Seeking Good Temptation – Chapter 96

Translated by Novice Translations 

Proofread by Snacks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


In the small room where Bai Xun had just left, a blurry figure suddenly appeared, a round plump ball, lingering in the haze. 

It muttered to itself, “That’s strange, in the past, for other game worlds, didn’t the players always beg to stay? This time, I harvested a lot of energy, so I was kind enough to give her such an option…” 

It roasted her and complained, then when he tried to extract the energy— what’s going on? The game world’s energy is gone? 

It hurriedly summoned a mirror similar to a wave of water, which clearly reflected the scene after Bai Xun’s death— the male leads had set the villa on fire and all the protagonists were buried in the flames. 

Without the main characters, the energy generated by their love-hate entanglement naturally disappeared. The time in the game world solidified and basically became a dead thing.   

“All that effort in this world, and it’s in vain!” It was flustered and exasperated, then threw away the water mirror angrily. 

Suddenly, a special energy wave fluctuated— “Yi, there’s a newcomer!”1Bai Xun’s friend…hahahha RIP 

Being distracted by new things, the figure slowly disappeared from the room. 

Then, the entire room began to turn gray, and it didn’t notice that the original game world began to move, and it seemed to solidify at a strange point in time.  


Bai Xun has been playing around for some time and was in a very good mood. Once she returned, she found a casual job. The salary wasn’t high, but it was just to pass time.  

But recently, she began to have strange dreams at night. 


Bai Xun opened her eyes, an exquisite room with familiar pink decoration. She sighed—this dream again! 

She got up, washed, changed her clothes, and opened the door to the long corridor. There were seven rooms next to her bedroom. 

She was familiar with this villa, wasn’t this the gift that Feng Chi gave her before? 

She went straight down the corridor and down the stairs. 

Recalling the first time she woke up here, she was muddle-headed and walked into one of the rooms and happened to encounter Lu Zhi Yao who was in the middle of changing his clothes. 

She almost went crazy because she was scared. She thought she fallen back into the game world again!  

What’s even more terrible was that the others also lived here and unexpectedly didn’t fight!  

She couldn’t figure out what had happened to her. After a day of fear, she woke up in the real world once she went to bed last night.  

It turned out to be a dream… It’s just that the timeline was very strange. This timeline was when she was sick but instead recovered. 

There was a wonderful balance between them. 

However, since it was a dream, Bai Xun didn’t feel pressured. Anyway, she would only be back in the game when she slept at night and return to her normal life in the real world when she was awake in reality.  

She bounced into the kitchen, ready to go through the refrigerator to find something to eat— it was already early morning and she was really hungry as if she had starved the entire night.  

“Xiao Xun, breakfast will be ready soon. Would you like to drink a cup of hot milk first?” The gentle man’s voice tinted with a smile rang out from behind her and handed her a glass of milk. 

“Thank you.” Bai Xun took the milk and turned to look at the tall, long-legged Su Shi, who was wearing a pink apron, and couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh, senior, don’t you have class today?” 

Su Shi was now a university professor and will regularly hold his own art exhibitions. 

“There’s no class today. I let Zhang Ma take leave today so I can personally prepare breakfast for you.” He smiled, the clear facial features reflected the rising sun outside the window, with warmth of a spring breeze. 

Bai Xun simply watched him fry eggs while holding her milk and taking sips. 

She approached him with interest and reached out to pull the corner of Su Shi’s clothes. “Senior, let me prepare it. I want to try.” 

Su Shi reluctantly gave her the pan, “Be careful then, and don’t burn yourself.” 

Bai Xun nodded, rolled up her sleeves, and carefully completed a… fried egg! 

Wrong! Could it be that her cooking skill has degraded after playing around for a while?!!2Remember that in the real world, she became rich and played around before she came back and got a leisure job, we can assume she only eats take out now since she’s rich 

She set it on the plate and looked at the half-black fried egg with a frown when a deep male voice sounded— 

“Why did you make your own breakfast today?” 

