The Little Princess Imprisoned by the Demon Brothers – Chapter 13

Translated by Novice Translations

Chapter 13 Fox Ears and Tails Play, Serve Both Men Simultaneously on the Wobbly Carriage (H)

    With their departure at the human’s diplomatic mission, a low-key and luxurious carriage also left the human’s diplomatic mission. It was said there was a princess of the human race in it. In order to display her great importance, the king sent a pair of guards to accompany her to show his sincerity to the human race.

    There were also soldiers guarding the carriage, but no one expected that the little princess inside the carriage was messily naked with her two bodyguards.


    The scenery outside the carriage was very good, but Yao Yao wasn’t in the mood to enjoy it. Now she was being charged. In order to return home, she said she would meet their desire, she was a little princess that made a heavy promise.

    Yao Yao knelt in the middle of the carriage, her butt was raised high. At her small cave was Wu Man’s big meat stick, she laid between Wu’er’s legs, licking and sucking his big meat stick.

    Yao Yao’s small mouth could only eat the head, no matter how far, her mouth was too small. There was still the long stick left. She held it in her little hands and pumped it up and down. In front of Yao Yao’s eyes were the thick and swollen ferocious giant with the two pouches below hidden in thick black hair.

    It was no wonder that she was in so much pain when it was inserted, the hair below was very rough which often made her uncomfortable, Yao Yao thought.

    On Yao Yao’s raised buttocks, there was a strange white furry tail at the end of the wooden stopper in her chrysanthemum cave. The wooden plug was inserted into her back hole while the fluffy tail was exposed at the end, it looked just like a fox’s tail. On Yao Yao’s ears were fox ears.

    Now this cute little fox girl was crouched at the two men’s crotches, letting them play.

    Wu’er’s clothes were completely intact, only the big meat stick was exposed for Yao Yao to lick. He stroked her long black waterfall-like hair. Sometimes, he pressed a little harder to make her eat more.

    Wu Man looked at Yao Yao wearing the white fox ears and licking another man’s meat stick. His eyes darkened and pressed Yao Yao’s tail in her back hole, the cork penetrated deeper and they heard Yao Yao’s muffled moan. Then her head was held down by Wu’er as she continued to lick and suck his sex.

    So, the fox’s tail was pressed deeper and deeper, and the furry end was also pushed deeper by Wu Man’s index finger. The furry end rubbed Yao Yao’s delicate intestinal wall which caused Yao Yao’s tears to flow out. However, her mouth was stuffed with the man’s big meat stick, when she cried out “Wuwuwuwu”, she drooled, and saliva flowed down the meat stick.

    Hearing Yao Yao’s cries, Wu Man intensified the strength in her little hole. He has always been brutal and domineering in this kind of thing. The sex was rammed deeper and deeper. The big, hard and round glans filled her small uterus and bumped against her uterine wall. Yao Yao knelt unsteadily. If it wasn’t for Wu Man holding her little butt, she would have collapsed in the carriage.

    Wu’er also held her cheeks, moving her mouth. Yao Yao’s face was about to be buried in the thick black forest.

    “Wuwuwuwu…” Yao Yao’s voice sounded. She felt her stomach was about to be pierced. After a long time, a stream of hot liquid sprayed into her corridor. Then Wu Man let go and she went limp.

    “Baby Yao Yao lick it…” Yao Yao couldn’t help but reach out and weakly lick the urethral opening of the big meat stick in front of her. Her eyes widened as the big stick encompassed her vision. Soon, the stick ejaculated a large stream of thick white fluids, that couldn’t be spent in her small mouth as Yao Yao couldn’t swallow it, so Wu’er simply pulled out and shot it on her white tender chest.

    When Wu’er finished ejaculating, Yao Yao collapsed on the fur-lined carriage floor, then they admired their exhausted little fox.

    Yao Yao’s chest was still heaving. Wu’er held her in his arms and wiped the semen with his big palm. He weighed her breast and said, “It’s bigger…”

    They nourished the baby day and night. Yao Yao’s body has grown a bit which was normal. If she didn’t grow up, she wouldn’t be able to work hard.

    “Does Yao Yao want a gift….” Wu’er asked her with his head lowered with a smile.

    “En?” The little beauty looked up at him.

    “How about a black tail?”

    “Don’t…” So shameful. At this time, Wu’er asked his elder brother to hold Yao Yao. He went to take out a black fox tail from the box. Yao Yao had no place to hide, so she squeezed herself deeper in the man’s arms. Wu Man also held her and rubbed her naked back gently.

    “No more…” Her voice seemed to be coquettish.

    Wu’er let her lie in his big brother’s arms, he opened Yao Yao’s little butt, slowly pulled out the white fox tail that had been inserted.

    “En ah…” Yao Yao cried out every time a bit was pulled out.



    The long white fox tail was finally pulled out and the fur at the base was drenched, lumpy and no longer fluffy. When the wooden plug was finally pulled out, it made a “bo” sound. When Yao Yao heard this sound, her body shuddered.

    Wu’er inserted the black tail wooden plug into Yao Yao’s small hole, stirred it a few times, then pulled it out and re-inserted it in Yao Yao’s back hole. Now Yao Yao was a lovely little fox, white eared and black tailed.

    Wu’er looked at this interesting sight and asked her: “Yao Yao, don’t you want to be a cute nine-tailed fox…”

    “No…” The voice trembled.

    “En…where do you want to eat the big meat stick?”

    Yao Yao hesitated for a moment and could only nod her head obediently. However, how could she think of this head that clearly frightened her. Where can her little sister fit nine tails? So to speak, the little beauty could only obediently be fucked by them.

    Yao Yao propped up her butt to reveal the little red flower that was moist and swollen. While Wu’er slowly moved her tail, which was inserted in her back hole, he slowly inserted his sex into the small front mouth. Then Yao Yao knelt to give Wu Man oral sex.

    Both brothers have always been fair in wanting to have the baby.

    The carriage was on the road and it was getting dark. Inside the carriage was boundless spring.

    Finally, when the two men had enough fun, Yao Yao had already passed out. She was slumped on the ground, with semen running on her face and chest and a layer of white turbid fluid flowing from her small hole. The fox tail was still intact with the fox ears still in good order.

    It was so cute. They both thought so.

    Then Wu’er took a silver fox tail and put it in Yao Yao’s small front hole to stop the overflowing essence. Then Wu Man wrapped Yao Yao in clothes and princess carried her. The three exited the carriage and set up camp with the troops.


    They were almost at the capital of the human race. They don’t know what kind of coquettishness the little baby would have once she returns to her home country.

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