The Frog Prince and the Witch – Chapter 23

The Prince who was Found

       They were both witches and congenial to each other. They both regard the other as a sister, and thus treated each other as true sisters.

       Some witches are very keen on banality, often seeking other witches for a chat. Of course, there are also unsociable witches who are not gregarious, so they enjoy isolation. Joanna is a peculiar witch, she was living in loneliness, not did not enjoy nor desire solitude. She does not initiate contact with others, but she welcomed any sisters to come and chat with her. There will always be about five or six guests in a year, all from far away.

       The Snow Witch is named Sola Snow, whom inherited the name from her teacher. Unlike Joanna’s obscurity, the Snow Witch is very famous in the North. After all, as a witch, she had a proud motto. “As long as you have money, what you want to do, I want to do for you.” It is really unique.

       “I said, although you are called the Witch of the Wilderness, don’t always use such dark colors!” Sola looked at the room, which was illuminated by the moon, and then glanced at the pink fabric. “Ah, what is this? You should have used it! Although the Witch of the Wilderness is required to be dressed in black and blue, your house does not need to match. Use lighter colors to brighten up your home.  

         “But the color doesn’t seem to match…”

“I don’t care, use this cloth to make a tablecloth and then replace your dark tablecloth!”

       “Okay, don’t yell so much, you’ll disturb the neighbors.” Joanna reluctantly guide Sola into the house and closed the window. “Why are you here, did you made a special trip to pick on my taste of color preference?”

  “No, although your taste in clothing is really worth my scrutiny.” Sola found a seat and pulled it next to Joanna and began to talk, “You know, I am having trouble, I am looking for someone and don’t even know where to find that person, but I have to locate them. The kingdom you reside in is searching for me to complete their request!”

  Joanna couldn’t help but think of the emperor’s list. “Is the royal family looking for you?”

  ”Yeah, luckily you are really low-key. When the Witch of the Wilderness is mentioned, it is not as well-known as compared to other prestigious witches. That’s why your country did not seek out your help but went to my far away country instead to seek my services.” Sola took out her small purse and reached into it. “I remember I have a portrait of the person, where is it… Oh, I forgot to mention, the royal family lost the second prince, saying that he was cursed to become a frog and asked for my help, but I can’t locate him. In my opinion, a small frog will have a difficult time surviving through the winter and may have frozen to death. Will I find a mummified frog or even its corpse buried in mud? Maybe I will only find small bones. When I think about the royal family, who seek me out due to my fame, but ended up being worthless…I worry they will start a crusade against the witches… the royal family’s request is really annoying!”

  Cursed into a frog… Joanna thought of Ian, pondering over the coincidence about picking up a small frog from the roadside, is he a prince of this country?

  Although Sola is very wealthy, but without her magic, her life is a mess. She never remembers where she places her things, always losing stuff and her many small bags. Don’t even bother looking for it, it’s probably lost. So, she talked about the commission from the royal family while looking for the portrait.

  It is said that the second prince’s disappearance occurred four months ago, last year. Two disgruntled knights seek audience in the palace, saying that there were news of the second prince, but demanded absolute asylum. The emperor was dubious at first about the fact that his son was cursed into a frog, and that the Duke’s daughter Vivian was actually an evil witch. However, after seeing the crazy witch who appeared at the palace’s entrance and due to the sudden situation, one of the knights was slain by her. The emperor then believed the knights’ words and was very worried about the second prince’s situation. The emperor then issued the emperor’s list to reward those who located the second prince to aid in his safe return. But in the imperial edict, it stated that he was looking for a frog, and did not clearly explained the situation, the secret message’s interpretation was for the second prince to protect himself.

  On that day, the witch, who was still surrounded by heavy soldiers, was so frightening that the emperor was frightened and quickly summoned for the knights and priests of the temple to come to his aid. Fortunately, on that day, the high priest was in the temple listening to the sufferings of the people. Therefore, the witch’s attacks on the emperor was deflected by the high priest. The high priest also launched a counterattack which resulted in the witch shrieking and running away.

  The high priest said that as long as the prince was found, he can unravel the curse, but he could not locate the prince whose energy was very low, so he suggested for the emperor to seek out witches for their help.

  ”Were you recommended by the high priest?” Joanna was astonished. “I thought those believers thought we were all evil!”

  ”The high priest met me and realized that not all witches are evil. It is fortunate……Ah. Otherwise, the reputation of witches will be ruined by that crazy woman who is corrupt! Only God knows why that crazy woman was stubborn to keep practicing black magic, people close to the witch will witness firsthand how terrible black magic is. Sola stopped searching her small purse, and a portrait was pulled out. “Finally found it! Look, this is the appearance of the second prince, it was painted on his 20th birthday.” Sigh, can I really find him based on this portrait? Really, I am not familiar with this land, to locate him in a foreign land. It is really difficult for me to the point of death. Fortunately, you are here, this is your land, you are familiar with it, so it should not be difficult for you, right? “

  “Yes, ah is not difficult.”  The person from the portrait, she felt a little familiarity, but it was strange.

  The twenty-year-old second prince seems to be a very proud person. How handsome he was dressed in a luxurious palace clothing…How different he was compared to the red-haired man who clung to her.

  And she sincerely feels that the man should return to his life as seen from the portrait, instead of keeping her company in this gloomy home.

  ”Sister, the person you seek is in my house.”

  Sola thought she would ask about the reward, and plan out how they would work together, but at her words she froze. “What are you talking about? The second prince is here?”

  Joanna nodded. “The crazy woman was dragged into the abyss by dark magic, and I witnessed it with my own eyes. The prince’s curse was also broken by me, but his body is still recovering, so he is at my home for treatment.”

  Sola looked at her carefully. “When will he return to the palace?”

  “Soon, sister, I will send him back soon. There are many people, including his family waiting for his return.” Joanna said while touching the portrait.

  She probably didn’t know while she said that, her expression was lonely, her eyes displayed sadness… Although tears did not flow, it let others know about her feelings of loss.

  ”Oh, dear Joanna, it’s all right.” Sola hugged her, and the Snow Witch could only console her by rubbing her back. “Everything will be fine, it will be fine.”

  Yes, it’s going to be okay. After all, I expected him to leave, didn’t I? Joanna froze at the thought and realize she didn’t want him to leave. She allowed herself to be embrace in Sola’s cold arms.

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