Targeted by a Feline Beastman in Ancient Times – Chapter 9

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofreader Yserieh


  ”Tuan Tuan…” Chi Yuyang’s thin voice was slowly engulfed. She felt dazed when she felt the white tiger on her became a little larger than before.

  If Chi Yuyang had a ruler in her hand, she would know that Tuan Tuan, who returned to his original animal shape, was about three meters long from head to tail.

  But she didn’t have any measuring tools on hand.

  The reason Chi Yuyang found out that Tuan Tuan had grown a little larger was that her calf touched something hot.

  She had never touched this place before, so she speculated it was due to the changes from Tuan Tuan’s body shape.

  In those days she slept with Tuan Tuan, all she did was touch the soft tiger fur.

  Originally, she intended to sleep alone but Tuan Tuan’s body was too warm, it was just like the feeling of sleeping on white fluffy clouds in a dream. It was irresistible.

  However, Chi Yuyang felt that something was a little wrong based on the faint tingling sensation on her leg, she didn’t dare to carefully think what was there.

  She twisted her body subconsciously.

  From a position she couldn’t see, a tail came around quietly.

  Hu Jin wanted to use his tail first, otherwise he was afraid that his wife couldn’t bear it.

  Chi Yuyang only felt that the atmosphere was a little strange but the figure lying on her was obviously a tiger.

  ”Tuan Tuan…”

  At that moment, the sound of intermittent speech suddenly came from outside the cave.

  And the sound source seemed to be not far from them.

  ”Have you searched around here?”

  This is a human’s voice!

  Chi Yuyang first reaction was to go out and investigate since she hasn’t seen anyone for a long time.

  However, she was firmly clamped down by Tuan Tuan and when she looked up, she saw the white tiger’s eyes flashed with a different light that she had never seen before. Even his mouth revealed his rarely seen sharp fangs.

  Is Tuan Tuan angry?

  This made her listen carefully to the conversation outside.

  ”We searched everywhere but no traces of Hu Jin were found.”

  Hu Jin? Tiger?1The character Hu means tiger.

  Chi Yuyang zeroed onto the keywords.

  Was this the name that the group outside gave Tuan Tuan? Were they looking for Tuan Tuan?

  When she first saw Tuan Tuan, there were shocking scars on his body and that image suddenly resurfaced in Chi Yuyang’s mind. She connected this with Tuan Tuan’s strangeness just now and couldn’t help but hold her breath.

  If the people outside were really the bastards who harmed Tuan Tuan, she definitely can’t let Tuan Tuan fall into their hands!

  Fortunately, the cave where she and Tuan Tuan were well-hidden. If they didn’t approach closer and search the area, they wouldn’t be able to find the cave for a while.

  To be safe, she cleaned up the blood stains the first day she found Tuan Tuan. Right now, she was very glad that she was cautious before.

  Now she can only hope that this group won’t discover the existence of this cave.

  Chi Yuyang, who was nestled in Tuan Tuan’s arms, didn’t dare to make a sound.

  She was originally lying on the ground but now due to the tension, she couldn’t help but bury her whole body in Tuan Tuan’s limbs, encircling herself.

  Tuan Tuan’s existence gave her a great sense of security. She couldn’t tolerate that group of people were trying to take Tuan Tuan and harm him.

  Keep going… Don’t come here…

  Chi Yuyang prayed silently.

  Judging from the sound, there were at least two people outside the cave, both of them males. She definitely felt that she wouldn’t be able to defeat them alone.

  And they were able to wound Tuan Tuan earlier, so most likely they also have powerful weapons.

  So even if Tuan Tuan was an adult now, he might not be able to beat them.

  She didn’t want to see Tuan Tuan injured again.

  But Chi Yuyang felt that the white tiger, who was pressing her, seemed to be ready to attack at any time.

  If she really confronts the group of people outside, she would try to reason with them first and try to delay them as much as possible to give Tuan Tuan a chance to escape.

  Thinking of this, Chi Yuyang reached out and touched Tuan Tuan’s head. She gently stroked the white tiger’s head and tried to comfort him with moving her lips to word out, ‘Tuan Tuan, I will protect you.’

  Hu Jin understood what she meant.

  The violence within his body vanished at this instant.

  Yes ah, his wife is still with him, he can’t be impulsive.

