The Frog Prince and the Witch – Chapter 27

Prince in the Same Bed as the Witch

  The carriage took them to a superior hotel very close to the palace, where the service and amenities was not comparable to the previous civilian inns.

  He was not happy to see this. Others may not know, but he knows that this is his mother’s own family’s industry, it is one of his mother’s dowry… The mother’s maiden family is a merchant traveling around the country, businesses is spread all over the country, and even many adjacent countries is populated with their businesses. That family is not from old money. Before the rise to wealth, they were just ordinary peasants. But by relying on their riches and alliance, his grandfather did not oppose their marriage when his father was in love with his mother.

  However, that is because the strength of his mother’s family is strong. But the point is that his mother also love father…not like his current predicament.

  After the two got out of the carriage, the waiters who rushed to greet the guests, saw the lizard on the shoulder of Joanna and their faces blanched. This is why his mother gave instructions to find daring and clever waiters? Otherwise, normal people would have been as surprised.

  ”Ga!” The crow, who was stationed on the wooden pole, shriek, so Joanna quickly stroked it and comfort with a soft voice.

  ”Don’t worry, just a little more people. You’ll be all right.”

  The crow’s wings were originally broken by human beings it occurred in the middle of the city, when it camped at the butcher shop for food. The owner of the shop hated the Crow and dealt a ruthless hand. Originally, crows were known to be gregarious and vengeful, if one crow was attached, a whole group will swarm and take vengeance, the crows’ strength was not to be underestimated. Many people in the city knew about this. However, the owner was particularly was unsociable and was ignorant of the matter and was thus driven out of city by a congregation of crows and the remaining employees of the butcher shop did not dare to interfere.

  It was Joanna who happened to pass by, reaching out, she saved it and took it home to recuperate. However, Joanna only healed people and did not know how to treat birds. Therefore, although the crow has healed, it cannot fly for long durations, and since then very afraid of other human beings, but was very attached to Joanna and thus stayed by her side ever since.  

  At that time, Joanna had a lizard on her shoulder, and the crow didn’t like her shoulder as much, so the staff was pulled from the cupboard for the crow to dock on.

  Carrying the wooden stick, she did not care about other peoples’ opinons, and followed the waiter’s body to a gorgeous room. In fact, it cannot be considered a room, it is like a small house, with three separate areas with a living room, very spacious, the service is very thoughtful.

  ”Get some rest.” Joanna said to Ian after placing her three pets down.

  ”Master.” Ian stopped her and felt embarrassed about what to say next.

  ”What’s wrong?” Joanna looked at him. “Is your body uncomfortable? Come over do you want me to examine you?”

  Ian shook his head. “No, I just want to make an unreasonable request. I don’t know if it will be fulfilled….”

  ”What is it?”

  If, tonight, he is really sent back… If the goddess really does not want him, he will never see her again, he hopes to obtain a memorable moment. He always felt that the time spent with the goddess was not enough to satiate him, and it will never be enough… but how to create more memories.

  ”Tonight, can I sleep next to you?” Ian lowered his gaze and didn’t want to see the goddess angry with him. “I will sleep very still and will not bother you! I just want to be close to you, it’s just…I…”

  The flustered look reminded her of the frog that clung to her hair while they slept. The little frog held onto her hair even when she tried to move him but refused to budge.

  Was her scent that attractive? She grabbed her own hair and sniffed it, and it was clear that it was very clean and did not have a scent.

  ”I know that this request is very unreasonable, and it is normal for Master not to agree…” He did not hear a response after a long time, then added slyly, but his shoulders sunk.

  ”I do not refuse.” Joanna looked at the man who had been decadent and then burst into brilliance. Although she was worried about this situation, she was also delighted… really shouldn’t, ah, she really shouldn’t be with him. This kind of obsessiveness made her feel happy, even if she is the object of being obsessed. “Go and wash, I will be waiting for you.”

As Ian rushed away with joy, she sighed and went to another bathroom to freshen up.

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