The Frog Prince and the Witch – Chapter 29

The Prince and the Witch Ending

  When they both got ready and wanted to go eat at the restaurant, a waiter came to knock on their door to let them know they had guests.

  It was unexpected, Joanna is not surprised, but she also found Ian not surprised. This man is really smart… probably already guessed what she was going to do.

  The waiters took them directly to the hotel manager’s reception room.

  When they arrived, the hotel manager was no present, but there were three people sitting on the gorgeous sofa. A middle-aged man with gray and white hair looks very majestic. There is an elderly woman who relies on him. His face is very kind, and there is a young man who looks like Ian, very similar, but older. Ian’s profile is more like his mother, and Ian’s brother is more like their father. Joanna now recognizes that they were family.

  Joanna curtsy with her skirt and salute, “Witch of the Wilderness – Joanna Black Cashmere, greets His Excellency the Emperor, Her Royal Highness, His Royal Highness Prince.”

  ”I heard much about you, the Witch of the Wilderness, from the Snow Witch. Thank you very much for saving my child and giving him good treatment.” The emperor stood up and took her hand. “And after learning his identity, bringing him back so quickly and as safely as possible. I don’t know how to express my gratitude, especially since you slain that crazy witch!”

  It was a well deserved compliment but she was not haughty, she did not need excessive praise, so she didn’t say much, just stood there quietly waiting for the king’s enthusiasm to cool down.

  The empress held her second son who she has not seen for a long time. “Oh, Ian! I finally see you! Do you know that the news of your disappearance came, how worried I am with your father? Your brother even took soldiers to find you! You look a bit haggard, but you come back safely, mother will tell the kitchen to prepare a delicious meal, to help nourish your body!”

  The crown prince first gave Ian a hug, and then followed the emperor and shook the witch’s hand. “Thank you, thank you very much! My brother is so brave and had disappear. I really don’t know if anyone who is better than him can quietly disappear like him… In short, thank you very much!”

  For these earnest gratitude, the witch just responded with a polite smile, without much to say.

  ”I don’t know what kind of reward the Witch of the Wild would like? You are the benefactor of our royal family. Please ask, as long as we can do it, we must satisfy you.” The emperor made such a haughty statement, but later realized that the sentence is not appropriate; what if the witch used this to make unreasonable demands that are harmful to the country, but he is capable to complete? As an emperor, there must be a proper attitude, so that many problems can be avoided… Just too excited, so forgot it.

  But her response was beyond his expectation. She just smiled. “No need for payment.”

  ”No? But you saved my son…”

  ”This is not a transaction, so you don’t need to pay.” The witch shook her head and smiled at Ian standing on the side. “And I am glad I saved him, I am happy and rejoice. That alone is a reward.”

  For the first time, the Emperor was overwhelmed by the witch, “let us entertain you, at least for a few days in the palace. There are some rare treasures within the palace, perhaps you would be interested to see it?”

  The witch shook her head once again, “No. After returning him, I plan to leave immediately.”

  ”So soon?”

  The witch smiled and nodded.

  She walked over to the man who was no longer smiling, and carefully looked at the individual who had become a man from the little frog, and whispered, “Be careful and take care of yourself, don’t be too hard. I reminded you many times, this is the last time to remind you… As long as you are well conditioned, your hands and feet can still be stronger than you are now. Although you still can’t lift the sword, I regret that this is because my medical skills are not good enough.”

  He will have a better life here than with her. After all, you are a good prince, how can you always be mixed up with a witch?

  And Ian, he thought he could really let go, really can look at Joanna who turned to leave.. but when it happened, he found that he couldn’t do it.

  ”You said that you won’t abandon me… you said it! That you promised me so my world wouldn’t fall apart!” Ian hugged her, shouting in a voice with a hint of a whimper. “If you leave, my world will be destroyed! You know that you are my world!”

  His arms naturally were not able to restrain a powerful witch. Joanna’s hand swung at him and looked into his eyes, looking at him with an indescribable gaze.

  ”Ian, wake up! You are not a frog, you are no longer alone! You are no longer my pet! You are a prince, a man of this kingdom! Your eyes should be wider, why should it be confined to me? What’s more… If someone who saved you at the time was someone else, would you have the same feelings for that person, wouldn’t you?”

  Yes, saving him from the fire was the biggest reason he became infatuated, isn’t it? Otherwise, as she thought of herself, who would like this strange woman?

  If it was not her who saved him at that time, but another beautiful princess? Maybe you don’t need a princess, anyone who saved him, would he be so obsessed with them?

  ”No… it isn’t like that!” Ian tried to hold her hand, but she pulled away as soon as he did and stepped back. She didn’t want to get close anyway. “Only you…it has to be you! It doesn’t matter if someone else saved me, you were the only thing in my eyes! When I was still a little frog that has always been unremarkable, only you didn’t despise me, and took me back to your home and cared for me… no one else would have been able to enter my heart!”

  ”Your feelings are just an illusion, and its because I saved you that created this illusion.. You are sick, heart disease!”

  After Ian found out that he couldn’t convince her, he stood helplessly, watching her pleading eyes. “If you like a kind woman it is a disease, if you like a gentle woman it is a disease. If I like a woman with a soft heart, it is a disease… then I would rather have this disease for a lifetime!”

  The witch was shocked by his declaration.

