Targeted by a Feline Beastman in Ancient Times – Chapter 2

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  It’s an animal.

  Chi Yuyang grabbed the blunt scissors and took a defensive stance.

  ”Awoo…” The voice outside the cave became weaker and weaker.

  After a long while, the voice finally stopped.

  Chi Yuyang still didn’t dare to breathe for fear that the wild beasts outside would suddenly rush in.

  As time quietly passed, Chi Yuyang saw that there were no movements outside and guessed that the wild beast might have left.

  At this time, her legs were soft, and it was difficult to stand.

  She couldn’t escape further into the cave, and she still faced a water shortage.

  She had originally planned to go to the stream to see if the water was potable.

  Thus, Chi Yuyang groped along the wall of the cave and slowly walked to the entrance relying on sheer willpower.

  She tried to poke her head out.

  But there was a strong scent of blood.

  Chi Yuyang immediately retracted her head in fright.

  As a veterinarian, Chi Yuyang was sensitively aware that this wild beast was probably injured.

  And according to its cries just now, the wild beast hadn’t reached adulthood yet.

  Or it was heavily injured to the point that its voice had become weaker than usual.

  In short, there would be no risk to her safety for the time being.

  She hesitated for a moment, but her professional instinct overcame reason.

  She lifted her toolbox and tiptoed out.

   When she was at the entrance of the cave, with the help of the faint sunlight, she could see a white hairball lying on the ground.

  The color was snowy-white and looked like a Persian cat from a distance.

  The difference was that this hairball had several black stripes on its fur.

  Chi Yuyang had a vague guess in her heart.

  When Chi Yuyang was only a few steps away from it, her guess was confirmed.

  This was a tiger cub.

  It seemed that the species was the Bengal white tiger, which was classified as a first-class protected animal. 

  Chi Yuyang naturally knew that wild white tigers were extremely rare.

  She didn’t have time to think about it, and immediately went forward to check its injuries.

  After approaching, she found that the hairball had lost consciousness.

  The most conspicuous thing was the long narrow wound on its abdomen.

  The blood began to spread from that area, exuding a pungent smell.

  Chi Yuyang looked around and didn’t see any blood besides where the hairball was at.

  She frowned, and a cloud of suspicion flashed in her heart.

  Which direction did the hairball come from? It didn’t leave a single trace on the ground.

  However, the hairball was seriously injured, and Chi Yuyang didn’t think about it too much.  

  If the wound wasn’t treated in time, it was prone to become easily infected in this natural environment.

  Chi Yuyang was thankful that she didn’t discard her toolbox earlier.

  At the same time, because she had seen several cases of cat injuries at the veterinary clinic, she also had experience dealing with them several times.

  So, she cleaned the wound, disinfected it, applied medicine, and bandaged it in one go. 

  After she finished, the little hairball still remained motionless.

  Fortunately, it was unconscious right now, otherwise Chi Yuyang wouldn’t be able to smoothly perform treatment.

  There was no anesthetic in her toolbox.

  Chi Yuyang struggled to pick up the little hairball and carried it and her toolbox back into the cave.

  She spread her coat on the ground, then placed the little hairball on it.

  She looked at the cub in front of her. Although she was aware of the ferocious nature of tigers, Chi Yuyang couldn’t help but stroke its furry head a few times.

  Anyway, it hadn’t woken up yet.

  While it was still asleep, Chi Yuyang stroked it from head to tail nonstop.

  After all, it’s rare to touch a tiger cub. Not to mention, the rare white tiger.

  Looking at the white dumpling in front of her, Chi Yuyang decided to name it Tuan Tuan.1Tuan is the Chinese character to call him “ball” which is part of the hairball that was mentioned before. And it can also mean “dumpling” lol.

  She checked the cub’s gender and verified that he was a male. If she ignored the black stripes on its body, the cub looked like a large version of a glutinous rice dumpling.

  At this time, Chi Yuyang calmed down and discovered that Tuan Tuan seemed to be slightly different from the white Bengal tiger she knew.

