Targeted by a Feline Beastman in Ancient Times – Chapter 8

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  However, Hu Jin was still in his beast form.  

  Anxiety bloomed in his heart because of the structure of the intimate part of a tiger, and because of that, the situation became a bit complicated.1Tigers have barbs on their privates like on their tongues…

  Unfortunately, Hu Jin never seen Chi Yuyang’s animal form so far, so he doesn’t know how Chi Yuyang’s type mates.

  The girl in his arms was slightly more petite compared to female tigers, but her features were even more delicate.

  As a straight male tiger, Hu Jin didn’t know how to describe Chi Yuyang’s appearance. He just felt that she was much cuter than all the other females he had ever seen before.

  After several days of getting along with each other, he felt that his wife’s personality wasn’t as weak as it appeared and that she was also different from most of the females he has met before. Thus, he respected her more.

  Taking into consideration that he was unable to communicate with her, he didn’t want to be perceived as a tyrant. Thus, he could only hope that he could transform into his human form as soon as possible.

  The upcoming winter was a good season for mating and if it was missed, you would have to wait for another year.

  Thinking of this, Hu Jin was a little sad.

  Naturally, Chi Yuyang couldn’t guess the rich psychological activities that the white tiger had in his heart. She only saw Tuan Tuan’s round ears which was held by her, suddenly sunk down and even his eyes seemed to have lost its focus.

  She felt his loss.

  Chi Yuyang recalled her experience at the pet hospital. The newly spayed kittens sometimes had similar anxious behaviors.

  Although Tuan Tuan didn’t need to worry about this issue, she guessed that his anxiety was the same.

  She couldn’t help but stretched out her hand and scratched the triangular area on Tuan Tuan’s chest. The hair there was very delicate and fluffy that Chi Yuyang couldn’t retract her hand.

  ”Awoo…” The white tiger was full of joy when he saw Chi Yuyang caressing his fur and all his sorrows disappeared.

  He comforted himself that as long as they were still partners, there will be other opportunities to mate.

  Chi Yuyang saw Tuan Tuan’s tail was propped up again and couldn’t help but sigh with emotions that she found another similarity in cats.

  In her opinion, the only difference was Tuan Tuan’s size…

  No, based on Tuan Tuan’s current size, he might be 11x bigger than a Persian cat.

  Although he didn’t show it on the surface, Chi Yuyang already determined that Tuan Tuan was no threat to her. So here, with his company, she felt that it wouldn’t be too difficult to survive.


  Sometimes, Chi Yuyang wondered if Tuan Tuan had a human soul in his body.

  Suddenly, she doesn’t dare think about it anymore. If this tiger performs a life-changing feat, she really wouldn’t know how to react.

  Half an hour ago, she was struggling with the issue of brushing her teeth.

  “Tuan Tuan, I’m really envious that you have your own toothbrush.” She said when she saw Tuan Tuan’s silver teeth when Tuan Tuan opened his mouth and exposed them.

  Chi Yuyang knows that cats have barbs on their tongues. They usually swish their tongues against their teeth after eating, so that those barbs can clean their teeth.

  But she was different. After coming to this place, she could only rinse her teeth with water.

  A few days ago, she only had a single type of food, so this problem didn’t occur to her before.2Only fruits and biscuits and I guess it doesn’t stick on your teeth as much as meat…

  It wasn’t until yesterday that she still felt the remaining scent of deer in her mouth.

  Unexpectedly, after hearing her unintentionally struggles, Tuan Tuan dragged her out of the cave.

  “Awoo.” However, as soon as he got out of the cave, the white tiger stopped his steps. He was half lying on the ground, then tilted his head to look at Chi Yuyang.

  This was a rare occasion that Chi Yuyang didn’t understand what Tuan Tuan wanted to express.

  ”What’s wrong?” Chi Yuyang thought he was uncomfortable.

  Tuan Tuan was seriously injured before. Although he swiftly recovered, Chi Yuyang was still worried about sequelae.

  “Awoo awoo!” You come and sit!

  Chi Yuyang looked at Tuan Tuan in confusion, whose tail went behind her without her knowing.

  Before her hand touched the white tiger’s back, she was grabbed by the powerful tail and brought on the white tiger’s back with the light push of Tuan Tuan’s front paw.

  Before Chi Yuyang could respond, Tuan Tuan quickly stood up and started to move.

  ”Wait, Tuan Tuan…” Chi Yuyang’s voice was blown away by the wind resistance from Tuan Tuan’s running. She subconsciously laid on Tuan Tuan’s back and wrapped her hands around his neck.

  After a while, Tuan Tuan finally stopped.

  When Chi Yuyang got down from Tuan Tuan’s back, she almost couldn’t stand up. So, Tuan Tuan had to support her from behind.

  When she regained her senses, she discovered that the area in front of her was a place she has never seen before.  

  The fruits on the tree seemed to be different from the ones she had eaten for the past few days.

  ”Tuan Tuan?” Chi Yuyang saw Tuan Tuan looking around, as if looking for something.

  Suddenly, he seemed to have found it and round towards a tree with a ‘swish’.

  Only then did Chi Yuyang notice the difference between tigers and cats. Although tigers are cats, tigers are good at climbing trees and aren’t repelled by water. In the wild, it was obvious that tigers have more advantages than cats.

  Of course, the premise is that the tiger doesn’t hurt itself.3Cause cats climb trees but can’t get down themselves without hurting themselves or getting help lool

  Chi Yuyang saw Tuan Tuan climb to the top of the tree, then beat the branches with his paws. Following his movements, several fruits fell.