Suddenly Lu Zhi Yao in a suit appeared, Bai Xun was startled and turned to stare at him, “You scared me!” 

“I’m sorry …” Lu Zhi Yao’s thin lips were slightly pursed and unexpectedly wretchedness could be seen from his cold eyes.  

Although his beautiful facial features looked as if it was carved from a knife, he was normally expressionless, but his deep eyes contained endless emotions. Moreover, she always felt that Lu Zhi Yao always seemed cautious with her. 

Bai Xun was a little embarrassed and wondered if she was too fierce. 

“It doesn’t matter, why haven’t you gone to work yet?” 

“I haven’t had breakfast yet …” Lu Zhi Yao said, looking at what was in her hand. 

Bai Xun glanced at the omelette she made, and hesitated. “This one is burnt. I’ll give you the one senior made.” 

“Not necessary. Xiao Xun’s cooking, even if it’s burnt, I’ll still eat it…” 

He said lightly, reaching for it, but in the next moment, the plate in Bai Xun’s hand was taken away by another slender hand. 

Following the other’s line of sight, Qin Feng smiled slightly, “Just in time, I haven’t eaten yet.” 

Lu Zhi Yao’s atmospheric pressure dropped, he reached out his hand to grab it, then coldly said, “That’s mine.”  

“Oh?” Qin Feng narrowed his eyes and smiled. “Your name isn’t written on it.” 

They both refused to let go. Lu Zhi Yao’s atmospheric pressure was even colder, and Qin Feng had a smiling expression with a powerful pressure.   

Bai Xun looked to the left and right, “What are you doing?” 

“Xiao Xun…” 

At this time, they both put their eyes on Bai Xun, the meaning was obvious, it was up to her to decide. 

Bai Xun was speechless, to go so far for a burnt egg? 

However, why does it feel like they were competing for favor? As if whoever she gave this burnt fried egg to, would be more pampered??  

Bai Xun shuddered from the bottom of her heart and caused a layer of goosebumps to emerge from her own thoughts. 

After looking at the two again, she took the plate and poured the contents into the trash bin, she clapped her hands. “Well, don’t eat burnt food. Be careful of diarrhea.” 

She took two new plates and handed it to them, “Quickly eat, and go to work!” 

They were both helpless. 

After breakfast, Qin Feng kissed her hair before leaving, “When I come back in the evening, I’ll give you a surprise.” 

His gentle eyes with years of precipitation, concentrated with affectionate doting can cause any young woman’s heart to race.  

This pig trotter is putting up an act, won’t it be a footbath basin again?3Haha she’s cursing him out and last time he said he will buy her a gift in his arc 3, it ends up being a footbasin. Thanks for the comments for pointing that out. 

Bai Xun secretly curved her lips and nodded obediently. 

After she sent the two away, Su Shi, who had made breakfast, served it at the table and said to Bai Xun, “Xiao Xun, Qin Xiao and Feng Chi are still asleep. Let’s eat first.” 

“Okay.” Bai Xun didn’t even take two steps yet when the door opened again.  

The cold Pei Yan came in with a black suit.  

His gang was still in the whitewashing stage.4They are being normal citizens with a legit business and no longer is doing shady stuff for the underworld…or rather the process to transition into that Last night, there was another problem and he was busy outside and just returned.  

“You’re back, did everything go well?” Bai Xun slightly looked up at him. 

“Nothing serious.” The hoarse, magnetic voice tickled her ears. 

Pei Yan wasn’t used to wearing a suit. As soon as he entered the room, he raised his hand to pull at his tie. He slightly lowered his eyes and returned Bai Xun’s dark watery gaze. He unconsciously stretched forward towards her and wanted to kiss her.  

Bai Xun was taken aback and dodged it on reflex.  

His body stiffened… the atmosphere was awkward for a while. 

