The Frog Prince and the Witch – Chapter 22

The Snow Witch

  After the bonfire, the villagers who approach Joanna’s home increased. Of course, they still didn’t see Joanna who was sleeping in the house due to the sun’s heat, but Ian was friendly! Many of them felt happy while talking to Ian, and the uncles thought the young man was a person with ideas, and whom was willing to stay by Joanna’s side and thus admired him.

  Not only that. After Ian said that Joanna have medical skills, there were more people who were willing to visit Joanna during the evenings. Many people now know that her skin is sensitive to the sun and therefore do not come during the day.

  The uncle who was prescribed the herb from Joanna felt guilty. “Why didn’t you tell us? We all thought that you didn’t like to be associated with us, so we avoided you. I didn’t expect this, being prevented from going out! We have misunderstood you for a long time!”

  ”… ah?”

  ”Although there were people who said you were a private person, your disease was never known! Don’t do this anymore, now we are embarrassed for we have misunderstood you for so long.” Uncle patted her shoulder and left cloth in exchange for the herbs. “Look at you, everyday wearing the same clothes, I suggest dressing in clothing that suits your age, and I can make you some new clothes!”

  Joanna said with hesitation. “Actually, this is the custom of my family. It is best to wear black and blue clothes. ……”

  ”Really! Is that what it was? What a strange custom…” Uncle’s tone once again was tainted with guilt. “Why didn’t you say so! We all thought that you wanted to be left alone. You were always dress like a widow…now that I think about it, your mother just passed away when you first moved here. She was wearing the same black-blue dress at the time. Did you inherit the tradition from your mother and continued with it?”

  ” uh, yeah …… “

  ” What a good girl, ah!” Uncle sigh and said, “The mother passed away so long ago, and you still remember the dress your mother once wore…… well, well, I have to go back now. Otherwise, my woman will come here again.”

  Without Joanna stepping out of the door, Ian, waiting for this moment, took over for Joanna, and walked the guest out of the property properly, and told him that she was shy that’s why she couldn’t see him out. And does not like to talk, and so on, in short, the uncle was happy to leave.

  After returning, Ian looked at the pink fabric with a little regret. He knew that as the Witch of the Wilderness, she was required to wear a dark blue dress. It was an expected tradition, like a priest has clerical clothing, a chef has a chef’s uniform, and she is a witch therefore needs to be outfitted as a witch. Although the villagers were not quite sure that she is a witch, she must maintain the symbol of being a witch… She does not intend to preach everywhere, but she does not know that this kind of thing is not known to others, and she does not know what to do in this situation. It will lead to a misunderstanding, and then she had thoughts of trying to explain herself to the villagers.

  The appearance of Ian broke her thought and made her feel more emotional.

  Ian looked at Joanna’s new cloth and felt a bit indescribable. “Does Master want me to wear this pink color?”

  He never dreamed of wearing a feminine color, but if it was for his goddess… He will put it on… What’s more, if this dress is made by the goddess herself… He would be so happy and will fly straight to heaven!

  She is a bit concerned. Pink is not suitable for her home but would be a waste if not used… and does not seem to be suitable for him.

  ”If you don’t like it, I will throw it away.” It will have to be wasted, and I will make new clothes from other fabrics in the future.

  ”No! I like it!” He quickly hugged the fabric in his arms. “My Master, I like it the most!”

  ”Isn’t your taste too strong?”

  ”What is it?” Ian smiled and narrowed his eyes. “If Master made it herself, will there be a witch’s blessing?”

  ”If you want.”

  ”Yes! Of course!” Ian still wanted to say more, but the doorbell rang.

  That was no ordinary doorbell, but a ringtone which a magical visitor will activate when they arrive, and the rhythm of the ringtone will be unique to each magical guest.

  After hearing this, Joanna felt strange for the new guests. “It’s the sister of the Northern Snow. Why during this time?” After all, the summer days was the least optimal weather preference of the Snow Witches.

  ”You go to sleep first, I may talk to the sister for a long time.” After Joanna urged Ian to bed, who didn’t want to go, she opened the window and saw a white figure coming from afar. In mid-air, riding a broom flying in the sky, the air turned cold, and when the visitor landed on her windowsill, it brought along a cold wind.

  ”Long time no see, sister of the Wilderness.” The Snow Witch was dressed in fox fur with a graceful posture.

  ”Same to you, sister of the Snow.”

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