Targeted by a Feline Beastman in Ancient Times – Chapter 6

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  Chi Yuyang didn’t have a big appetite. The piece of meat that Tuan Tuan bit off was huge. After eating it and two fruits, she felt full.

  The white tiger who was eating cat food on the side saw that Chi Yuyang was full and turned around to tear off the remaining venison to continue to replenish his energy.

  Chi Yuyang got up and probed the surplus supplies in the cat food bag and found that the bag was nearly empty.

  Originally, she had estimated that Tuan Tuan would finish the bag of cat food in two days, but now it seemed that one bag wasn’t enough for an adult white tiger’s meal.

  ”Ah!” Chi Yuyang cried out suddenly.

  Tuan Tuan’s cheeks were stuffed from eating gluttonously. When he heard the sound behind him, he turned his head immediately.

  The image Chi Yuyang saw was Tuan Tuan’s slightly flushed, white face with meat still stuffed in his mouth. Tuan Tuan’s appearance of eating was definitely in-line with Chi Yuyang’s definition of a beast.

  But she only expressed surprise for a moment before stepping forward to look at the leftover food and sighing.

  “I should have told you earlier to take off the deerskin first so that the deerskin could be worn.” She only had one set of clothing. “But what should I do to take a bath…”

  There was only a stream nearby, and she didn’t want to have the place she drank and bathed to be the same. This was the reason why she hadn’t taken a bath for several days.

  It’s just menstruation, I’ll just bear it again…

  Hearing Chi Yuyang’s words, Tuan Tuan’s ears trembled.

  ”It’s okay, la!” Chi Yuyang’s hand couldn’t help but caress the white tiger’s ears. She loved the delicate feeling so much that she didn’t want to part with it. But considering that Tuan Tuan was now an adult beast, she didn’t dare to be too presumptuous.

  Chi Yuyang comforted herself that although the cub was cute, the current Tuan Tuan made her feel more secure. At least the food problem was resolved for the time being. Moreover, judging Tuan Tuan’s hunting capabilities, his combat prowess shouldn’t be low.

  As for the matter of rubbing his hair, Chi Yuyang, turned her head and secretly stroked her hands across Tuan Tuan’s back. She felt that the future was long.1Idiom for there will be ample time for that later, or we will discuss about those matters when it happens/becomes a problem.

  ”Tuan Tuan, you keep eating. I’ll go to the stream.”


  He watched Chi Yuyang leave. After Chi Yuyang walked out of the cave, Hu Jin followed her.2PEEPING TOM ALERT!!!

  He vaguely felt that the female was trying to hide her fear. Although her fear wasn’t apparent, his animal instinct made him catch a trace of it.

  After all, they weren’t from the same race. Different beastmen had different habits, but one thing should be the same.3The same thing is the “tradition” or rather what all beastmen has acknowledge on the continent which will be told later in the chapter.

  The light outside the cave shone in and Hu Jin’s pupils shrank slightly. He saw Chi Yuyang by the stream washing her body with water.

  Chi Yuyang scooped water with the lotus leaf, rolled up her trousers and slowly cleaned herself.

  The weather in this place was similar to the city she resided in before. If the current situation continued, it would be winter soon.

  When she rolled up her sleeves, several wisps of white hair floated down.

  Chi Yuyang picked up some of them and rubbed them in her hands, her thoughts completely unknown.  

  ”Awoo…” A voice not far away interrupted Chi Yuyang’s thoughts. She quickly patted her face with water, refilled the lotus leaf and turned around to walk towards the cave.

  She returned to the cave and found Tuan Tuan lying where she was at before she left, with his front paws resting on his chest.

  Chi Yuyang laughed, “pfff”. She had already noticed Tuan Tuan’s strangeness, but she acted normally.

  Tuan Tuan grew up overnight, so she was a little uncomfortable, but this didn’t change the fact that Tuan Tuan was the cub she saved.

  Although she still had some fear in her heart, this fear could be ignored compared to the panic she felt when she arrived in this strange place. Not to mention, she felt that Tuan Tuan wouldn’t harm her at all.

  Just a few days ago, she thought that if she was treating an adult beast, she would have run away after saving it.

  As a result, Tuan Tuan became an adult tiger, but she was still reluctant to leave.

  Women ah, they’re fickle.

  Chi Yuyang shook her head secretly. Instead of worrying about how to get along with Tuan Tuan, she still wanted to solve the current survival problem.

  ”Tuan Tuan, what are you hiding?” Seeing that Tuan Tuan wasn’t willing to reveal the thing under his front paw, she couldn’t help but ask out of curiosity.

  The white tiger, whose name was called, shook his round ears which made Chi Yuyang seriously suspect that Tuan Tuan’s ears were made out of marshmallows, soft and elastic.

  ”Awoo…” It was a huge tiger, but at this time it made a very light call.

  Under Chi Yuyang’s gaze, Tuan Tuan moved his front paw away from his chest and slowly stood up.

  The hidden object was exposed to her sight, and it looked very sharp at first.

  Animals shouldn’t be able to have deep feelings like humans, but at this time, for some reason, Chi Yuyang felt Tuan Tuan’s nervousness.

  She saw Tuan Tuan holding up the sharp object with one of his front paws, before slowly squatting down on his hind legs. Then he raised his head and stared straight at her with deep eyes.

