Targeted by a Feline Beastman in Ancient Times – Chapter 3

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  When Chi Yuyang walked out of the cave again, she discovered that the sun had finally begun to sink slowly towards the horizon.

  She turned on her cellphone and looked at the time. It was six o’clock in the morning Beijing time.

  If it wasn’t for the setting sun, Chi Yuyang would have thought she was watching the sunrise.

  There were only two possible explanations now.

  First, there was something wrong with her cellphone.

  But only one day had passed since she passed out.

  Second, the time zone of the place where she was at was different from what she thought.

  But where is this?

  Chi Yuyang gazed at the sky above her head and recalled the unknown plants that she saw on the road before.

  Then an idea emerged in her heart.

  She might have transmigrated—

  Transmigrated into this unknown place.

  Now, she could only take it one step at a time.

  Unlike her initial fear, she was now more curious about what kind of world this was.

  She hadn’t encountered anyone so far, so there was no one who could verify her doubts.

  Chi Yuyang returned to the cave. She sighed while looking at Tuan Tuan who was lazily lying on the ground.

  ”It’s a pity you can’t speak.”

  Hu Jin looked up and glanced at Chi Yuyang. He could understand the female’s words.

  If he could regain his human form, he should be able to communicate with her.

  He didn’t carefully look at Chi Yuyang before. Only now did he realize that this female was somewhat different from female tigers.

  Maybe she was a primate beastman.

  In addition to beastmen of the tiger race, there were also beastmen of other races on this land.

  But this area was the territory of the Tiger Clan.

  Thus, primate beastmen shouldn’t be here.

  Maybe the female was separated from her tribe.

  There were many unexplainable things in the beastmen world. For example, from a certain point in time, they had evolved from beasts to beastmen and gained wisdom.

  Later, beastmen inexplicably became more powerful.

  And Hu Jin was on the path to a stronger evolution but had failed.

  So, Hu Jin was too lazy to think about what had happened to the female in front of him.

  It couldn’t be any worse than his situation anyway.

  Chi Yuyang saw that Tuan Tuan was being lazy, so she planned to check his wounds.

  Hu Jin watched as the female’s face suddenly became larger in front of his eyes and her hands touched a place they shouldn’t be touching.

  He ‘awoo’ and struggled to refuse, but due to his powerlessness, he could only let Chi Yuyang do whatever she wanted.

  Chi Yuyang frowned. He really is a cat.

  When she applied medicine to the kittens at the pet hospital, they also kept meowing.

  ”Tuan Tuan, don’t move. It’s easy to agitate the wound.”

  Hearing the word ‘wound’, the hairball in front of her stopped moving.

  Chi Yuyang thought it was her comforting words that worked.

  ”Tuan Tuan, you…” Chi Yuyang found that Tuan Tuan’s wound had begun to scar.

  This recovery speed was really amazing.

  Chi Yuyang was slightly startled.

  Hu Jin felt that this female was making a big fuss.

  Usually, he could recover from this sort of injury in less than half a day.

  It’s just that the situation was special right now.

  There was a fierce flash in Hu Jin’s eyes.

  At this time, the sky outside became completely dark, so Chi Yuyang couldn’t see Tuan Tuan’s eyes clearly.

  She was worried about how to spend the night.

  Although there was a natural barrier at the entrance of the cave, the wind blew in from that opening, which made her chilly.

  She gave Tuan Tuan her only coat.

  At this time, Chi Yuyang couldn’t help but sneeze.

  ”Ah choo!”

  Hu Jin noticed that the female was slightly trembling and the strange fabric under his body seemed to be the female’s clothing.

  He remembered that there should still be firewood to make a fire in the cave, so he called out ‘awoo’ to Chi Yuyang.

  Chi Yuyang saw Tuan Tuan suddenly heading towards the depths of the cave, and then cried out.

  Were there other creatures there?

  Chi Yuyang was startled.

  Hu Jin looked at the frightened expression on the female’s face and knew that she misunderstood him.

  This language barrier is really troublesome.

  Hu Jin thought for a while, then pawed at the plastic bag where the cat food was stored.

  Chi Yuyang thought Tuan Tuan was hungry, so she grabbed a handful of cat food and placed it in front of him.

  Surprisingly, Tuan Tuan didn’t eat the cat food. Instead, he picked up a few pieces and put it on his chest.

  Then he used his claws to scratch it a few times to form a character, then lined it up with another character.

  Chi Yuyang saw that Tuan Tuan was tinkering for a long time and didn’t eat the cat food. He just put it in his paw and was playing with it to kill time.

