Targeted by a Feline Beastman in Ancient Times – Chapter 1

Translated by Novice Translations
Proofreader kora

“Anyone there?”

  As night fell, Chi Yuyang walked briskly on her way home.
  The 21-year-old Chi Yuyang studied veterinary medicine which she loved.
  Today, Chi Yuyang had finished her last day of her internship at the veterinary clinic and received her first paycheck.
  Moreover, when the boss heard that she had decided to raise a cat, he also gave her several bags of cat food and a pile of pet supplies.
  After leaving the veterinary clinic, Chi Yuyang planned to drop off her toolbox and the gifts at home first, then go to the pet shop to pick out a kitten, but when she crossed the road outside the supermarket, the ground suddenly shook.
  She suddenly felt dizzy and lost consciousness.
  When Chi Yuyang opened her eyes, she didn’t see any high-rise buildings. Instead, she saw trees towering into the clouds.
  ”I must be dreaming still.” Chi Yuyang murmured.
  However, the unique fragrance in the air told her that she wasn’t in the city she was familiar with, nor was this an absurd dream.
  Chi Yuyang quickly pulled out her cellphone from her pocket and discovered that there was no signal.
  Then she tried to dial 110, but still couldn’t connect.1911, what’s your emergency? Same concept but China uses 110
  The time displayed on her phone was 19:40.2My fellow readers who don’t use military time nor 24hr time. This is 7:40PM.
  She calculated that it had only been an hour since she lost consciousness.
  Chi Yuyang shakily stood up and found her toolbox, cat food and the pet supplies gifted by her boss, as well as the daily necessities she had just bought from the supermarket.
  ”Have I been kidnapped?” The surroundings were silent, and Chi Yuyang muttering to herself abruptly interrupted that silence.
  It’s just that Chi Yuyang was an orphan. She was already destitute and didn’t feel that there was any reason to kidnap her.
  She was kind-hearted in nature and treated people sincerely. Thus, she seldom encountered people who had ill-intentions towards her.
  So, that’s why she wondered why she had suddenly appeared here.
  ”Hello, is anyone there?” Chi Yuyang tentatively called out, but there was no response for a long time.
  She had suddenly come to a strange place. After confirming her safety, the first thing Chi Yuyang did was to check her scattered belongings.
  In addition to the toolbox and pet supplies, the items from the supermarket were salt, sugar, sanitary napkins, snacks, and other miscellaneous items.
  Also, the bag she carried on her had her wallet, keys, lip balm, umbrella, coat, and other sundries.
  Obviously, the paycheck she had just obtained today was useless for the time being.
  The snacks were the only thing that met her current needs.
  Although the contents of the toolbox were used to treat animals, they could also be used on people when necessary.
  As for pet supplies, Chi Yuyang decided to bring them along since she still didn’t know her current situation.
  After all, cat food was also food. No matter how bad it tasted, it was much better than gnawing tree bark.
  A strong wind blew, and a wild fruit fell from an unknown tree, hitting Chi Yuyang’s head.
  This fallen fruit looked very similar to the mulberries that Chi Yuyang was familiar with, but its color was an eerie light blue.
  Are these fruits poisonous?
  Chi Yuyang hesitated for a moment and finally packed the fruit into the plastic bag.
  She looked around and found different vegetation around her.
  Even the ground under her feet was covered with light green.
  Chi Yuyang vaguely felt that something was wrong.
  But her cellphone had no signal, and she didn’t know where she was.
  Since she didn’t have a compass, Chi Yuyang decided to follow her gut feeling.
  She chose a direction and started to move.
  Several thoughts flashed through Chi Yuyang’s mind as she moved.
  For example, she had been selected for a survival game, or the kidnappers temporarily left her in this place waiting for a ransom.
  Or maybe desperadoes were trying to hunt her as prey, so they let her have a head start before chasing her, enjoying the thrill of the hunt.
  In any case, staying in one place was the same as waiting for death.
  Waiting for death had never been Chi Yuyang’s style.
  Before leaving the pet hospital, Chi Yuyang had a casual meal, so she didn’t feel particularly hungry.
  Just a little thirsty.
  Fortunately, there was still a bottle of water in Chi Yuyang’s bag, but it wouldn’t last long.
  It seemed that her top priority was to find water.
  Since this was a forest, Chi Yuyang guessed that there should be a stream nearby.
  Using her sixth sense, Chi Yuyang walked for about half an hour but the surrounding scene remained unchanged.
  Except for the unchanging towering trees, she began to see weird vegetation.
  Most of the plants were green, but their fruits were colorful.
  After tiring herself out from walking, Chi Yuyang stopped to take out the mineral water and carefully poured it down her throat.
  She hadn’t found a source of water yet, so even if she was thirsty, she didn’t dare to drink anymore.
  People were more likely to die from dehydration than from starvation.
  At the same time, to Chi Yuyang’s surprise, she hadn’t encountered any creatures at all.
  Not only did she not see a single living person, but she hadn’t even seen a single animal.3I dream of a world without spiders and mosquitoes…maybe she transmigrated in my dream world >~<;;
  Could it be that this forest is man-made, so there weren’t any wild animals?
  The more Chi Yuyang thought about it, the more terrible she felt. What was the motive of the person who brought her here?
  Despite her thoughts, Chi Yuyang didn’t stop. After rehydrating herself, she continued to move forward.
  When the time on her cellphone changed to 21:00, she finally heard the indistinct sound of water from nearby.
  Chi Yuyang couldn’t wait and ran towards the sound.
  It really was a stream.
  At this time, the relaxed Chi Yuyang finally realized what was wrong.
  Her cellphone told her that it was already 9 o’clock in the evening but the sky above her head was still blue.