  There were only a few black lines on his body. Initially, Chi Yuyang overlooked the number of black lines when she first saw him.2So, the Bengal white tiger is striped everywhere, while Tuan Tuan isn’t. The reason being, the stripes represent what power tier the beastmen are on their bodies  

  Except for the dark coloration on Tuan Tuan’s head, everywhere else was pure white.

  Besides the four black stripes on its body.

  The white tiger was originally a subspecies from the mutation of the Bengal tiger gene. Maybe the number of stripes was influenced due to this mutation.

  Chi Yuyang explained this abnormality to herself.

  At this time, Tuan Tuan’s breathing became much more stable than before.

  Now that she was idle, she took out a biscuit and ate it.

  After quickly eating the biscuit, Chi Yuyang still felt hungry, so she took out the bread from the plastic bag.

  In fact, she hadn’t expected to expend physical strength to rescue Tuan Tuan just now. That box of biscuits would have been enough for Chi Yuyang, who always had a small appetite, to support herself for the time being.

  She could only comfort herself that the shelf life of bread wasn’t long. Thus, eating it later would be a waste.

  When she saw that Tuan Tuan showed no signs of waking up, Chi Yuyang walked outside the cave again.

  First, she cleaned up the blood left by Tuan Tuan, then went to the stream to fetch some water.

  She used the leaf of a lotus-like plant she saw before to hold the water.

  She made the assumption that the plant wasn’t poisonous.

  Chi Yuyang still didn’t know what was going on and still needed to get up to speed.

  Compared with the human traces she found before, the wild beasts were more dangerous to her. 

  Moreover, she calculated that the snacks she reserved in the plastic bag would only last her for another five days.

  Food is also a problem ah.

  Later, Chi Yuyang realized that there were no fish swimming in the stream.

  What’s going on with this place?


  Just as Chi Yuyang left, the hairball in the cave opened his eyes.

  From Chi Yuyang’s perspective, it looked like he had lost consciousness, but in fact, he was only conserving his energy.

  At this time, Chi Yuyang didn’t know that she transmigrated into a beastman continent.

  This hairball wasn’t an ordinary tiger cub.

  Rather, he was a beastman from the Tiger tribe, named Hu Jin.

  This was his beast form.

  Strictly speaking, the remaining strength he had after failing his advancement wasn’t enough to maintain his adult beast form, thus he became a cub.

  When Chi Yuyang returned to the cave, she saw the tiger cub she rescued sniffing the plastic bag that had the cat food.

  ”Tuan Tuan, you’re awake.” Chi Yuyang exclaimed excitedly.

  Tuan Tuan? Is she calling me?

  Hu Jin knew that the female in front of him rescued him, but that didn’t mean she could casually rename him.

  He cried out ‘awoo’ a few times, trying to tell Chi Yuyang his name.

  Chi Yuyang came over and rubbed the little hairball’s head. “Tuan Tuan, are you hungry?”

  The cub in front of Chi Yuyang stared at her with his big round eyes.

  Hu Jin didn’t like his head being touched, but because she saved him, Hu Jin didn’t mind for the time being.

  However, this female didn’t understand the language of the tiger race and seemed to be from another race.

  But this was his territory. He didn’t understand how a foreign female could enter this area.

  While Hu Jin was observing Chi Yuyang, Chi Yuyang discovered that the cub actually had an attractive pair of heterochromia eyes.

  One was as blue and clear as the sky while the other was as green and deep as jasper.

  It looked like the eyes of a Persian cat.

  From Chi Yuyang’s perspective, its gaze was far cuter than a deterrence.

  At this time Hu Jin noticed the stream water that Chi Yuyang had brought back.

  He was really thirsty and after a symbolic ‘awoo’ cry to Chi Yuyang, he stretched his paw towards the lotus leaf.

  Chi Yuyang was just about to stop him and say that this plant might be poisonous but thought that this tiger lived here and must know more about poisonous plants than her.

  She looked at Tuan Tuan guzzling the water and also felt thirsty. She took out the bottle of mineral water and drank it.

  Now the potable water problem has been solved.