  But when the words “wood” and “fire” were presented in front of Chi Yuyang, she didn’t feel good.

  This can’t be a coincidence.

  But how could an animal understand human words? Was it because there was a human soul in the animal’s body?

  ”Tuan Tuan, do you understand human words?”

  Human? He was a beastman.

  Hu Jin ignored this question but continued to cry out ‘awoo’ towards the depths of the cave.

  Chi Yuyang understood what he meant and walked deep into the cave.

  With the bright light of the cellphone screen, Chi Yuyang found the firewood and materials to start a fire in the corner.

  The temperature in the depths of the cave was higher than the entrance of the cave. The wind wasn’t as strong as it was at the entrance.

  She sat down and began attempt to start a fire by hand-drilling the logs.

  This was the first time she tried to light a fire.  

  There were bound to be several failures.

  But when Chi Yuyang’s hands were a little red and she still didn’t have any results, her heart gradually began to tremble.

  Hu Jin heard the movement on the other side and guessed Chi Yuyang’s dilemma at this time.

  He made a few symbolic ‘awoo’.

  Because this generation of females of the tiger clan were spoiled and pampered, he thought that the females from the other races were the same. Hence, he guessed that Chi Yuyang would just give up.

  Unexpectedly, Chi Yuyang didn’t stop.

  Her cellphone battery was running out. When night completely fell, and it became pitch-black, it would be very dangerous to have no light source.

  Besides, a fire could provide heat.

  She was cold and afraid now.

  Chi Yuyang was never a person who gave up easily.

  So, when she saw a small cluster of sparks in front of her, she knew that the ancients did not deceive her.1So, this phrase means that the methods that ancient people used really did work! Since starting a fire by hand-drilling a log was first discovered by ancient humans long ago…

  After all, hard work pays off.

  Hu Jin also saw the fire.

  He didn’t expect this female to be more persistent than he thought.

  Chi Yuyang walked to Tuan Tuan, planning to carry him to the fire.

  However, as soon as she hugged Tuan Tuan, he struggled again.

  Doesn’t this female understand the principle of distance between males and females?

  Chi Yuyang didn’t know what Tuan Tuan was thinking. She patted Tuan Tuan’s head and said, “It’s warmer over here. It’s not convenient for you to move right now, so I’ll take you over there.”

  That was a good reason.

  Chi Yuyang saw that Tuan Tuan stopped moving after she said this and confirmed her speculations.

  This white tiger really did understand what she was saying.

  This could be considered consolation for her after transmigrating here.

  Chi Yuyang moved Tuan Tuan and everything else to the depths of the cave.

  It had been several hours since the last meal, so Chi Yuyang emptied out the contents of the plastic bag onto the ground.

  She put the mulberry-like fruit she picked before and placed it in front of Tuan Tuan and asked: “Is this edible?”

  Hu Jin looked at the fruit.

  He had never eaten this thing, but as far as he knew, it could be eaten.

  Seeing that Tuan Tuan nodded his little head, Chi Yuyang felt he was reliable.

  She had great trust in Tuan Tuan. After all, he hadn’t done anything to harm her so far and had even provided her with materials to make a fire.

  Now she guessed that this cave was Tuan Tuan’s territory.

  Thinking about it, she saw many plants on the road bearing fruit, and now she could ask Tuan Tuan which ones were edible.

  Although eating only fruits would lead to malnourishment, she hadn’t seen any other creatures around besides Tuan Tuan.

  So, it was good to have fruit now.

  Chi Yuyang washed the light blue fruit with the stream water and took a bite.

  So sweet.

  It inexplicably tasted a bit like watermelon.

  While she was eating, she took out a large handful of cat food and placed it in front of Tuan Tuan.

  Then, she picked up a packet of biscuits and a cup of jelly.

  She opened the package and threw several biscuits into her mouth.

  She was so hungry that she didn’t care about eating etiquette.

  Anyway, there was only one person and one tiger here.

  And this tiger was blankly staring at her.

  Chi Yuyang was stunned for a moment.

  ”What’s wrong, Tuan Tuan.”

  She thought Tuan Tuan wanted to eat the biscuits in her hand. However, it was because it was his first time seeing this kind of food.

  Chi Yuyang knew that cats could eat biscuits, so tigers should be able to as well.

  She put a biscuit by Tuan Tuan’s mouth.

  ”Taste it.”

  Hu Jin originally wanted to refuse, but he didn’t let go of the food at his lips.

  And the food that this female provided was surprisingly delicious.

  So, Chi Yuyang saw Tuan Tuan quickly chew the biscuit, then stretch out his paw.