“That…” Bai Xun looked left and right and pointed to the table. “Have you eaten? We were just about to…” 

Pei Yan’s eyes darkened, and he shook his head. “I’ll go up to sleep for a while.” 

“Oh, go ahead…” 

Seeing that Pei Yan went upstairs, Bai Xun was relieved. 

Really, she wasn’t sure how to play the game once she kissed, she was terrified of the present nonsense! 

While she was still struggling, Su Shi on the side said, “Okay, come and eat.” 

Bai Xun obediently sat down. 

She glanced at Su Shi and silently ate breakfast. Everyone seemed to have an inexplicable harmony. It seemed that a certain agreement had been reached and they ignored each other and didn’t fight.  

After breakfast, Su Shi went out to do something and Bai Xun anxiously stayed in the room.  

Time passed slowly like in reality. She was thinking that if things continue like this, wouldn’t she have to go out and find something to do?  

“What are you thinking about?” Feng Chi’s lazy voice sounded. He was still in his pajamas, leaning over Bai Xun who was on the sofa, with his chin resting on her shoulder.    

“Don’t cause trouble.” Bai Xun gently pushed him away. “How can you only get up now, you big lazy pig!” 

Feng Chi raised an eyebrow, retreated slightly and stretched out his lower back. “Our company isn’t busy. Besides, it’s usually open at night.”  

Yeah… this guy has clubs… 

Seeing that Bai Xun didn’t speak, Feng Chi propped his head on one hand, reclined on the sofa, then stretched out a finger to poke her, “Xun Xun, I’m hungry…” 

Bai Xun gave him a meaningful look. “Who asked you to wake up late and not eat breakfast. Now you make it yourself.”  

Feng Chi smiled and said, “I want to eat you.” 

Bai Xun just drank a sip of water and almost spat that out alongside her saliva.  

She kept coughing… pervert! 

“Feng Chi, how old are you? Aren’t you scheming points at heart and still playing these tricks? Greasy middle-aged uncle!” 

A slightly ironic voice sounded from Qin Xiao who wore ripped jeans and had his eyebrows raised.   

“Greasy middle-aged uncle??” Feng Chi’s face deformed and sneered, “You should say this to your father.” 

“You, Tweedledum and tweedledee.”5It means they are both the same as there is not much to choose from between them At this moment, Qin Xiao looked at him contemptuously. 

Bai Xun didn’t expect these two men to fight like children.   

Seeing that they were about to fight, Bai Xun hurriedly sent them upstairs to change their clothes so they can go to work and brought them two sandwiches.   

She didn’t know how long it took until Pei Yan came downstairs. 

“Awake?” Bai Xun hurriedly gave him a glass of milk. “Have you eaten anything last night? First, drink some milk.” 

Pei Yan took and rubbed the glass, his low voice was a little uncomfortable, “Do you still blame me?” 

Is he recalling the past? 

Pei Yan’s eyes were the same as Lu Zhi Yao’s. Why did she always feel that they were trying to please her? 

Bai Xun repeatedly waved her hands, “No, really. I just wasn’t prepared and was startled. Next time, I definitely won’t…” 


Before Bai Xun finished speaking, Pei Yan leaned over and kissed her. 

She mildly felt her emotions stir from that single touch, there was a trace of electricity, it made her limbs go numb and limp.  

Bai Xun was stunned. 

Pei Yan’s dark eyes seemed to flash with a smile. 


In the afternoon, Lu Zhi Yuan hurried back, and hugged Bai Xun as soon as he saw her. 

Bai Xun still couldn’t figure out the situation. She thought about it. The last time she came here, Lu Zhi Yuan seemed to have said that he was going to visit his father in country M.6Wtf, that old fart is still alive?? I thought he died in the second arc when Lu Zhi Yao had something done to him so he could become the head of the Lu family. Haha I guess side characters are hard to kill off! 

So, she raised her hand and patted Lu Zhi Yuan’s back gently, and said softly, “How is Uncle Lu?” 

