Stupid Cup – Chapter 6

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by Nesryn

The Cup is a Bastard (Extra)

  Hu Bei met Sheng Ran for the first time in a gift shop.

  The girl with the ponytail smiled warmly and was excited to pick a gift. The shopkeeper asked her who she was going to gift, and she replied with a smile, “My best friend.”

  There were many girls who picked out gifts for their best friends, this was nothing special. Hu Bei, as a cup that’s been cultivating to become a demon, she naturally doesn’t want to fall into her hands. So, she used her abilities to reduce her sense of existence.

  However, she was picked anyway. Because in the entire store, she was the only pure white cup and happened to be in line with Sheng Ran’s aesthetic tastes.

  She was expensive, and the girl gritted her teeth to buy her. Watching her get wrapped, the girl looked as if she saw her best friend smile when she receives the gift.

  It’s a pity that the girl was abandoned by the person that was called her best friend. The girl felt that the cup was too expensive and couldn’t bear to throw it away, so she used it for herself.

  Getting along with a human day and night, watching her light pink lips gently bite the rim of the cup, Hu Bei realized day by day that she was moved.

  Her fellow senior ghosts later told her that girl poured her emotion into the cup and that the ghost was infected by the human’s emotion while the ghost’s emotion would infect the human as well.

  Sheng Ran changed from a lively, smiling girl into a lonely girl who didn’t like to talk. She was distressed for her, thus she accompanied her.

  Well, she admitted that her way of getting along wasn’t successful, but at least it was enough to attract her attention.

  But these things didn’t matter anymore. Now, in the dormitory, the cute cup ghost held her goddess and cleverly looked like a big dog.

  —— “Hu Bei, you bastard, you can’t disappear again, do you understand?”

  —— “I know la, your majesty!”

  Their days are still long!

Author’s Notes:

QUQ Don’t comment on the length, I’ll choke!

It’s finally over, please comment!

Novi’s Notes:

So, this was the same author as <<Next Door There’s Memeda>> and I actually did like this short story. This short story has the same silliness as that story.

PLEASE, if you want to support me to leave a review on NovelUpdates for this series! So, other people can find this work as well and read it~

Unfortunately, I hadn’t gotten any short yuri requests at all. Haha, I’m more willing to quickly translate and complete a short yuri (up to 50k CN words) within one sitting or over a span of a month. My issue is that I spend more time on my translations than to go look for new content. If I don’t get any requests and can’t find any other short works, I’ll probably just go invest that time into my other BG novels to complete.

This translator really does enjoy short yuri works! I am asking readers to help send recommendations this way so I can work on them! The only ones I wouldn’t even consider are those “over” my skill level, but I don’t know that until I look at the raws.

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