  ”Crazy… madman! Don’t forget that you are a prince, how can you be so capricious!”

  ”As long as I am not a prince, will it be possible?” Ian asked this sentence and did not wait for her. In response, he turned around and eagerly opened his eyes to the three elders on the side. “Father, mother, brother, I can’t hold the sword and I am no longer the mighty second prince! My hand and feet has been broken, and now it is too difficult to work. As for the government affairs… Brother, you know, I am incapable and cannot lead the army? I will only be a waste when I go back, let alone the face that I have been cursed. Such a prince will only make the royal family lose face, so can it be said that I died? At least it is better than being a waste prince and to die with grace from a witch’s duel. Isn’t it? Father, I… …”

  ”What are you talking about?” Joanna slapped down, an a “snapped” loudly echoed. “It’s your parents, your family, how can you say something that hurts their heart?” “

  Ian finally stopped talking. He knows how shocked his family is now, probably still is speechless, but this is his idea, he has no intention to beautify or conceal such an idea… After all, if he really goes back, things will certainly develop into a “high-flow royal family out of a waste prince” such a bad scandal with the royal family, so that the reputation of the royal family will be reduce, maybe even some people will take this opportunity, he is only a step earlier to prevent that from happening.

  But she was angry, so he had to bow down and say “I’m sorry”; he really didn’t want to make her angry… Even if things had developed, he still didn’t want her to get angry.

  ”In short, what you feel is just an illusion. As long as I leave, your illusion will naturally disappear, and your heart will naturally heal.” Joanna said with a deep breath. But Ian knows very well that these feelings will not disappear because she is not there… Otherwise, when she left him at the pond, why would he have stayed at the pond for two months without leaving?

  The atmosphere became very akward.

  Joanna thought she should get going, but she didn’t want to move.

  Ian thought that she was about to leave, but he didn’t dare to speak any more, and he was afraid that he would make her angry again… obviously he knows that today is the last time he will see her, but he still couldn’t control himself and embarrassed himself. He really is a guy who has caused more trouble than good. He would always be ridiculed by his brother in the government affairs and he is stupid. He does not know how to solve it in the softest way. It is always so rough.

  At this moment, the king who was on the sidelines for a while cleared his throat.

  ”Actually… If the emperor can’t be a little self-willed, it’s not as bad as it is, what do you say, witch?”

  What does this mean? Joanna looked up in confusion but saw the emperor’s unique smile.

  ”What kind of past did you and my son shared? This is our family business. As for the outsiders… what does it have to do with you? If you dare to say a word, I will exile him. If you are so dissatisfied, then don’t live in the land that I ruled, you should say yes, witch.” The king touched his chin’s beard and smiled happily. “What’s more, I have a way to prevent people from talking. This is not something that needs to be taken care of.”

  “Yes, yes.” The queen smiled more than the king and gave Joanna a hug. “Oh, my son went out and I didn’t know that there was an unforgettable adventure, and he had an unforgettable relationship. Now that I see my daughter-in-law more directly~ Hey, how are you so thin? Isn’t Ian trying to make you eat? I know that this son is a stupid person, I will always worry about his life. I am afraid that he is like this, a piece of wood with a lonely life! The result is still good, actually still a witch! Really good, really good~”

  She is a witch, always witch with evil was the perception! Is this reaction supposed to be normal?

  The crown prince had a thought while looking at the witch next to him. “If my younger sibling is a witch, then naturally there is a group of witch friends. Right then, when the disaster happens, the rescue operation can be carried out faster… Maybe you can open a witch training class directly to cultivate qualified girls as witches? In this case, if we have one or two witches in each city, they can immediately contact the emperor once something happens, and all the governance can be implemented immediately… …I think it’s wonderful! I really want to find a way to make communication faster. Brother and sister should not refuse such a request. In the end, the princess is also responsible for the kingdom. But rest assure, the burden will not be too heavy to disturb your two-person world!”

  What is going on? She didn’t agree to anything!

  While she froze, Ian hugged her again, and was held tightly, fearing that she would try to escape the embrace. “I really love you, it’s not an illusion or a heart disease… Or do you want to make me your familiar with a contract? So I will belong to you all my life, no one can take me away from you, is this good? I beg you to let me stay with you, Ok?”

  This is a prince… Why is the tone so wrong? Is it because she is wronged? Does she actually have this ability to ask a big man to beg her with his gaze?

  It feels like a dream. Someone like her, there was someone out there willing to open their heart and accept her.

  ”It’s as you said, don’t regret it after that!” she muttered in a low voice, but this sentence passed into his ears… His heart was filled with ecstasy.

  ”No regrets, I will never regret it!” Ian madly kissed her cheek. “I love you, love you, love you, love you! It’s so nice for you to be willing to marry me, it’s great!”

  Does she say that she wants to married??  No, right? Moreover, it’s too fast, isn’t it… as she thought, but the reddish hue on her face hasn’t fade for a long time, and she didn’t say she refused.

  The Snow Witch received wedding invitation. “Ha”, she bounced the gorgeous stationery in her hand. “I knew I was fooled. She said that my magic is not enough to escort him back. I was correct! If I ended up bringing him back, would this have happened? That girl probably didn’t find me until she used her magic. Otherwise, the invitation will not be so ordinary… um, still, her skin is so thin, it’s not good to be angry. Ah~ It’s really a day to celebrate~ Well, go to the hot springs!”


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