  Then Tuan Tuan jumped to another tree, and shook the fruits off exactly the same as before.  

  ”Okay, Tuan Tuan! Enough, enough! I can’t bring back anymore!” Chi Yuyang, who was picking up the fruits under the tree, used both her hands to hold them and regretted that she didn’t bring a plastic bag before leaving the cave.  

  If she had known that Tuan Tuan would bring her out to pick fruits, she would have prepared beforehand.

  But why did Tuan Tuan take her to such a far place? She remembered that there were enough fruits in the cave to last for a while. Even if it wasn’t enough, there were all kinds of fruits nearby the cave.

  Although Chi Yuyang was doubtful, she didn’t want to refuse Tuan Tuan’s good intentions.

  After returning to the cave, she wanted to store the fruits in the plastic bag but Tuan Tuan picked up a fruit and placed it in her hand.

  ”Do you want me to taste it now?” Chi Yuyang looked at the fruit in her hand. The skin of the fruit was green with thorns at one end, but it wasn’t hard to the touch.

  Tuan Tuan shook his head and used his front paw to point at the thing Chi Yuyang had on her waist.

  It was the baby tooth he gave her.

  After Chi Yuyang put on some animal hides, she wrapped the baby teeth and pinned it to her waist.

  “You mean, this fruit is used to brush your teeth?” Chi Yuyang looked where Tuan Tuan’s gaze was and thought about it, then asked in disbelief.

  So, when she saw Tuan Tuan nodding his head, she really suspected that Tuan Tuan was a person.

  But more importantly, she doesn’t have to worry about brushing her teeth in the future.

  Tuan Tuan grabbed the lotus leaf with water, then Chi Yuyang dipped the fruit into the water and it turned into paste upon contact.

  Under Tuan Tuan’s gaze, Chi Yuyang put the fruit in her mouth and brushed it up and down.4The part of the fruit that met water turned into foam while the dry part of the fruit is still hard… After a while, the fishy smell from her mouth was eliminated and she was even left with a mint smell.

  In order to distinguish it from other fruits, Chi Yuyang decided to name this fruit that can be used to brush one’s teeth, teeth fruit.

  Chi Yuyang had to admit that this “teeth fruit” was very convenient, but like other fruits, it didn’t seem to exist on Earth.

  Even if she wanted to ignore all the differences, Chi Yuyang this time could no longer convince herself that she was still on Earth.

  She really crossed over, crossed over to a place that was unrecognizable.

  And beside her, there was only one tiger, who could understand human words and appeared to be magical.

  Chi Yuyang looked at Tuan Tuan lying next to her and suppressed the fear in her heart. She made a difficult decision, “Tuan Tuan, if you really understand me, please become a human being.”

  She hadn’t talked with people for several days and realized that she was in an awkward situation now. So, she was very eager for someone to accompany her.

  But to Hu Jin, this meant that his wife was willing to mate with him.

  He immediately expressed his excitement with a ‘awoo’.

  He wants to be a human! Right now! Immediately! Now!

  However, the cruel fact was that his strength wasn’t enough for him to transform himself into a human.


  Three days later.

  In the past few days, the first thing Chi Yuyang does when she wakes up is to check if Tuan Tuan has become a human being.

  However, when she felt the fluffy touch, she knew that her wish was unfulfilled.  

  Also, the fact that a tiger transforming into a human is a whimsical thing.

  Even if Tuan Tuan has given her several surprises, it doesn’t mean he could fulfill her every wish.

  Since Tuan Tuan became bigger, Chi Yuyang has eaten meat every day, plus a variety of fruits, which can be regarded as a combination of meat and vegetables.

  Except no rice.

  But she didn’t dare ask for too much.

  It was already the luckiest thing to survive in another world.

  According to her pattern in the past, today should be the last day of her period. Starting tomorrow, she plans to go catch fish in the water by herself.

  She felt a little embarrassed that she kept bothering Tuan Tuan.

  Thinking about this, she patted Tuan Tuan who was about to eat.

  ”Tuan Tuan?” Chi Yuyang found that Tuan Tuan’s movements to eat today were a bit sluggish.

  She didn’t know the white tiger’s mood was the same as hers at this time.  

  Hu Jin’s five senses have recovered, so he could smell his wife’s scent becoming weaker, meaning that her estrus period was about to pass.  

  Obviously, he has recovered most of his strength, but for some reason he couldn’t become a human.

  It seems that he really has to wait another year.

  Chi Yuyang saw Tuan Tuan’s pair of front paws scratching his head and looked remorseful. So, she leaned over to hold one of his paws.

  Like cats, tigers have pads on their paws.

  She found that Tuan Tuan’s meat pad was actually pink and tender. She was completely attracted by the meat pads that she suddenly forgot what she wanted to say.

  ”Tuan Tuan, sometimes I forget that you are a tiger.” Chi Yuyang wanted to express that, ignoring Tuan Tuan’s body shape, she felt that he was just an obedient kitten.

  To Hu Jin, this meant something else.

  He felt that his wife was inviting him to mate, meaning that she would even accept him in his beast form.

  “Awoo awooooo!” Wife, you’re the best!5If you guys don’t know, if they actually had sex with him in his beast form. His wife gonna die die die. A feline’s privates also have barbs on it as well…

  For a moment, Chi Yuyang saw the white tiger, who was still eating cat food, suddenly stopped and pressed towards her.

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