  At this time, he wasn’t afraid to face the group of tigers that hurt him before, but it would be difficult for him to take into account his wife’s safety when he fights in his beast form.

  He needs to change back to his human form as soon as possible.

  It’s up to him to protect his wife.

  Hu Jin took the opportunity to hold the female in his arms tighter. If they really do find them, he had to create an opportunity for his wife to leave first.

  As for his group of brothers, who caused him to fail his ascension before and now are disturbing him again, he will make sure they pay the price they deserve once he fully recovers!


  The time spent waiting always feels long and insufferable.

  At this time, one person and tiger were holding each other while thinking about how to make an opportunity to allow the other to escape.

  They didn’t know how long it was but there was only one crisp bird cry from outside the cave.

  In the past few days, for some unknown reason, more and more animals have appeared in this area.

  This made Chi Yuyang considered finding a new foothold.  

  Generally, animals avoid places with many people. But based on this, Chi Yuyang thought there must be few people in this area since there’s so many animals.

  So, she planned to leave here and go somewhere else.

  But she hasn’t figured out what to do with Tuan Tuan.

  After this incident, Chi Yuyang suddenly understood.

  It was impossible for her to leave Tuan Tuan, let alone let him fall into the hands of bad people.

  ”Aowu…” Tuan Tuan said before Chi Yuyang could speak.

  ”Are they gone?” Chi Yuyang felt that Tuan Tuan’s intuition as a beast was much more accurate than her judgment.

  Seeing the white tiger release her at the same time and nodding, Chi Yuyang let out a long sigh.

  ”We can’t stay here, we have to find a new place.”

  After saying this, Chi Yuyang began to organize their belongings.

  In fact, she didn’t have many items to bring, there wasn’t much cat food left and she consumed more than half her snacks.

  In addition to salt and sugar, she needs to take the animal skins, fruits, and her toolbox. The first two things were gifts from Tuan Tuan while the latter was for survival.

  The white tiger watched Chi Yuyang pack the fruits and animal skins. He paced over and stuffed the wallet, and Chi Yuyang’s other belongings she thew aside, into the plastic bag and held it with his mouth.

  ”Aowu aowu!” I’ll carry it!

  Seeing Tuan Tuan’s unexpected move, Chi Yuyang thought it was telling her that the Chinese Yuan was still usable here.

  Chi Yuyang remembered what the group of people had just said and couldn’t help but wonder if she was in a parallel world.

  But now wasn’t the time to think about it. Chi Yuyang quickly finished packing everything and carried it.

  Just as Chi Yuyang was about to go out, Tuan Tuan suddenly laid down halfway in front of her and hooked her waist with his tail.

  The last time he did this, he carried her to another area. Could it be that he wanted to carry her on his back again? 

  Chi Yuyang didn’t want to use Tuan Tuan as a mount, but she couldn’t move as fast as him.

  After weighing the pros and cons, Chi Yuyang decided to go along with Tuan Tuan’s idea.

  ”Tuan Tuan, thank you for your hard work…” She carefully climbed onto the white tiger’s back, then gently touched its upright pair of ears, “Thank you.”

  Out of all of Tuan Tuan’s body parts, Chi Yuyang’s favorite part was his pair of round ears.

  The edges of his ears were like a circle of like but the central part was pink. Under the sunlight, it was like two rubies glowing.

  However, since he became bigger, she never dared to touch this place again.

  Now stroking this part again, Chi Yuyang felt that Tuan Tuan’s ears weren’t just beautiful but also felt amazing to the touch.

  But Chi Yuyang didn’t know that this was his sensitive area. It was even the white tiger’s first time that his ears were this affectionately touched by his partner.

  The tiger under her trembled almost invisibly at this moment. Then, the next second, it extended its legs and began to run wildly.

  Hu Jin felt there was a sudden strange feeling inside of him, making it difficult for him to control his heartbeat.

  ”Aowuuu!” It’s nice to have a wife!


  Chi Yuyang couldn’t track how long Tuan Tuan ran for, but she felt that the scenery in front of her was constantly changing.

  When the surrounding trees gradually decreased and there was a golden field that reflected on Chi Yuyang’s eyes, she suddenly had an idea that came to mind.

  ”Tuan Tuan! Stop!”

  Hu Jin suddenly stopped running.

  Only then did he realize that he was nonchalantly running on the road and unexpectedly came across another tribe.

  This smell smells like…

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