Lu Zhi Yuan’s voice was still a little hoarse and tired, but it was hard to hide his joy. “My father is fine, and…” 

He held Bai Xun’s shoulders with both hands and looked at her and said with a soft voice. “I have convinced him, and he wants to see you again.” 

Ah??? This déjà vu to see his parent… Bai Xun’s mouth twitched. 

She smiled slightly and pushed him upstairs. “Don’t need to hurry. Let’s talk about it later… You take a bath and rest, wait for dinner later.” 

Talk about it later, nonsense! When she goes back, she will find a doctor to treat insomnia! 


In the evening, they came back one after another. 

At dinner, Qin Feng brought out his so-called surprise— a wedding ring. 

En… very nice surprise… what nonsense, ya!  

Bai Xun watched other people’s movements and stared at Qin Feng’s eyes. They began to go upstairs to get their own. 

Seven rings of different shapes and styles, all of which were obviously valuable appeared in front of her.  

Bai Xun: … gee, what are they doing?!! Are they going to make her seven fingers wear seven rings?? 

At this moment, the doorbell sounded and just saved her.  

Who could it be? … 

No matter who it was, Bai Xun immediately got up and ran, “I’ll open the door.” 

She opened the door and saw Huang Yanran, who was dragging a suitcase with a bright smile outside. She rushed up. 

“Xiao Xun, I was kicked out by my family. Can I stay with you for a while?” 

Bai Xun hadn’t spoken yet, and the men behind her all looked cold and said in unison: “No!” 

Bai Xun looked at the male leads’ eyes, they glared like a tiger watching their prey, and then at Huang Yanran who appeared to be weeping…it must be done, ya!  

Good sisters living together not only bring relief! But can also be used as a shield!  

She’s really such a clever and quick-witted person! 

However, that night, there were eight people that stood in front of her door.  

It looked like— Emperor, whose nameplate are you picking today?7Usually emperors have a bunch of people in the harem, so in the evenings, the eunuchs usually bring a bunch of nameplates so the emperor can pick the name of the person he was going to sleep with

… No, don’t they have their own room? 

“Otherwise, sleep together, I ordered a super king-size bed.” 

What?? No way!!! 

Bai Xun was scared and quivered!!! 

Then… woke up! 

The sun shone outside the window, and it was a new day. 

Gee, scared her to death! 

She has to find a cure for insomnia… or the next time she dreams she will be married!  


On the other side, as soon as Bai Xun left, the time in the game world freezes, and everything stops. 

This world, which should have disappeared with the death of the protagonists but the strong obsession of all the protagonists reversed this. 

Their willpower exists only because of her, and only when she is here, everything will move again. 

… Will she come tomorrow? 

Author’s Notes:

The extra is over~~ Thank you all for supporting me here, please look at the new novel that I am very diligent to update (saying that I’m not diligent, you must have followed my works from 2 years ago), because I really love this work, hahaha.

Because the new novel is on the moon list last time, I wrote the ending after a month. I’m sorry, I won’t be this flaky in the future. I will write a new novel when the old novel is finished. I can’t help myself!! Finally, I love you all~ See you in the next novel~

TL Note: Please leave a review and rate this novel on NU so other people can find this novel!

Also, Su Shi’s real name is actually Su Jin. I just been calling him Su Shi because I like sushi. Well, this is the end of the novel, and its a creepy ending! This is the first “long” novel I completed, yay! Now to complete another “long” novel!

The author keeps calling Bai Xiao Xun as Bai Xun Xun in the author’s notes column, the title of this work is called Seeking Good Temptation but the characters for Seeking is Xun Xun…so perhaps the actual title is Xun Xun’s Good Temptation8since she’s the one tempting those 8 capture targets

This was so bittersweet for me to quickly finish up this novel….well on the bright side, this same author has a thing with white lotus FL who is actually a scheming woman who steps on multiple boats. Anti-cheater strategies translated by smoggy is her other work and is similar, but in quick-transmigration instead of game world.

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