Targeted by a Feline Beastman in Ancient Times – Chapter 4

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One Person, One Tiger.

  “It’s to prevent you from licking your wound.” Chi Yuyang explained.

  Then she placed the Elizabethan collar over his neck while ignoring his cries of ‘awoo’.

  “Pu-chi.”1SFX for holding back your laughter… Chi Yuyang couldn’t help but laugh when she saw Tuan Tuan’s cute appearance.

  Chi Yuyang discovered that Tuan Tuan was unable to exert his strength for the time being, so she could rub the hairball whenever she wanted in the near future.

  She took out her cellphone and took a picture of the defenseless Tuan Tuan, then turned off her phone.

  Before shutting it down, she saw that the time displayed on her cellphone was 7 o’clock in the morning.

  But it was pitch black outside the cave, so Chi Yuyang guessed that there was a 12-hour time difference between this place and Beijing.

  At this time, Chi Yuyang also felt sleepy. Since she arrived, she had only slept once. Now that she had Tuan Tuan’s company, she felt that she could now sleep at ease.

  Hu Jin saw Chi Yuyang rub her eyes and guessed that she wanted to go to sleep.

  He patted the female in front of him with his paw, indicating that she could sleep on him as a pillow.

  Chi Yuyang didn’t understand what Tuan Tuan meant, so she took out everything from her cloth bag, then spread the empty bag onto the ground to use it as a pillow.

  Upon seeing this, Hu Jin snorted in his heart and closed his eyes pretending to be asleep.

  After Chi Yuyang’s breathing gradually stabilized, Hu Jin opened his eyes again.

  At this time, he was able to exert some strength, so he gently rolled to Chi Yuyang’s side, then pressed his body against her.

  Chi Yuyang touched the soft and warm object in her dream and couldn’t help but get closer to it. She forgot that she was in another world and thought it was a plush toy that was on her bed.

  Hu Jin watched as the female leaned against him and closed his eyes content.

  It was a dreamless night.

  When the sun shone into the cave the next day, Chi Yuyang slowly woke up.

  The first thing she saw was a white creature going through her belongings.

  ”Tuan Tuan!” Chi Yuyang called out.

  Hu Jin stiffly stopped when he heard the movements behind him.

  The injury had caused his five senses to deteriorate, so he was caught red handed.

  ”You can actually move!” Chi Yuyang didn’t expect Tuan Tuan to recover so quickly. He was clearly at her mercy last night.

  At this time, Chi Yuyang found that the Elizabethan collar around his neck was thrown into the fire and some of the remains were bitten into pieces.2Probably the collar part was thrown into the fire while the decorative bread part was bitten to pieces.

  ”Why are you so naughty?” Chi Yuyang touched Tuan Tuan’s head without scolding him.

  Anyway, she had already taken a picture yesterday. It was just a pity that she didn’t try out the other Elizabethan collars on Tuan Tuan.

  “Let’s eat breakfast first.” Chi Yuyang looked at the bread and biscuits in the plastic bag, sighed, then picked up the bread.

  She only had a few choices and she needed to take the shelf life of the food into consideration as well.

  On the side, Tuan Tuan was already eating the cat food.

  At the same time, he curiously looked at the bread in Chi Yuyang’s hand.

  Chi Yuyang wasn’t able to resist Tuan Tuan’s eager eyes, so she broke a small piece of bread from her hand and fed it to his mouth.

  Tuan Tuan swallowed the bread and looked at the cat food in front of him. With his paws, he carefully grabbed a handful of cat food and pushed it to Chi Yuyang.

  ”Are you sharing food with me?” Chi Yuyang asked in surprise.

  Tuan Tuan nodded his head and pushed the cat food again.

  ”I can’t eat this.” Chi Yuyang shook her head.

  She saw that Tuan Tuan tilted his head, as if wondering why.

  Chi Yuyang pointed to the picture on the cat food bag and said, “This is meant for cats…cats, do you understand?”

  Hu Jin had long noticed the picture before. The animal on that picture was similar to the tiger race, but it was less ferocious. Also, the animals in the forest didn’t grow up like that.

  Could it be that this female is from that race? But obviously she resembles those of the Ape Clan.

  Hu Jin felt that there were too many unsolved mysteries regarding this female but since he had already made the decision, he wouldn’t go back on his choice easily.

  Anyway, he was also a different type of tiger within the Tiger Clan.

  With Chi Yuyang’s help, he estimated that he could return to his normal animal form in two days at most and return to his human form in a week.

  Without Chi Yuyang’s medical aid and food, it would have taken him three days to regain the strength to move instead of less than a day.

  Chi Yuyang didn’t know the impact of her actions. She just thought that if Tuan Tuan could move, she could take him out to go forage with her.

  It was just that she was afraid it would impact Tuan Tuan’s injury.3Basically she initially thought of taking him with her. But now, she no longer wants to take him with her since she doesn’t want to stimulate him.

  ”Tuan Tuan, let me see your wound.”

  Hearing this, the hairball quickly rolled over and revealed his belly.

  Sure enough, the scar that should have been on his abdomen disappeared.

  Chi Yuyang was dumbfounded.

  She reached out to touch his belly which was covered with white fur and further confirmed that there were no signs of injury.

  Hu Jin felt the female’s soft hand touch his body. He restrained the strangeness in his heart and licked her hand.4 ║ ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ ║ Hehe…getting turned on…? IS THE SMUT BEING FORESHADOWED?!

  One way to express intimacy in the Tiger Clan was by licking, so he also guessed that other beastmen clans would be able to understand this meaning.

  However, Chi Yuyang wasn’t a beastman.