  The water from the stream was fresh water, and seeing Tuan Tuan guzzling the water, proved that this water was potable.

  When Hu Jin looked back, he saw the female holding a tall oval transparent container which he had never seen before.

  After Chi Yuyang saw that Tuan Tuan had finished drinking the creek water and was staring at the bottle of mineral water in her hand, she thought he was still thirsty.

  ”Tuan Tuan, I’ll go to the creek to get some more water later. You need to eat something to replenish your strength.”

  After speaking, she took out the cat food from the plastic bag.

  Tigers are also cats, so they can be fed with cat food.

  According to Chi Yuyang’s observation, this area was very barren. She would have a difficult time solving the food problem, so she could only let Tuan Tuan eat cat food for a while.

  She opened the bag of cat food, took out a handful in her palm, and stretched out her hand in front of Tuan Tuan.

  Hu Jin saw it and sniffed it. He hesitated for a moment but still didn’t eat.

  It was the first time Hu Jin saw this kind of food, but he judged it was edible.

  It smelled quite tempting.

  It was just that the female’s posture to feed him made him feel uncomfortable.

  As one of the best beastman from the Tiger Clan, Hu Jin, believed that he must maintain his dignity as a male even if he was injured.

  Never accept being fed by a female.

  Chi Yuyang blinked her innocent eyes at Tuan Tuan’s refusal.

  Could it be that tigers really don’t eat cat food?

  Based on her professional knowledge, tigers could eat cat food.

  And the brand of this cat food was really good.

  Hu Jin was about to continue to hold his noble head high, but his stomach sang the opposite tune. At this moment, it let out a rumble.

  When Chi Yuyang heard the tiger cub’s stomach gurgling in front of her, she couldn’t stop laughing.

  She hugged Tuan Tuan in her arms with one hand, and the other hand held the cat food close to his mouth.

  “Eat. See your stomach is crying. Eat until you’re full. It will help your body recover.”

  Hu Jin saw the female’s overbearing movement and wanted to struggle, but he was strengthless.

  Humph, I only accept your food for a quick recovery.

  After this, it was no big deal to hunt more animals as gift.

  Looking at the female’s small body, she must have a difficult time finding food.

  Hu Jin thought so.

  After comforting himself, he began to enjoy the delicious food with peace of mind.

  He opened his mouth and motioned Chi Yuyang to pour the cat food into his mouth.

  What a lazy tiger.

  Although Chi Yuyang complained in her heart, she actually complied with Tuan Tuan and poured the cat food into his mouth.

  Her original intention was to have Tuan Tuan lick it out of her hand.

  However, considering the barbs on the tiger’s tongue, even if the cub hadn’t made any threatening actions toward her, she still needed to be vigilant.

  Although, Chi Yuyang’s instinct as a veterinarian said that Tuan Tuan wouldn’t hurt her.

  Chi Yuyang saw that Tuan Tuan was enjoying the cat food, so she grabbed a large handful of cat food and spread it on her coat. Then she put Tuan Tuan back on the ground so she could fetch some water from the stream.

  Hu Jin suddenly left Chi Yuyang’s embrace. He felt a little strange, so he raised his head and cried out.

  But it wasn’t certain whether Chi Yuyang could understand him or not.

  ”I’ll get some more water.” Chi Yuyang didn’t understand the animal language, but she felt that the cub was very spiritual and seemed to understand her.

  ”Awoo.” Then you go and quickly come back.

  Hu Jin saw that Chi Yuyang had something to do so his previous emotions suddenly dissipated. Then he continued to enjoy the food in front of him.

  This thing was surprisingly delicious.

  Before leaving, Chi Yuyang didn’t forget to stroke Tuan Tuan’s fur.

  “I’m just fixing your fur and helping you smooth it out.”

  There was only a cry from the cub.

  With inexplicable enjoyment.

Author’s Notes:

The female lead’s perspective uses Tuan Tuan while the male lead’s perspective uses Hu Jin.3Author is talking about how the internal monologues or how the leads view the other’s actions based on the author’s writing style.

Hope it won’t cause confusion (rubs hands.)

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