Targeted by a Feline Beastman in Ancient Times – Chapter 5

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  However, this beast was still in his infancy, and being able to get along with him in under a day caused Chi Yuyang’s trust in Tuan Tuan to be greater than her fear.

  However, before Chi Yuyang could react, Tuan Tuan had already rushed to her side.


  Tuan Tuan made a circle around Chi Yuyang while his nose trembled slightly, as if determined to locate her injury.

  Tuan Tuan stopped after a moment and stared at a certain area of Chi Yuyang.

  Chi Yuyang saw that Tuan Tuan didn’t act excessively, so she sighed with relief.

  ”Tuan Tuan, turn around.” She wanted to change into the disposable underwear and a sanitary napkin.

  Hearing this, the cub didn’t move, as if he was struggling with something.

  Chi Yuyang sighed, then went to pick up Tuan Tuan by the scruff and forcibly pushed him to the other side of the cave.

  ”Be good. Don’t turn your head.”

  Because Hu Jin was busy thinking, he unconsciously listened to Chi Yuyang’s words.

  He was thinking about that smell from the female’s body. It was slightly different from the usual scent of blood, and she also exuded a tempting aura, which made his heart restless.

  ”Okay, Tuan Tuan.”

  Hu Jin was still thinking about it when Chi Yuyang’s voice sounded.

  “Awoo.” Hearing Chi Yuyang’s voice, Hu Jin immediately put his doubts away on the backburner. He thought that once he became a beastman, he would just directly ask her.

  Hence, he got closer to Chi Yuyang’s side and slowly laid down.

  At this time, Chi Yuyang thought of another question.

  She felt that the plants she had just found in the forest with Tuan Tuan could be classified as fruits for the time being, so most of these fruits could be eaten raw.

  Could she survive eating off these fruits until next week?

  Did she have to eat the same things to survive henceforth?

  No, she must forage even further away.

  And Tuan Tuan couldn’t be the only animal here. There must be other living creatures.

  Thinking of this, Chi Yuyang, who was sitting on the ground, couldn’t help but reach out and touch Tuan Tuan who was nestled next to her leg.

  ”Tuan Tuan, can I hand over the task of foraging to you?” After speaking, Chi Yuyang laughed to herself.

  The tiger cub in front of her was so thin that she could hold him in one hand. In her opinion, it was just a big cat, maybe even her combat prowess was stronger than Tuan Tuan’s.

  Surprisingly, Tuan Tuan rubbed himself against Chi Yuyang’s leg in response and his blue and green eyes flashed with a trace of determination.

  At this moment, Chi Yuyang looked forward to Tuan Tuan growing up quickly.

  Due to physiological reasons, Chi Yuyang suddenly felt lazy. She leaned against the wall and began to chat with Tuan Tuan.

  Tuan Tuan’s snow-white hair was so distinct now that it looked brighter and felt softer than when she first saw him.

  ”Tuan Tuan, you’re so beautiful.”

  In fact, Chi Yuyang had long been accustomed to living life by herself, so she didn’t feel uncomfortable in the face of her current situation. Not to mention that she was accompanied by Tuan Tuan.

  ”It’s nice to have you, ah…” Chi Yuyang’s unintentional remark made Hu Jin’s heart tense. Fortunately, he was a beast now, otherwise he would be blushing.

  Chi Yuyang thought Tuan Tuan was bored when she saw him licking his front paws, so she began to tell stories about her past.

  ”When I was a kid…”

  She knew that Tuan Tuan understood since the cub’s ears suddenly perked up, and his big round eyes gleamed.

  As time passed, the sun outside the cave was replaced by the moon. And for the first time, Chi Yuyang felt that time flew by so quickly.

  When it got dark, Chi Yuyang wanted to go to sleep, but she wasn’t sleepy. 

  In fact, this wasn’t because of Chi Yuyang.

  Usually, sunrise to sunset was half a day, but here, the so-called half day wasn’t twelve hours. The orbit of this world wasn’t exactly the same as Earth where Chi Yuyang was from.

  Unknowingly, her silent prayers and wishes turned into reality overnight.1Her wishes for Hu Jin to quickly grow up.

  Finally, after Chi Yuyang fell asleep, Hu Jin quietly opened his eyes.

  He originally thought it would take two days to regain his original form, but he vaguely felt the power surge in his body in the afternoon.

  While Chi Yuyang was asleep, Hu Jin quietly walked out of the cave.

  Because of the temperature difference at night, Chi Yuyang still had the fire going while she was asleep.

  It could be seen from the fire that Hu Jin’s originally small shadow slowly began to grow larger. Then the moment he stepped out of the cave, the originally small cub had turned into an adult beast.

  The graceful white tiger shook his head, and his dexterous ears shook. The color of the four black stripes on his back became clearer, and his white and flawless fur shone with an unusual luster under the moonlight.

  Afraid of waking up the sleeping female in the cave, Hu Jin cried out ‘awoo’ gently while he became more adapted to his normal form.

  Under the moonlight, Hu Jin scurried deep into the forest to catch prey before his female woke up.


  Chi Yuyang didn’t wake up to the morning sun but to the strong smell of blood.

  ”What smells…” Chi Yuyang rubbed her eyes. At first, she thought it was caused by her period’s leakage, so she planned to get up and check.

  But when she opened her eyes, what she saw was the head of a bloody…deer?

  ”Awoo…” In the next second, Chi Yuyang heard a beast’s call and the sound felt inexplicably familiar.

  She looked back and saw a behemoth.

  Panicked, Chi Yuyang stepped back subconsciously. When her eyes took in the true appearance of the beast in front of her, her legs began to tremble.

