fun. to help bargain.” 

Bai Xun was almost furious for a while, “Good for you Bai Shui Su! Are we still friends? Do I have to bargain for you?” 

“Of course. As a good friend, I only sent you one …” The gentle voice with a smile made people instantly irritated. “Good, Xun Xun, come here quickly or you’ll be in trouble for being late.” 

Bai Xun stared blankly, then suddenly recalled that she was now rich and no longer has to work! She was no longer angry and complacently said: “Hehe, no, I’m resigning! Goodbye!” 

She hung up the phone with a “pa” and rolled around on the bed with her mobile phone happily. Tomorrow, she was going to go pack up to travel and comfort her injured heart! 

Hehe, it’s good to have money! 

On the other side, Bai Shui Su was puzzled and opened the WeChat interface chat with Bai Xun, then looked at the link she sent last night and clicked it curiously.  

Author’s Notes:

The end!! I finally finished writing! Men are big pig trotters, and only rich people are kings~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Apart to this, announcing a few things.

The female lead of “Kind is She“, hahahaha it is expected to be published soon.3This is probably the author’s best works that is ongoing right now and has the same type of FL as this novel.

TL Note: Dude, I think she made her friend become the next victim of the game….RIP. Also, Huang Yanran totally disappeared from the script after she ran away with 10 million yuan in the beginning of arc 5…wtf? lol alright.

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    The friend….what happened to the good friend NPC Xiaoya? She kinda disappeared after the first arc

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      haha just a supporting side character for college arc. They broke contact after college, i dont talk to anyone from college after i graduate personally.

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    I wonder how Bai Xun’s real world dating life would be after this lol

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      I wish this novel has a prequel tho. I kind of want to read the Dark End for Bai Xun in each level of the game. If so, I will have less sympathy with the MLs.

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    Thank you for this wonderful translation! ^o^ I enjoyed every chapters of this novel (this is honestly refreshing, tragic but hilarious and epic) so many scums round here that readers were itching to beat up (of course except Baby Sushi💕) And there’s lots of loose ends but didn’t majorly affected the plot tho so I think it’s alright save for the unanswered curiosities. Was reading this while waiting for the Villain Has Blackened Again😂 You’re a radiant and awesome translator! Thank you so much, thank your for the hardwork and dedication!! Stay safe and healthy💖

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