The Little Princess Imprisoned by the Demon Brothers – Chapter 10

Translated by Novice Translations

Chapter 10 The Jade Plug Inserted into the Small Hole and Lewd Fluids Dripped into the Bowl (H)

    Yao Yao was brought back to King City by them. The experience on the road made Yao Yao both exhausted and happy. The two brothers opened the door of the adult world for Yao Yao, which her father and brother had never mentioned to her.  

    Yao Yao was placed in their private home.

    It was a very ordinary morning.

    “Baby Yao Yao, we will check when we come back, if you don’t fill this small bowl with the love fluids…I think you will have an unforgettable night…” Wu’er said ambiguously in her ear. After he finished arranging her skirt, they went out.

    Yao Yao sat at the edge of the bed, her clothes were neat and tidy. Two smooth legs were placed on the edge of the bed with her legs wide opened. There was a hollow warm-colored jade pillar inserted inside. One end of the jade pillar was inserted in her cave while the other end was pointed to the small porcelain bowl on the ground. The porcelain bowl wasn’t big and fit in Yao Yao’s little hand.

    In Yao Yao’s cave, the ointment applied made her sensitive. The flower flesh inside the cave was wrapped around this inanimate lifeless object. The obscene fluid also dripped along the hollow jade into the porcelain bowl placed below the bed.



    The flower sap dripped drop by drop. When Yao Yao heard this sound, it seemed to say that she was lecherous. The jade pillar in her flower cave was heavy and she had to clamp down slightly to prevent it from falling out.

    She didn’t want to do this either. She was so tired. She was tossed and turned and eaten all last night. Fortunately, they gave her some medicine at last. The jade plug in her back hole was also the smallest one. But they said, as long as the small bowl was full when they return, they would let her rest tonight.

    Shouldn’t it be easy? The naked little beauty with the jade plug thought vaguely.

    Then she opened her cute little mouth again to sound another yawn.  


    When Wu Man and Wu’er returned, they saw their little wife curled up safely on the bed with her legs closed, sounded asleep.

    The jade plug had fallen to the ground and overturned the small porcelain bowl. There was a light trace of fluid beside it.

    Wu Man stepped forward and covered her with the quilt beside her. He frowned and said to Wu’er, “You worked her hard.” The little thing looked so tired.  

    “Don’t you want to play with her?” Wu’er asked him instead.

    When Wu Man fucked Yao Yao, he always worked eagerly and ruthlessly. With his huge dick, Yao Yao could only cry until she passed out. However, she seldom enjoyed herself. Afterall, Yao Yao’s body was too small, and they were both adult men with strong sexual desire, so Yao Yao’s delicious meat always wasn’t eaten enough.

    She could only get used to the taste of love quickly.

    Therefore, Wu Man appeared to be the one who fucked fiercely and the hardest. Yao Yao was afraid of his intimacy, but in fact, he was the one who was reluctant to train Yao Yao. Wu’er had more means in bed and all kinds of tricks to make Yao Yao feel unbearable and won’t stop.  

    Yao Yao, a fool, wasn’t afraid of Wu’er when he smiled gently. Even though he was the one who played rough.  

    “Sooner or later, she has to adapt. Little thing struggles with us now. Can you still wait?”

    Naturally, they couldn’t wait.

    Yao Yao worked very hard normally. If she knew that these two men were suppressing their desires, she would be frightened and run away.

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