The Frog Prince and the Witch – Chapter 24

The Witch who Took the Prince Far Away

  ”We’re going away?” Ian watched Joanna packing the luggage and asked the question after packing his necessities in a small bag. After all, it is the summer and it is very hot and not a suitable day for Joanna to go out.

  ”Yes.” Joanna nodded. “Pack up some more bags today, and buy some food to eat on the road. We will leave tomorrow.”

  ”On foot?”

  ”No, with a carriage.” Joanna continues to search for items she needs to pack. “I have rented a carriage that will wait at the entrance of the village tomorrow morning. You also need to look for anything you may need and pack it.”

  Joanna sighed as she watched Ian happily packing away. Sure enough, this little black house will be transported by the Crow.

  Yesterday, after the discussion with Sola, Sola said she would find a carriage, so that she can go out during the day, and naturally the carriage was sent by the royal family which is absolutely confidential and safe. Sola first reported to the emperor, so he can dispatched the Royal Knights to escort them, but before that, the prince’s safety is Joanna’s responsibility.

  After Ian packed his things and brought them to Joanna, he suddenly remembered that he should let the neighbors know and immediately stood up. “Master, I should let the neighbors know that we are leaving.”

  ”Why tell them?”

  Ian smiled. “So when we are not there, someone will help us water the flowers and look after the house~”

  In fact, that will not be necessary…because she is planning to move; his courtesy would not be suitable for her.

  Sola said that there is a forest near her house, and the leaves are so thick that there is no way for snow to fall on the ground… it may be difficult for the sun to shine? If you live there, you would not worry about being burned anymore.

  I am definitely not moving in order to avoid Ian and for him to have zero possibility to find me in the future! Although he is a prince, his skin is not so thick to go looking for me!

  ”Do we have to go out and buy things now?” Ian soon returned, holding a basket of biscuits in his hand. “Aunt Susan said this is for us. It is almond-flavored. You can also eat and taste.”

  Then, without waiting for Joanna’s reaction, Ian put the small biscuits to her mouth, which inadvertently brush against her lips. After retracting his hand, he continued to recall the brief sensation which lasted less than a second. Then asked, “How does it taste?”

  Joanna chewing the biscuit nodded in response and turned around to find her small parasol and put on her veiled gloves. Now ready to go out shopping; after all, the journey to the palace was long. From time to time, there will be opportunities on the road to encounter restaurants and inns to rest, but otherwise they need to prepare for occasions where they need to spend the night in the wild… What’s more, the preparations to travel, will always keep you busy, and it is best to prepare for unpredicted events, its best to pack rations.

  When she turned around, she didn’t know that Ian’s tongue licked the finger that had just touched her lips… It’s sneaky, but he just couldn’t help it, as if it represented the goddess. That way, the goddess belongs to him.

  He really doesn’t know who the visitor was yesterday or what they discussed. It was sudden that she wanted to go out when she rarely does so. She was willing to travel a long journey…Did something big happened? Did someone paid a lot of money to ask a witch to avenge him or to have a duel between witches? If so…can he represent her as her ambassador?

  The lizard and crow at the house, and the tortoise who never moved were her familiars. Why is it that when he was a frog, he did not get the same treatment? He also wants to be her familiar! So, this way, it will feel as if he had a seal on his body, with the words “Exclusively Joanna’s” …. when he thinks about it, flowers begin to bloom and let him look forward to this trip.

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  1. whitespadeblog

    You are a lowly human not a dragon or a phoenix please dont put yourself so high

    1. Asana

      Well, a guy can dream

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    He wanted to be her familiar.. woww🥺🤧❤️❤️❤️

  3. Panacea Seer

    …. I feel mean but honestly he would be a very useless familiar. He is too injured to even chop wood how can he compare to a dragon’s flames heck even if the familiars weren’t OP he cant even fly like a crow.

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