  When the sun shined from a certain direction, she didn’t feel any warmth.
  Based on her knowledge, there were only a few places on the borders where the sun didn’t set by 9 o’clock in the evening.
  The city where she lived in was on the southeastern coast.
  How could she be taken to the border from the southeastern coast in just one hour?
  Or maybe this place was completely unknown to her.
  Now, she could only take it one step at a time.
  Chi Yuyang slowly suppressed the doubts in her heart and hid her belongings in a hidden niche.
  Then she took out the blunt-edged scissors from the toolbox and crept towards the stream.
  This was the only lethal tool she had.
  Logically speaking, there should be organisms near the water source.
  Although blunt-edge scissors were an ineffective weapon, but they gave her a slight sense of security.
  As she approached the stream, Chi Yuyang felt that the surrounding air became tense again.
  Chi Yuyang thought about it for a while, then called out, “Is anyone there?”
  Instead of waiting for the opponent to make the first move, it was better to attract their attention first.
  The premise was if there was an enemy.
  Five minutes later.
  There was nothing unusual.
  All Chi Yuyang could hear was the sound of the gurgling stream.
  But she held the blunt scissors in her hand tighter.
  Either there were no living creatures nearby or the other party was very calm.
  Enemies that can keep calm were oftentimes the most terrible.
  Another gust of wind blew by, causing the vegetation to sway.
  Chi Yuyang keenly noticed a cave behind the vegetation a few meters away.
  She guessed that someone lived here, and maybe hadn’t returned yet.
  Chi Yuyang calmed down and decided to leave first.
  Honestly, her courage to face the enemy only lasted for that moment.
  When she returned to her senses, Chi Yuyang realized that her back was already soaked.
  Chi Yuyang returned to the place where she hid her toolbox.
  This location was relatively hidden from the creek and had a good view.
  In particular, there were several lotus-like plants here. Chi Yuyang hid among them, making it difficult for others to detect her.
  Chi Yuyang sat down slowly.
  Nearly two hours spent moving, coupled with taunt nerves made her exhausted at this time.
  As a reward for discovering the stream, she drank a sip of mineral water, then began to wait for a long time.
  During this time, her cellphone still hadn’t found a signal.
  She turned off the phone before it ran out of battery.
  I don’t have a power bank on me. And obviously, there’s no place to charge it nearby. It will only use up electricity if it stays on.
  If she could escape from this place, she had to use her cellphone to call for help.
  Chi Yuyang kept a close eye on the cave, for fear of missing any disturbances.
  No matter who she met, she had to ask what was going on.
  However, the first thing Chi Yuyang encountered after waiting was a thunderclap.
  She screamed internally, this was a sign of rain.
  Chi Yuyang glanced at what was under her feet.
  Once the items were soaked in water, they would be useless.
  She looked up at the cave in the distance.
  There was an unknown existence in the cave but if she lost her belongings, she wouldn’t be able to survive for long. It was better to take a gamble.
  She thought about it for a moment.
  Chi Yuyang grabbed all her belongings and rushed towards the cave.
  Not long after arriving in the cave, a downpour fell from the sky.
  It was also accompanied by deafening thunder.
  It sounded one after another, as if splitting Chi Yuyang’s heart.
  Chi Yuyang sighed. Maybe even God thought she was miserable right now.
  She turned around and began to look inside the cave.
  Even with the help of the light outside the cave, Chi Yuyang still couldn’t see the end of the cave.
  It seems that this cave is quite deep.
  Chi Yuyang shuddered subconsciously, this could be where the beast lives.
  But she didn’t see any animals on the way there, not even birds flying in the sky.
  Since she entered the cave, there wasn’t a sound from its depths.
  Due to the rain, the temperature dropped sharply. Fortunately, Chi Yuyang was wearing trouser pants and had a long-sleeved jacket in her bag.
  At the same time, she discovered that there was a small fire in the cave.
  Is it a human?
  Animals shouldn’t make fire.
  Chi Yuyang took out her coat and put it on.
  She didn’t dare go deep into the cave, so she sat down next to the cave entrance.
  She watched the wind roaring outside along with the continuous rain.
  Chi Yuyang began to cry.
  But she didn’t dare to cry aloud, only quietly whimper.
  She actually fell asleep, perhaps because she had released her pent-up stress from crying.
  By the time she woke up again, the rain had stopped.
  Chi Yuyang looked around in a panic and was relieved to find that none of her belongings were missing.
  She shouldn’t sleep.
  At least until the crisis was over, she shouldn’t dare fall asleep so defenselessly.
  But she had just gotten off work and walked for so long. Thus, her body reacted before her brain.
  Chi Yuyang didn’t know how long she slept for, but the feeling of fullness in her belly subsided. Her lips were chapped due to dehydration.
  At this time, there was one third of the mineral water left.
  Chi Yuyang smeared lip balm on her lips, then took a sip of water.
  She rummaged through the snacks in the plastic bag and finally opened a packet of biscuits.
  Just as she was about to take her first bite, there was a faint cry from outside the cave.

Author’s Notes:
The compass was a mistake. I didn’t take it into consideration when writing.

Novi’s Notes: So, this is a new BG series I’m doing. I’ve been craving beastmen for a long time and hadn’t picked a novel to do. This is the one I’ll be doing, and no, I didn’t read the raws so I’m just hoping I played roulette well.
Also, this author is new on JJWXC, she just started writing around April 2020!! She just completed this novel in September~ This is her first novel and she stated she’s practicing her writing.
My goal is to release this at least once a week…it’s a goal!! So, don’t come lynching me!!

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