  Hu Jin guessed that the expression on the female’s face meant that she could not understand his behavior, so he became eager to change back into a human form at that moment.

  Chi Yuyang’s breakfast today was bread and fruit.

  She quickly ate breakfast and quickly planned to scavenge later.

  However, as soon as she got up and walked a few steps, she noticed that Tuan Tuan was following her.

  ”You need to rest.” After careful consideration, Chi Yuyang felt that no matter how strong Tuan Tuan’s recovery ability was, he was still injured and unfit to move.

  But what Hu Jin thought was that he, as a male, should protect females, or that this female might become his partner in the future.

  ”Awoo awo.” I want to go.

  Chi Yuyang saw her own reflection in Tuan Tuan’s different colored pupils and guessed what he was trying to say.

  ”Okay.” Chi Yuyang also thought that Tuan Tuan should be more familiar with the area than she was.

  So, one person and one tiger, went out.

  Chi Yuyang’s movement speed was very slow— so slow that Tuan Tuan, who was originally behind her, gradually moved in front of her.

  How did this female get to this area? At her speed, she wouldn’t be able to catch any prey at all.

  Hu Jin had another doubt in his mind, but he was unable to communicate with this female right now.

  Because of the rain from last night, the remaining water droplets in the woods would fall on her head from time to time, so Chi Yuyang would often wipe her cheeks.

  ”The air here is really clean.” Chi Yuyang stopped and looked up at the sky.

  Chi Yuyang lived in an industrial city and didn’t have enough money to move away from the industrial area. She often saw white smoke coming out from the factories.

  Actually, it’s pretty nice to live here.

  Suddenly, such a thought popped up in Chi Yuyang’s mind.

  But right now, she didn’t even have the basic means to live.

  Chi Yuyang shook her head, feeling that she needed to solve this issue first.

  ”Tuan Tuan, is this edible?” Chi Yuyang looked at the unknown vegetation on the ground that was blown down by the wind. It looked like an apple that was actually milky-white in color.

  The tiger, who was walking in front of her, heard her and turned around to sniff it. Then he picked up the fruit with his mouth and handed it to Chi Yuyang.

  This meant it was edible. 

  Chi Yuyang understood his behavior.

  Before Chi Yuyang could continue to ask another question, she saw Tuan Tuan suddenly turn around and leave.

  He didn’t go far, but stopped suddenly.

  At this time Tuan Tuan was still within Chi Yuyang’s sight, and Chi Yuyang quickly followed. She saw Tuan Tuan, who was sniffing with his nose, quickly lift a piece of vegetation with his paws.

  In the place where Tuan Tuan went, she saw several fruits in different colors hidden away.

  ”Can these be eaten?” Chi Yuyang couldn’t help but ask.

  Tuan Tuan nodded his head.

  Chi Yuyang cheered and took out the plastic bag she had prepared beforehand to collect the fruits.

  After everything was grabbed, she later realized an issue.

  “Tuan Tuan, did you hide these?”

  Hu Jin wanted to answer that of course this was stored by other animals in the forest since he never ate this sort of thing. But when he saw the female’s expectant eyes, he couldn’t deny it.

  Receiving an affirmative answer, Chi Yuyang picked up the bag at ease and prepared to go to the stream to fetch water.5She probably thinks he’s a smart tiger, but if its someone else’s food she prob would have felt bad lol

  “It’s strange that there are no other animals in this forest.” Chi Yuyang sat by the stream and looked at the reflection of the one person and one tiger in the water. She felt that even if this was Tuan Tuan’s territory, there should at least be one or two creatures swimming in the water or flying in the sky.

  ”I really want to eat meat,” Chi Yuyang sighed. She wasn’t a person who enjoyed eating seafood and meat, but she couldn’t survive off of just eating fruits.

  The white tiger on the side lowered his head silently when he heard what Chi Yuyang said. He even furrowed the dirt with his claws anxiously.

  Because he had been transcending tiers, the animals in this area were afraid of the thunderstorm and fled the area earlier.

  Unexpectedly, he had failed to transcend, and now it was difficult to find food. Fortunately, the female provided him with food.

  After he recovered, he would catch whatever the female wanted to eat.

  ”By the way, Tuan Tuan, is there any rice nearby?” Chi Yuyang suddenly interrupted Hu Jin’s thoughts.

  Although Chi Yuyang asked this question without hope, she still expected Tuan Tuan to give her a positive answer.

  It was a pity that he responded with a confused expression.

  Sure enough, no matter how clever the white tiger was, it would be impossible for him to know of the rice that humans eat.

  The disappointed expression on the female’s face made Hu Jin’s heart sink. He didn’t know how to comfort her. He waved his two front paws restlessly, causing the land that he had already ploughed to be destroyed again.

  Watching Tuan Tuan’s movements, Chi Yuyang couldn’t help but put her hand on his head and fix the hairs that had been blown into a mess by the wind.

  ”Tuan Tuan, you are so cute!”


  With Tuan Tuan’s help, Chi Yuyang’s bounty was abundant.

  She moved the collected fruits back to the cave.

  Just as Chi Yuyang was about to sit down and rest for a while, she suddenly felt a warm stream gush out of her body.

  Oh no! My period!

  Chi Yuyang’s period had always been on-time. Before she was forced to come here, she bought sanitary napkins and disposable underwear at the supermarket.6People buy disposable underwear for their periods? I always had some period underwear for that time…so weird LOL

  Tuan Tuan who was lying on the ground also smelled the faint scent of blood in the air. He quickly stood up and moved towards Chi Yuyang.

  Chi Yuyang thought that the beast was attracted to the smell of blood. At this moment, she didn’t know what to do.

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