The Frog Prince and the Witch – Chapter 28

The Prince and Witch Before Separation

  Because of exhaustion, Joanna fell asleep quickly after lying on the bed. Ian, who is laying next to her, had a hard time falling asleep.

  Tonight is the last night with the goddess… He looked at her sleeping face with heartbreak.

  He knows that the goddess has always believed that his love is only a disease, but he feels that if you fall in love with a good woman is also a disease, then he would rather be sick for a lifetime, and never be heal.

  After Joanna fell asleep, she slept very hard and was very difficult to wake up. So he boldly approached, and put his nose on her neck, and breathe in the full aroma of her bath… He must remember her smell forever, and he could never forget it in his lifetime, because this is his life. She is his only love, no other woman will be able to occupy his heart like her, and he smiled.

  Reaching over, he held onto her palm to remember the touch that belongs to her. He never dared to be so arrogant, except for the night of the campfire, because the villagers were there so he jokingly held onto her hand. It was only once, because he thought she didn’t want to embarrass him in front of so many people, and henceforth he didn’t have the courage to reach out again, fearing that she would have a disgusted expression.

  Was her waist so thin? It is no wonder that the neighbors are worried that she was too thin, it’s as if she can easily break.

  Was she so cold? He really want to keep her warm… but is she cold? Otherwise, how can such a strong witch not keep herself warm? Naturally, because she doesn’t feel cold, she doesn’t want to keep warm!

  The smell of the ancient paper on her body and the smell of dried herbs reminded him of the time he was a little frog, looking at her in her study while weighing the herb and flipping through the book.

  At that time, she was the most charming.

  Being able to sleep next to her is probably the happiest thing he can think of, but tonight is the last night, it would be a pity to sleep like this. So even if he was exhausted, he carefully painted her face with his eyes and used his nose to remember the smell that belonged to her… But what should he do? It wasn’t enough, no matter how much effort he put forth, it doesn’t feel enough!

  Why is he not her familiar? Why wasn’t he accepted as one when he was a frog? If he was her familiar, they would be bound by an invisible contract, and wouldn’t they never separate? Obviously, she promised… obviously she promised that she would not abandon on him, right?

  The more that he thought about it, the grievances quickly caused him to become emotional, but he still did not dare to make any big movements for fear of waking her, so he held in his emotions until dawn. Before Joanna woke up, his feet were asleep, from her appearance she looks well rested.

  Joanna just opened her eyes and saw his smile. His eyes were still misty. She didn’t see his eyes, but she was a little surprised at his dark circles. This is the best quality bed she has ever slept on. In this kind of bed would you get dark circles…..what could be so uncomfortable? Or… because he is a prince, so he can’t sleep on any beds besides the one in the palace?

  ”Good morning, Master.” He helped her up. “Would you like me to give you a basin to wash?”

  ”Okay.” Although it can be delivered with a mere pull of the service bell, if he wants to go out, let him go out. He probably wants to go to the toilet, right?

  In fact, he really wants to get out of Joanna’s sight in the morning, because he wants to wash away these bed marks from his face. Today was the only opportunity for a last impression, and he cannot let her see such a haggard face!

  So, after taking care of himself, he held a basin in front of Joanna, gently waiting for her to wash… this made her feel very strange, he was obviously not as clingy as before.

  As for the sadness at the bottom of her heart, she completely ignored.

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