The Little Princess Imprisoned by the Demon Brothers – Chapter 12

Translated by Novice Translations

Chapter 12 Pitiful and Lovely Yao Yao

    After Yao Yao was washed in vain, Wu Man held Yao Yao on the couch and dressed her.  

    The little beauty was fragrant and soft all over. It was really nice to raise her hand by his will. Her pajamas were newly made, soft and close-fitting. The bedding was also filled with down to pamper their little one. At this time, Wu’er took new medicine to treat Yao Yao. He spread Yao Yao’s legs and looked between them. The flowers in the front and back were swollen.

    His slender fingers took the ointment and spread it evenly on the outside. Then he pushed the ointment smeared jades inside the meat caves to apply medicine.

    “Baby still wants to leave?” One person asked.

    “Oh…I asked her a few days ago while I was working, and she was dazed. It’s probably like this.”

    “Where’s the diplomatic mission?” (TL Note: This is usually a building where one country representatives are at in a different country)

    “I talked with people about the human’s diplomatic mission, but I didn’t say anything to baby Yao Yao after…” Wu’er smiled and said, “Brother, don’t tell her.”

    Wu Man raised an eyebrow. It seemed that he wanted to tease her.


    Since that night, Yao Yao was bullied miserably.

    Wu’er told her that he could take her home, but she had to wait for them. So, Yao Yao was turned over and over and played thoroughly. Wu’er reluctantly agreed to send her back to the great Chu, but the condition was that they must follow her as her bodyguards. Along the way, she will play with them, spread her legs when they wanted to see her little sister to play with.

    Yao Yao agreed with tears in her eyes. She was going to faint because of Wu’er’s pressing exercise.

    So, she didn’t see his smiling eyes.

    Now they rarely want her together. Her body was too thin and weak. They were reluctant to let Yao Yao bear it, so they could only have Yao Yao make up in other aspects.


    Some people were quietly relieved.

    These two killing stars were finally gone. When King City bled at night, it wasn’t known what bloody roles they played. Even their relatives, they didn’t hesitate to slaughter.

    There were still stains on them and they weren’t completely clean. It was really frightening that these two killing stars treated others like slaughtering chickens.  

    It’s so good that they were finally leaving. As for what they did, who cares. At the same time, there were many new nobles who set up a new family motto: children who can’t see home, either kill them or take care of them. Never be like those two death stars that slaughtered their own…  

    Yao Yao doesn’t know anything. She only knew that she could finally go home after all her troubles.

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