The Frog Prince and the Witch – Chapter 25

The Witch Who Saved the Day

  At every town, they will let the horses rest and take a break. Each day, they pass about two or three towns.

  Ian felt that the journey was very pleasant, but on the bumpy carriage, Joanna didn’t sleep well, and was not in high spirits. This made Ian, who was still excited, and wanted to wander around, decide to instead let Joanna lean against him, hoping to make her feel more comfortable and sleep better.

  The coachman doesn’t talk much. As a person employed by the royal family, he clearly knows when to be present and when he should “disappear.” However, he was surprised that the prince was so diligent and attentive to this ordinary witch… He knew that there was a witch in the carriage, and he witnessed the evil witch who attacked the palace. He felt old and could not cope with the sudden situation and wanted to resign but did not expect the prince to reside in the same village and be his neighbor. Therefore, he was invited to be the driver of the prince to return to the palace.

  However, he didn’t see her as a witch, but as a weak and sickly woman. The driver who didn’t encounter many witches couldn’t compare, so his only comparison was the evil witch from that day. Therefore, for a long time, he was not as vigilant as compared to the beginning of the trip. He even thought that the soldiers who he passed were more intimidating. Is such a woman who is small and weak, really a witch?

  However, after a certain encounter, he knew that he was transporting a powerful witch.

  It was during the time that there was heavy rainfall that continued relentlessly for several days. From the first raindrop to the subsequent downpour, they were forced to stay in a town for a few days, waiting out the rain before continuing their trip on the road.

  Just as they dined in the inn’s restaurant, the townspeople rushed in and said that a flash flood broke out, and the road to the adjoining town was blocked by mud. The main point is that there is a caravan that was attempting to rush to the town for shelter from the rain have been buried in the mud!

  The anxious townspeople wanted to go save the caravan, but the situation was difficult, to attempt to save a life was to take their own lives!

  ”My lady?” The prince’s words brought the driver back from his thoughts just as he saw a woman with the same dark blue color he was transporting going outside. She wiped her mouth with a napkin and stood up. She also picked up her wooden staff that was placed on the side. The lizard and turtle on the other chair were placed on her arms.

  ”I’ll go out, and you will wait here…”

  ”No, I want to go with you!” The prince spoke quickly, as if the woman would abandon him. He also quickly said that he would be able to keep up and can take the horse out to pull the carriage.

  ”Why pull the carriage, the horse will get sick in this weather.” The witch shook her head and threw the lizard down before going to the door.

  The lizard transformed into a dragon in a roll mid- air. Under everyone’s shock, the witch propped up her small parasol, which blocked the raindrops five meters away, sat on dragon’s back. The prince, with the driver’s eyes popping out, also quickly climbed onto the dragon’s back. The dragon wing beat and flew into the air with its wings flapping and disappeared into the skies with the town watching.

  The driver didn’t care about the heavy rain that continued to pour after the witch left, and immediately went to pull the horse out, as the horse ran wildly in the rain; he thought about the emperor’s command to safely escort the prince back to the palace! Now the prince was taken away by a dragon in front of him. Is this still worth it?

  When the driver arrived at the scene where the mudslide buried the caravan, he found that the horrible mountain torrent was blocked by a huge turtle with long horns, while the witch and the prince stood by the mud, the rain not touching them. He couldn’t get to them, and then a dragon appeared with a big black bird with blue flame that came from nowhere, they were constantly pulling out the buried caravan from the mud.

  The witch threw her small parasol, and the small parasol shelter extent from the raindrops grew wider to include all the survivors. The witch, who had always been very clean, avoided all the filth. She rushed over to one survivor and examined the body and fed the pills she had. Although regrettably, some people have already died, but it is undeniable that if the witch did not appear, they would have all drowned by the mud, and some people were lucky to survive.

  ”Miss, is there anything I can help with?” The coachman quickly asked.

  The witch nodded, “go gather the survivors and load them onto the carriage and take them all back to the town. Ask if there is an inn or a more spacious place for them to rest for the night, their situation is not optimistic, they need to rest.”

  The coachman quickly went into action.

  The rescue operation took half a day, while the witch tended to the survivors, giving them proper medication and care.

  After determining that there was no one left under the mud, the dragon, the black phoenix and the giant tortoise returned to their original appearance. As the torrential floods continued to pour, Joanna, who had maintained the magic supply to her familiars, was exhausted. After everyone was tended to, she fell into a deep slumber and thus was not able to see the town’s respect for her as Ian’s eagerly watched her visage.

  His goddess really is so kind, ah.

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