Targeted by a Feline Beastman in Ancient Times – Chapter 7

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Tiger Magic.

  When Chi Yuyang woke up in the morning, her nose and mouth felt itchy. She casually touched her face and found a few tuffs of white fluff.

  When she opened her eyes again, Chi Yuyang noticed that she was lying on her side against Tuan Tuan’s neck with most of her face engulfed in his soft fur.

  Chi Yuyang didn’t expect such a scene and suddenly got up in surprise.

  From her movements, a few wisps of white hair floated out of nowhere and fell on her clothes.

  At the same time, the white tiger, who was beside her, also opened his round eyes. He then stood up and shook his head.

  Chi Yuyang suddenly saw several wads of hair fall down like snowflakes from Tuan Tuan’s movements.

  She couldn’t help but sigh in her heart. A tiger really is like a cat, even their shedding was exactly the same as a cat.

  Now that Tuan Tuan had become an adult, his surface area of fur also increased, thus his shedding was twice the amount.

  Chi Yuyang thought of the warmth from the white tiger just now and wanted to collect the tiger’s hair. Perhaps she could make a warm coat.

  Just as she was thinking about how to solve the clothing issue, the white tiger got up and picked up its bounty from the corner. 

  ”Awoo.” Tuan Tuan rubbed his head against Chi Yuyang, trying to attract her attention.

  His ears gently brushed Chi Yuyang’s arm lightly. Chi Yuyang felt that his touch was like her favorite plush toy.

  The difference was that her plush toy was a snow-white cat while Tuan Tuan was an adult white tiger. Chi Yuyang couldn’t tell who the toy was between the two of them. 

  She calmed down and looked up at the things in Tuan Tuan’s mouth.

  ”Tuan Tuan, these… are animal skins?” Chi Yuyang was taken aback.

  ”Awoo!” Chi Yuyang felt pride in Tuan Tuan’s cry.

  Is this a coincidence? She was talking about wanting animal skins yesterday, and Tuan Tuan fulfilled her wish today.

  Also thinking about it, the venison was also because she mentioned meat to Tuan Tuan before.

  Even the fact that Tuan Tuan had grown up was in line with her wishful thinking.

  Chi Yuyang didn’t know how to express her current feelings. She knew that Tuan Tuan understood human words, but this was still amazing.

  ”Tuan Tuan, you…”

  Before Chi Yuyang could finish her sentence, the white tiger turned his head and walked out of the cave.

  ”Awoo awoo!” Wife come!

  Chi Yuyang saw Tuan Tuan looking back at her with every step and decided to suppress the doubt in her heart first and follow him.  

  Tuan Tuan walked all the way to the stream.

  Chi Yuyang was curious about Tuan Tuan’s behavior, so her eyes were always glued on him.

  Thus, she ignored the creatures swimming in the water at that moment.

  ”Awoo!” Although Hu Jin enjoyed this very much, there were more important things at hand right now, so he pointed with his front paw towards the stream.

  Hu Jin’s ascension stage passed, so the animals returned to their original habitats.

  Chi Yuyang looked at the direction Tuan Tuan pointed and saw several fish of different colors swimming in the stream.  

  She subconsciously covered her mouth to suppress her scream.

  Oh my God! Is Tuan Tuan a magical tiger? Could it be that he created these fish out of thin air!

  Thinking of all the previous events, Chi Yuyang reasonably suspected that Tuan Tuan may possess some kind of magical power.

  Hu Jin doesn’t know what Chi Yuyang was thinking at this time and was more concerned about the fish she wanted to eat.

  ”Awoo awoo awoo!” He growled a few times hastily. Chi Yuyang hadn’t eaten yet after waking up today, so he was afraid that his female was hungry.

  Chi Yuyang thought Tuan Tuan wanted her to catch these fish.1-facepalm- loool biggest slap to the male provider!

  She also wanted to taste the fish as well but embarrassingly, she was still on her period so it wasn’t convenient for her to be in the water.

  Seeing Chi Yuyang’s indecisive appearance, the white tiger intended to catch some first and let her pick.

  ”Tuan Tuan!” Chi Yuyang couldn’t help but exclaim when she saw the white tiger jump into the water without warning.

  All cats that Chi Yuyang knows were very afraid of water so when she saw Tuan Tuan getting into the water, her first reaction was worrying about his safety.

  However, when she saw Tuan Tuan standing in the water, half of his body was exposed above the surface and Chi Yuyang realized that her worries were unnecessary.

  It’s just a stream, not to mention that Tuan Tuan is a tiger and should know how to swim.

  ”Tuan Tuan, be careful!” But Chi Yuyang couldn’t help but remind Tuan Tuan to pay attention to safety.

  ”Awoo!” Hu Jin heard the obvious worry in his wife’s voice and wagged his tail.

  The tail heavily slapped the water, causing ripples.

  The fish in the stream were frightened by the sudden disturbance and habitually fled upstream into the crevices in the stream.

  At this moment, Hu Jin stretched out his paw and placed it on a crevice and successfully caught a fish.

  Then he bit the fish in his mouth and slowly swam to the water’s edge.

  Chi Yuyang watched the entire process and was shocked. Tuan Tuan was experienced with catching fish like this, it was difficult to imagine that he was a cub a few days ago.

  But now wasn’t the time to think about it. She saw the fish in Tuan Tuan’s mouth was still flailing and she had no bamboo basket to hold the fish, thus she immediately came to a decision.

  ”Tuan Tuan, wait! I’ll get the plastic bag!” Before she finished, she already was hurrying towards the cave.

