The Little Princess Imprisoned by the Demon Brothers – Chapter 11

Translated by Novice Translations

Chapter 11 The Front and Back were Both Penetrated (h)

    “En ah…”

    Yao Yao woke up in a familiar rhythm. Before she was fully awake, she knew there was a hot meat stick under her. The man was rubbing her tender hole.

    “En ya…” She subconsciously reached out her hand and hugged the man’s bodybuilder waist so she wouldn’t be pounded badly. She was very familiar with being waken up by a man in her sleep.

    “Baby, you’re awake…” The man’s voice was always hoarse with affection as he cheerfully greeted the little person who was awakened by him.

    “En, where…” His little person narrowed her eyes absent-mindedly. Shouting wildly, she also looked very happy, after all, they applied a little aphrodisiac ointment for her.

    The huge dick crammed her front hole. The huge penis pumped and flattened every inch of the flower flesh within her hole. Yao Yao’s calf rubbed against Wu’er’s thigh and she was so happy that she pumped in rhythm. Yao Yao’s body wasn’t aware of what was going on. She was fucked by a man happily, if her body was excessively intense, her calf would cramp.

    Fortunately, Yao Yao was held while being fucked by Wu’er. Soon, Yao Yao’s back was covered by another man’s strong physique. A pair of dry and warm palms overwhelmed her calf and began to rub.  

    This was usually the case, the other was responsible for using their hot sex to fuck baby Yao Yao speechless while the other was responsible for kissing and soothing her. Yao Yao was always well taken care of during this time.

    The back of her neck was gently bit by the man behind her. It was like a male flirting with its mating female. Yao Yao squinted, panted and collapsed in Wu’er’s arms.

    While Yao Yao relaxed and enjoyed the love tide brought by this man, she felt the jade plug buried in her back cave, slowly pulled out by others. She struggled to say something but was kissed by Wu’er.

    Yao Yao was breathless from his kiss and her lips were numb. She heard Wu’er sooth her in a low voice. “Baby Yao Yao, be obedient…”  

    “No, don’t…too big…I can’t…” Yao Yao refused and almost cried. She has seen their thing, it was so thick and long. It was black and red in color, the blue bulging tendons looked ugly. But it was too big, she will break.

    “I will wu…break…” She was really frightened to tears.

  Wu’er pulled out and inhaled a breath of cool air, she was too nervous, and her vulva suddenly tightened.

    “Be obedient, how could we willingly break you…” He sighed and stroked her back. “It’s very comfortable, you will know later…”

    Yao Yao’s eyes had obvious doubts, he bowed his head and kissed her quivering eyelids.

    No matter whether Yao Yao refuses or agrees, she can’t change her fate of being completely eaten.

    After the jade plug was pulled out, Yao Yao’s chrysanthemum hole entrance was smeared with a pale pink ointment. The man also used his finger to evenly apply the ointment in the intestinal wall, regardless of Yao Yao’s trembling.

    The thrusting from the front hole became more and more vigorous. The impact hit her delicate uterine wall, Yao Yao cried, even if more fluid flowed out, it was unable to feed the men to their satisfaction. At this time, she had no energy to resist the big thing inserted in her behind. These strong men, they could kill her.

    Wu Man’s sex was pressed against the small nervous flower that constantly tightened and shrank. He made great effort to savagely force it in, accompanied by Yao Yao’s pitiful sobs.

    Wu Man felt Yao Yao’s back hole was really tight, the jade plug was inserted for many days and didn’t loosen it. Although Yao Yao cried miserably, the back hole’s intestinal wall was wet and soft, so it wasn’t injured. It can be seen that Yao Yao’s recent training was very good.

    As Wu Man continued to penetrate deeply, he stretched out a hand to hold Yao Yao’s small waist to prevent her from hurting herself. Wu’er, who was in front of her, also lowered his head and kissed her lips, eating the little girl’s sobs.

    Through the thin layer of the intestinal wall, they could feel each other’s thing inserted in Yao Yao’s body simultaneously. Yao Yao was also stimulated, her little rear hole continuously was pumped and made squelching sounds. Her body was so petite, it was really too difficult to bear the desires of both men at the same time.  

    The men in contrast were much more relaxed, with Wu Man pressing her cramped calf with one hand.

    They couldn’t help themselves, they had to give it to her soon. They thought, then looked at each other with similar facial features, soon after their fucking intensified. The two thick meat sticks were pulled out together, then rammed in together, it collided with each other through the thin layer of meaty film. Yao Yao’s lower part was continuously fucked and drained of fluids which drenched the three of them.  

    “Yaya…” Her voice was getting more and more faint, while the men’s rough pants were certainly getting more and more suppressed.

    Deep inside the house, on the big bed in the bedroom, there was a petite woman sandwiched between two fit men, whose body was undulating and enjoying the unspeakable acts of lovemaking.

    When they sprayed their ejaculation in Yao Yao together, Yao Yao had already fainted long ago.

    They slowly pulled out their huge, semi-erected thing while the white fluid blocked couldn’t wait to flow out. It came from the front and back holes which left Yao Yao’s lower body a mess.

    Wu Man picked her up in a princess carry and took a bath behind the screen.  

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