  Chi Yuyang finally saw the object in Tuan Tuan’s paws but she wasn’t sure what it was.

  It seemed that Tuan Tuan wanted to give this to her, but Chi Yuyang felt that something was wrong.

  The white tiger’s mandarin duck eyes kept staring at her, giving her the illusion that he wouldn’t give up easily even if she didn’t take it.4Mandarin duck is a description meaning lovey-dovey or affectionate as a romantic couple.

  Chi Yuyang recalled that Tuan Tuan’s past behavior was reasonable, so she planned to take the thing in his hand, then observe the situation.

  So, she didn’t think about it anymore and reached out to take the sharp object with both hands.

  The moment Chi Yuyang received the thing and lowered her head to examine it, the white tiger in front of her suddenly ran to the other end of the cave, roaring as he ran.

  “Awoo awoo!” This cry was different from the previously heard low calls from before. Instead it was a real tiger’s roar. 

  The roar was like a storm with a touch of restraint.  

  After a while, Chi Yuyang seemed to be able to feel the echo coming from the depths of the cave.

  Chi Yuyang couldn’t understand Tuan Tuan’s weird behavior at this time, but she could see the thing that Tuan Tuan had given her was a tiger’s tooth.

  Was this Tuan Tuan’s baby tooth? But judging from the texture and the color of the tooth, Chi Yuyang thought the tooth was old even though Tuan Tuan was recently a cub.

  She looked at the tooth in her hands for a while and decided to put away the tiger’s tooth first without finding an answer.

  Chi Yuyang thought for a while and put the tiger’s tooth in her pants pocket.

  At the same time, the white tiger who suddenly became wild finally returned to her side.

  ”Tuan Tuan, I’ll keep this thing first…” As soon as her voice fell, she was hugged in the white tiger’s arms. “Tuan Tuan, don’t mess around…”

  Chi Yuyang observed that the adult Tuan Tuan was 2 meters long, while she was only just 1.6 meters tall. Hence, she was completely submerged in the soft tiger fur and could even feel the temperature from Tuan Tuan’s belly.

  ”Awoo awoo!”

  ”Okay la, okay la!” Chi Yuyang’s hand touched Tuan Tuan’s head, trying to calm his inexplicable excitement.

  Chi Yuyang thought that even though Tuan Tuan’s body grew bigger, he still acted like a cub at heart, so sometimes she would forget that Tuan Tuan was already an adult.

  The reason why Hu Jin was excited was because Chi Yuyang had accepted his love token.

  In the beastmen continent, even beastmen of different races could become partners.

  Once the female accepted the male’s token, it would represent the beginning of their partnership.

  If one of them wanted to end the relationship and start a new relationship, this could happen as long as the female returned the token to the male. This was a common practice on the beastmen continent.

  Most mammals’ tokens of love were their baby teeth.

  Hu Jin took it for granted that Chi Yuyang understood this universal custom when she accepted his baby tooth. At least, she was his until she had the thought of returning his baby tooth.

  And he wouldn’t let her have this idea. He would be good to her.

  Hu Jin gently dropped a kiss on Chi Yuyang’s black hair.

  It was just that he was still a beast. In Chi Yuyang’s eyes, he was acting coquettish like a child.

  Because of Chi Yuyang’s wish, Hu Jin was eager to return to his original form, but his current strength wasn’t enough to support his transformation into his beastman form.

  It was too time-consuming to use cat food to write words, not to mention that Hu Jin only knew some basic characters because of his childhood education.

  So, in spite of all his thoughts, he could only……




  Because Chi Yuyang was afraid of the cold, she naturally glued herself to the white tiger to keep warm.

  After Hu Jin confirmed that she was asleep, he got up and left quietly.

  During the day, Chi Yuyang mentioned animal skin, and winter was coming soon. He didn’t know what Chi Yuyang’s animal form was, but it seemed that she wasn’t resistant to the cold. Thus, he had to take advantage of the night to bring back some animal skins.

  In addition, he had another thing to do.

  Hu Jin was originally the best of his race. Even if he wasn’t fully recovered, his good-for-nothing brothers wouldn’t be able to defeat him even united.

  So, they chose to use an underhanded method during his breakthrough. As a result, he had lost all his strength and became a cub.

  Surprisingly, he unexpectedly found a partner.

  With this in mind, Hu Jin’s eyes gleamed with extra light in the darkness.

  He quickly arrived at the place where he had left his scent last night and sniffed.

  Sure enough, they had already searched this place.

  This place was far away from the cave where Chi Yuyang was, but to be safe, Hu Jin decided to leave a few more false clues to delay them so that he would have enough time to change back into his human form.

  By the time he returned to the cave, only two hours had passed, which was half the time he had spent going back and forth the previous day.

  His recovery speed was very fast, but it would still take some time before he could become human.

  Hu Jin saw Chi Yuyang next to the fire and didn’t approach her immediately.

  He laid on the ground, waiting for the fire to heat away the coolness from his body. Then he embraced Chi Yuyang on the side into his arms and wrapped her in his warm body.

  ”Tuan Tuan…” Chi Yuyang, who was originally curled up on the ground and near the fire to keep warm, felt a familiar touch in her dream and couldn’t help but sleep talk.

  ”Awoo, awoo.” Wife, good night.

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Novi’s Notes: So, she accepted the “wedding ring” and now they are FULLY WEDDED!!!

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