The Frog Prince and the Witch – Chapter 26

The Prince Reluctant to Part

  After Joanna slumbered for a day and a night, she woke up and returned to her normal routine. It so happens that the heavy rain had finally stopped, and she arranged to continue the journey.

  Although, she didn’t quite understand why so many people delayed her from leaving when she was about to depart, but she was upset the trip was delayed.

  Ian naturally saw her unpleasantness, and quickly led her to wait in the carriage, and he closed the door and explained it to those who wanted to give gifts and thanks to the witch for her help.

  ”We won’t be able to take all that you’ve offered. We are on our way,” he said.

  ”You don’t have to give us money. You should see that my lady is not short on money, so we really don’t need any compensation.”

  “Really very sorry, my lady’s skin is sensitive and the sun being out will make her body very uncomfortable, so we would like to depart before the sun rises any higher, otherwise the afternoon heat will catch up to us at our next rest stop.”

  ” Thank you all for your appreciation. Please just forever remember that not every witch is evil, and may have a kind heart like my lady.”

  ” Okay, I will convey your gratitude. You still need to take a good rest, don’t send us off. Goodbye, goodbye.”

  ”Hate you? How come?” Ian smiled. “My lady is just a little tired. but also a little shy, so she did not come out to meet it with you. “

  Meanwhile, Joanna is still replenishing her strength from depleting her magic reserve from the previous event and was left with excessive fatigue, unfortunately she did not hear the conversations outside of the vehicle. When Ian finally finished, the driver began the carriage, she asked Ian what the commotion was all about.

  ”Ah, it’s from the day that you saved those people, they wanted to come and express gratitude towards you” Ian let her lean on him to sit more comfortably. “But I tried to refuse, we don’t need those things, right?”

  ”Well, it’s not needed. I will naturally pay for doing business, because it is a transaction, but that day was not a transaction.” Joanna snorted. “Those people are annoying.”

  ”Yes, annoying, you don’t have to worry about them. I will solve it.” But he saw it, the phrase “annoying” was followed by a very light smile…so in fact, to save people, she is very happy!

  It didn’t take long for the car to stop; the roads flooded by torrential rain did not have time to clear, so the blockage was still there.

  ”Miss, do you want to detour?” the driver asked in front.

  ”No, I will do it.” Although her magic support is not sustainable, otherwise she would have used her familiars to escort the prince back to the palace. Regardless her burst magic is powerful, and clearing the roadblock is just a small matter.

  After getting off the carriage, she saw the road condition, the small parasol was on the ground, the land automatically rolled over, and soon after, it became a flat and clean road. She then returned to the car and continued to sleep.

  Ian watched her sleep, and his face could not stop smiling.

  However, his smile collapsed when he found that the carriage’s path was getting more and more familiar. He knocked on the front partition, “Mr. Coachman, are we going to the palace?”

  ”Yes.” He did not dare say more…because he seems to understand why the witch said if the prince does not ask you, don’t say where you are going; it seems that the witch did not cast any spells on the prince, but the prince stuck to the witch very tightly. In this case, will the prince return to the palace? Or is the royal family willing to accept his closeness to the witch?

  After getting closer and closer to the kingdom, some of the knights also approached their carriage and presented an escort formation…even if he never greeted them. So it seems that these knights recognize the carriage, and the indifferent driver must be the one sent by the palace.

  The emperor… Ian looked at Joanna, who was not very stable because of the bumpy carriage, and didn’t want to ask her why he was returning.

  Whether it is because it was to exchange him to 10,000 gold coins, or to return him to his family and then leave… He doesn’t want to ask, he doesn’t want to know in advance that they may part.

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