  Chi Yuyang felt that she had ran 800 meters to make it to a high school entrance exam when she went to retrieve the item and return to Tuan Tuan as soon as she possibly could.

  When she returned to the stream again, the white tiger maintained its previous posture before she left. She stretched out her hand to catch the fish from Tuan Tuan’s mouth without thinking about it much.

  When Chi Yuyang put the fish into the plastic bag, she heard Tuan Tuan cry ‘awoo’ again.

  What did she just do? Did she just take food from a tiger’s mouth so naturally?

  However, Tuan Tuan didn’t show any displeasure. He immediately turned around and entered the water again, quickly returning with a second fish.

  This was repeated until the bag in Chi Yuyang’s hands became heavier and heavier, and Tuan Tuan stopped fishing one he felt he couldn’t fill it anymore.

  ”Awoo!” The white tiger on the shore shook greatly, as if to shake off the excess moisture on his body.

  He stood a little far from Chi Yuyang, as if afraid of getting water on her.

  ”Then let’s go back?” Chi Yuyang was afraid that Tuan Tuan would catch a cold and wanted to go back so he can dry himself with the fire.

  If a person and tiger can communicate with each other at this time, they will feel that the other’s thoughts were redundant.

  Chi Yuyang wasn’t a fragile person. If it wasn’t for that time of the month, she would have gone into the water to catch the fish herself.

  And Hu Jin is one of the strongest among the beastmen and there wasn’t much that could hurt him on this continent.

  But worrying about each other will never be redundant.


  When they returned to the cave, Chi Yuyang saw Tuan Tuan consciously eating cat food and recalled that tigers generally don’t eat fish.

  So, the fishes Tuan Tuan caught…

  She sighed and looked at the wet white tiger, a strange emotion rose in her heart.

  Chi Yuyang did save Tuan Tuan, but its recovery later was completely beyond her expectation.

  And now it seems that she’s completely dependent on him.  

  There was so little she can do for him.

  Thinking of this, Chi Yuyang quickly lit a fire.

  ”Tuan Tuan, come here.”

  Hu Jin looked back and saw that Chi Yuyang started a fire but wasn’t grilling the fish. He thought she needed his help, so he rushed over to Chi Yuyang’s side.

  Considering that he wasn’t dry yet, he maintained a certain distance from Chi Yuyang.

  Unexpectedly, as soon as he stopped, Chi Yuyang’s hand touched his head.

  Chi Yuyang found that the place she touched was no longer soft like before but replaced with a cold feeling that lacked heat.  

  She saw Tuan Tuan rushing over and there were water marks left in his trail.

  At this moment, Chi Yuyang wished she had a hair dryer.

  ”Tuan Tuan, dry off the water first.” After that, she carried over the cat food along with the plastic bag containing the snacks.

  ”Wow?” Tuan Tuan’s voice seemed to be mixed with doubt.

  ”Otherwise, it’s not good for your health. I’ll grill the fish later.” Chi Yuyang seemed to understand what Tuan Tuan said and continued, “You dry off the wetness from your body first.”

  Chi Yuyang emphasized again.

  After speaking, she took out a box of biscuits from another plastic bag, tore open the package, and began to eat her breakfast.

  She originally intended to eat with Tuan Tuan but the white tiger beside her didn’t move.

  Chi Yuyang was puzzled. She brought over the cat food and felt that Tuan Tuan didn’t eat much for his stature and felt that he wasn’t full yet.  

  ”Tuan Tuan?”

  Hearing Chi Yuyang’s voice, Tuan Tuan looked back at her.

  She didn’t know if it was because of the fire, she felt that there was an unusual light in Tuan Tuan’s eyes at this time.

  Seeing the white tiger squatting motionless in place, Chi Yuyang only thought it was because he was warming himself up beside the fire.

  After a while, most of the water on the white tiger evaporated, and he quietly leaned towards Chi Yuyang direction and continued to enjoy the cat food.

  With the help of the fire, Tuan Tuan’s hair quickly turned back to its original softness.

  Chi Yuyang touched Tuan Tuan’s body again and confirmed that the moisture on his body was dried before she started to grill the fish.

  The moment her hand left Tuan Tuan’s body, he pretended to be calm even though he was reluctant for her to stop.

  Immediately, Chi Yuyang turned around to fetch the plastic bag containing the fish. At this moment, she missed the flicker of loss in his eyes.

  ”Tuan Tuan, taste the fish I grilled.” When the fish fragrance filled the cave, Chi Yuyang shifted her attention to the food.

  Although tigers don’t like to eat fish, it doesn’t mean they can’t eat it. 

  Besides, Tuan Tuan caught more than 20 of them in one go, she couldn’t eat all that alone.

  Like yesterday, Chi Yuyang’s first reaction after grilling the fish was to share with Tuan Tuan.

  And Hu Jin no longer refused like before, now he accepted his wife’s food comfortably.

  As a result, there were more than 20 fishes in total, most of them went into Hu Jin’s belly.

  After breakfast, Chi Yuyang went to the stream and along with the animal skins Tuan Tuan brought back.

  This was the third day of her menstrual period. She just discovered that the amount of bleeding suddenly increased, perhaps due to strenuous exercise recently, but fortunately, it didn’t cause menstrual pain.

  So, she wiped her body with water before returning to the cave.

  Before stepping into the cave, Chi Yuyang was pounced by the white tiger.

  ”Tuan Tuan, don’t do that, it’s itchy…”

  However, uncharacteristically, Tuan Tuan didn’t stop obediently, instead he rubbed his head against Chi Yuyang’s head.

  After a while, Hu Jin finally determined one thing.

  His wife was now in estrus.

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