  Oh my God! This white tiger is too big!

  For an instant, she felt all the blood in her body begin to flow backwards.

  ”Awoo awoo.” The tiger began to slowly approach her with a low growl from his throat.

  When the white tiger was only a few steps away from Chi Yuyang, she suddenly discovered that the tiger’s eyes had different colored irises.

  No way?

  A strange thought flashed in Chi Yuyang’s mind, but she wasn’t sure.

  ”Tuan…Tuan?” she asked tentatively.

  Hearing Chi Yuyang’s call, the white tiger couldn’t help but quicken his pace and rushed towards her.

  Chi Yuyang was caught off guard and was thrown down but didn’t suffer any injuries.

  She was held in the white tiger’s arms and the white tiger stroked her hair with his front paws.2She is now laying down with the tigers arms on her and the tiger paws are playing with her hair…interesting image…

  This familiar action made Chi Yuyang’s shocked brain even more confused.

  Tuan Tuan was smoothing her…hair? Like how she touched his hair before?

  ”Tuan Tuan, is that you?” Chi Yuyang, who was in the arms of the white tiger, asked again for confirmation.

  ”Awoo.” The white tiger lowered his head with confirmation written in his shining eyes.

  ”Why did you become… so big overnight?” Although Tuan Tuan couldn’t answer, she still couldn’t help but ask this question.

  It was like Tuan Tuan took steroids and went from a cub to an adult.

  No, even steroids couldn’t cause this. This kind of change was more like magic. She was even more curious about what kind of place this was to be able to give birth to this kind of creature that could grow up overnight.

  Chi Yuyang had all kinds of doubts in her heart, but it was a pity that Tuan Tuan couldn’t answer.

  Seeing that the expression on Chi Yuyang’s face was more surprised than scared, Hu Jin was inexplicably happy. He reluctantly let go of the female in his arms and walked towards the deer on the side.

  He took the deer to Chi Yuyang’s foot and swung his slender tail, waiting for recognition.  

  ”Is this what you caught?” Chi Yuyang was startled. There was a clear bloody bite mark on the deer’s neck. It seemed that the deer was killed by a single blow.

  Tuan Tuan nodded eagerly, then bit away a big piece of meat, but he didn’t swallow it. Instead, he tried to hand it to Chi Yuyang like it was a treasure.

  But when Chi Yuyang saw this, she couldn’t help but get a headache. She understood Tuan Tuan’s intention, but she couldn’t eat raw meat, and this meat was still constantly oozing blood.

  However, she didn’t want to brush off Tuan Tuan’s kindness either, so her gaze swept over the extinguished fire, and she suddenly had an idea.

  ”Tuan Tuan, wait a minute.” She passed by the white tiger to get wood for the fire.

  The white tiger quietly watched Chi Yuyang’s every move.

  Looking at the rising flames, Chi Yuyang felt that something was missing.

  She picked up four similarly shaped stones from the cave entrance and placed two stones on one side of the fire and the remaining two on the other side.

  Then she fetched the lotus leaf holding the stream water and washed the venison on it. After washing off the blood, she laid the empty lotus leaf on the stones, then placed the other two stones to hold the lotus leaf in place.3She’s using the lotus leaf as a tray on top of the four stones so its like an oven rack and heating it near the fire. This lotus-like leaf is highly fire resistant btw.

  After completing the preparations, Chi Yuyang put the venison on the lotus leaf again to grill.

  Can it be eaten like this?

  After watching Chi Yuyang’s actions, Hu Jin was puzzled.

  However, after getting along with the female, he found that Chi Yuyang always performed strange procedures, but these procedures always brought unexpected surprises.

  The bloody smell in the air was gradually replaced by the smell of roasted meat, and the originally uniform red color also began to turn into a brownish black.

  ”It smells good.” Chi Yuyang, who smelled the scent, sighed involuntarily. She found that the scent was very attractive after not having meat for several days.

  She saw that Tuan Tuan, who was sitting next to her, was involuntarily swallowing his saliva and his eyes showed that he was eager to eat.

  ”It will be ready soon.” Chi Yuyang took the roasted venison from the fire and took out the salt from the plastic bag. At this time, she was very fortunate to have bought salt before coming here.

  Chi Yuyang sprinkled salt on the venison. This was her first time roasting venison. She didn’t know how to control the fire and hoped the taste wouldn’t be too bad.

  After doing all this, Chi Yuyang patted Tuan Tuan’s head with her hand. She admitted that although he grew bigger, his head was still easy to touch.

  Tuan Tuan sniffed the venison and opened his mouth.

  Just as he was about to take a bite, Chi Yuyang suddenly called out to stop him, “Wait a minute!”

  She suddenly realized that the freshly roasted meat would be very hot, so she held the lotus leaf and quickly blew on it a few times. 

  “It’s a little hot. Wait until I blow on it, and it gets a little cooler to eat it.”

  Tuan Tuan blinked his big eyes and watched Chi Yuyang’s gentle movements motionlessly.

  ”Alright la!” Chi Yuyang delivered the venison to Tuan Tuan’s mouth. Her thought was that this was the prey that Tuan Tuan caught, so he should be the one to taste it first.

  Chi Yuyang saw Tuan Tuan hurriedly taking a bite. When his big round eyes began to shine, she smiled with satisfaction.

  Then, Hu Jin remembered his original purpose. He just took one bite before pushing the venison back.

  Under the fire, the scene of a person and tiger getting along with each other was incomparably tranquil.


  Elsewhere, a robust tiger in the forest stopped somewhere. In an instant, that tiger became a naked man.

  “It’s Hu Jin’s scent. He’s not dead!”

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