The Frog Prince and the Witch – Chapter 21

Witch Accepted by the Villagers

In the late spring and early summer, there will be a festival in the village. Ian almost forgot about the celebration. But he knew that it was a rare day to go out, especially when Joanna could not go out during the day, and a festival during the night was very rare.

  ”Master, let’s go to the celebration. Can we?” Ian looked at Joanna, who was knitting the last bracelet, and asked excitedly.

  In fact, Joanna didn’t really want to go, because usually being around others was awkward and uncomfortable…After all, she was odd, even if she smiles, there is no way for the villagers to feel at ease with her. Instead, it will have the opposite effect. She didn’t want to ruin the villagers’ festival, which will cause her to be unhappy – thus she has never attended previous events.  

  ”Master?” Ian thought Joanna will be excited to go, but after seeing her hesitation, “I’m sorry, Master does not like celebrations?”

  To see Ian so eager, Joanna feels guilty; she just forgot, she is no longer alone. It doesn’t matter if she attends, but Ian wants to go. Ian seems to get along with the neighbors, so he should not encounter any problems if he goes, right?

  Therefore, she patted his hands. “The festival will be very lively. If you want to go, will I prepare clothes for you?”

  ”Is Master not going?” Ian insisted on getting an exact answer.

  She sighed. “I don’t want to go. I don’t want to ruin the celebration.”

  ”Why do you think that?” Ian’s tone was a little excited, and Joanna didn’t understand what was going on, so she had to explain slowly, but Ian didn’t seem to understand.

  ”I know that Master is a witch, so witches can’t go out and participate in festivals? What’s the reason?” He was indignant. “Master never harm them, and even helped them! And they treat you like this?”

  Joanna didn’t know how to explain to him, so she sighed. “When I go with you at night, you will know why.”

  Let him see the attitude of the villagers towards her, it was much better than continuing to waste her breath here.

  At night, the villagers wore their best clothes and gathered around the bonfire. They socialize and ate the food prepared by everyone. Many merchants who were not from the village also took the opportunity to sell goods. Many of the villagers who had never traveled were surprised.

  Looking at the excitement from afar, Joanna, who just arrived with Ian, felt sorry for the fact that she was about to ruin the mood at the festival. She noticed Ian was full of enthusiasm and couldn’t bear to say that she wanted to go back. He took her hand and guide her to the warm bonfire.

  In fact, she can’t be too close to the hot bonfire, because the sensitive skin will be burn. So before going out, she wiped a layer of ointment under her sleeves and gloves so it will not be visible and hope that the burns will not be too serious.

  The villagers at the bonfire saw Ian approaching with Joanna, who rarely leaves the house. However, Joanna thought that the villagers would be distanced, but many villagers eagerly approached Ian.

  ”Hey boy! Don’t think that I didn’t see you being lazy and didn’t come over to help us pile up firewood! I remember, I’ll ask for Hans help tonight!”

  ”I wanted to help, but my lady does not let ah ~” Outside, Joanna forbids him to call her Master… but she doesn’t know why he particularly likes to call her “my lady”, and not just “miss”.

  ”Tchh! Show off kid!”

  ”Hey, over there! Joanna’s boy came home, giving them an empty point ah! Right-right over there, the location of their home is there!”

  ”So, is it big enough? A family of two, such a big house!”

  Hans also deliberately interject a reminder, “I told you that the lamb chops grilled in the village of Nara is the most sought-after, wait for the hands and feet. “

  “We will find out soon! Thank you!” Ian smiled slyly; he took the dull Joanna to the designated spot the villagers reserved to them based on the village homes’ arrangement.

  Around the bonfires were seating – the tree trunk is cut to a stump and a picnic cloth laid over it. After Ian let Joanna sit down, she quickly found the place where the food was arranged, and Ian’s figure quickly disappeared under the cover of the villagers. Thinking of the plate and the weight of the plate that Joanna just saw, she thought that Ian shouldn’t exert himself too hard, and couldn’t help but stand up and look for him, but she was stopped by the girl sitting next to her.

  It was Elanda, who lived next door with her husband, Kenny. Elanda snorted with a squeaky voice. “Don’t help, today is the night for ladies to rest!”

  ”Yes, yes.” Elanda’s mother nodded. “I usually serve these stinky men.” Eat and drink, now it’s their turn to serve us! Also, tonight, don’t feel bad about your man, let him serve you!”

  “But his body is not well, he can’t work so hard… “

  ”Only for tonight, tomorrow he will love to rest and let him, okay?” Elanda did not poke her shoulders intentionally. “I didn’t expect this, I always thought that the cold Joanna did not know how to worry about others, how surprising!”

  Joanna was dumbfounded; what happened to the villagers tonight? Why is the gap between her and the villagers seem to have vanished?

  ”Oh, don’t bully my lady! She can be very shy!” Ian came back and saw, screaming and running, placing down the food and pampering Joanna, then giving a look to Elanda, “Why? Jealous? Jealous of others? You are not allowed to make fun of my lady!”

  ”You fart! I was being honest and making a statement. If there are those who are ashamed to death and don’t mention it, Joanna will tell you!” Elanda snorted and turned to give her father a hug before enjoying her meal.

  Ian also snorted and immediately took the lamb chops in front of Joanna. “My lady, how is the taste? If it’s delicious, I can get you another?”

  Joanna responded slyly. “No. I can’t eat so much… You eat, it’s a waste to not eat.”

  ”Rest assured, I have finished eating! Come, you should eat first… and try this mushroom soup!”

  Ian resembles fire with his red hair flame-like and dazzling. Joanna looked at him and immediately understood why the villagers were at ease with her; it must have been after she fell asleep; Ian went outside and said a lot of good things about her.

  Such a lively and extroverted person is difficult to restrain in her dark house. Thinking of this, Joanna is determined to find a way to cure his heart and illness, so that he can explore the sky and enjoy the world.

  Ian naturally didn’t know her deep thoughts, just that the goddess tonight is so gentle. Eating the rest of her food, thinking about her lips that had touched him, he bit down to the food, he felt that life was complete.


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