  “You can have one more piece at most.” Chi Yuyang reluctantly took out another piece from the packet.

  If she knew this would happen, she would have eaten it alone.

  When she started to eat the jelly, Tuan Tuan stared at her with his big round eyes.

  ”You can’t eat jelly.”

  Chi Yuyang touched Tuan Tuan’s head and found that his expression at this time was befuddled.  

  Looking at the furry creature in front of her, Chi Yuyang’s heart softened for a moment and pulled out a biscuit.

  “I don’t have much food compared to your cat food, so don’t steal from me.”

  Hu Jin shook his head cleverly but thought that he could catch whatever she wanted to eat once he recovered.

  At this time, with the help of the fire, Chi Yuyang counted the remaining supplies she had on hand.

  There were still a few fruits left, and eating one of these fruits was fine, but when she tried another one, it tasted a bit overly sweet.

  After daybreak, she would pick some more fruits.

  As for the snacks she brought, there were still seven bags of biscuits, two cups of jelly, a bag of potato chips and two buns.

  She originally planned to eat only two meals a day on the premise that she would preserve as much energy as possible. Now, it seemed that this plan was a little difficult to implement.

  Twelve hours after Chi Yuyang arrived, she had already consumed three bags of biscuits, a cup of jelly and one bun. 

  According to Tuan Tuan’s appetite, the cat food would be completely consumed in less than a week.

  If she traveled a little further, she might be able to catch animals like fish. But right now, it wasn’t convenient for Tuan Tuan to move.

  It was impossible for her to leave Tuan Tuan.

  It wasn’t only because Tuan Tuan was a rare species, but he was also the first creature that she encountered since she came here, and also the first to understand human language.

  Thinking of this, Chi Yuyang couldn’t help but look at Tuan Tuan. “It would be nice if you were an adult tiger. Then it would at least solve the food problem.” 

  But if he were an adult tiger, Chi Yuyang wouldn’t be able to get along with him as peacefully as she did now.

  If Chi Yuyang encountered an adult beast and treated it, she wouldn’t leave it by her side. It would be too dangerous.

  And the cub’s appearance was deceptive. Chi Yuyang looked at Tuan Tuan at this time and couldn’t help but touch his white fur.

  Chi Yuyang’s hand unconsciously touched Tuan Tuan’s back on impulse.

  Hu Jin’s body trembled and he started crying out ‘awoo’.

  What’s the matter with this female, she always touches his hair.

  But he didn’t refuse this time. He wasn’t sure whether it was because he was strengthless or because this was the first time in his life that he was being frequently touched.

  In the beastmen world, the partner would always remain in the same form as the other. There were very few occasions where one was human while the other was a beast.

  In animal form, the way to express intimacy was to lick each other’s fur.

  Hu Jin was still a single tiger. Except for the distant memory of his mother licking his fur when he was young, there had never been a time where he had been close to a female in his life.

  In fact, Hu Jin had always been contemptuous of the idea of producing offspring. His contempt was so deep, that he had never considered finding any female even after several years of being an adult.

  But only at this moment, he suddenly felt that the female in front of him wasn’t bad.

  The thought process of beastmen were similar to beasts. They trusted their own intuition the most and wouldn’t easily let go of anything that they liked.

  This was true for prey, and when choosing a partner.

  After Chi Yuyang finished her impulse of stroking Tuan Tuan’s round head, she was satisfied. Of course, she didn’t know the tiger’s colorful thoughts.

  For her, there was one important thing. 

  When cats were injured, an item called an Elizabethan Circle Collar was placed on them to prevent them from licking their wounds.

  When she finished going through her supplies, she took out several different adjustable Elizabethan Circle Collars that varied in shapes and sizes from the plastic bag.

  She had to say that the boss was really thoughtful that even this kind of thing was prepared for her.

  She took out a bread-shaped ring and called out, “Tuan Tuan.”

  Hu Jin had never seen anything like this but felt a little nervous for no reason.

  ”Awoo awoo.” What is this?

Author’s Notes:

The collar of shame is in place!2You know dogs who gets surgery and wear those white or transparent “cones” around their necks? In this case, they mean “cone of shame” which I often hear for when dogs have those. It’s supposed to say “circle of shame” here but the thing on him isn’t a circle but a bread…so I used collar since it technically is a cute looking collar…

Novi’s Notes: This is what an Elizabeth circle collar looks like. It can be pretty cute! The bread looking one is what he should be wearing.

Also, haha this series only has 2 chapters out when I checked but it’s already rated 3.7 on NU >~<: feelsbadman.

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