The Little Princess Imprisoned by the Demon Brothers – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 Cherry Play (h) – End

    Even in the cold winter, the nobles in the capital can still enjoy fruits transported from Nanling, which was spring all year round.  

    Yao Yao especially likes it.

    But today, when she saw the man walking towards her with a plate, she seemed to have felt something was wrong, but it was too late as she didn’t know where to hide.  

    She regretted that she didn’t leave her house.


    In the bedroom of the junzhu’fu1Junzhu – means princess aka princess of prince, offspring of current/previous emperor. fu – mansion/household, there was a dragon burning, if it was stepped on barefoot, it wouldn’t feel cold.

    Yao Yao’s clothes had been stripped. The white jade body laid naked on the bed. The two men beside her were completely dressed.  

    “What are you going to do?” Yao Yao asked them. She watched Wu’er set the plate aside. Wu Man came over and pressed the bedpost a few times, then hung four chains on it.

    “Eat, baby Yao Yao, don’t you like seedless cherries the most…”

    Yao Yao looked towards the table, there was a plate full of washed clean red cherries. There were a few drops of dew which made them look particularly attractive.

    She breathed a sigh of relief and ate cherries…

    Then the two men came over and clasped the iron rings at the end of the chain on Yao Yao’s feet. After adjusting the length and position of the chain, Yao Yao was forced to be placed in a position with her legs wide opened and her pair of bunnies trembling.

    Wu’er felt it wasn’t suitable, so he adjusted it again. Now Yao Yao’s lower body was suspended. The small hole was slightly tilted upwards and the two petals that were tight was now loose.

    A lot of things in junzhu’fu was designed by him and now the effects looked like this…not bad?

    It was so shameful! She had been fooled. She was now naked, suspended by the iron chains with a big appearance…It was clear that she was a junzhu. These two people were only bodyguards, they were really offenders! But she didn’t dare say that.  

    She probably knew they wanted to play with her again.

    “Would you like some cherries?” Wu’er came over with the plate and Yao Yao nodded. She watched Wu’er’s fingers twist and she cleverly opened her mouth waiting to be fed.

    But this attractive red cherry was fed into a different small mouth.

    When Wu’er’s slender fingers pulled away, he filled the cherry in Yao Yao’s little cave. The little sister was stimulated by the cold fruit and shrank for a while, the little tail inserted in the back also wobbled.

    “Is it delicious?” He asked.

    “No…no, I, I want to eat it with my mouth…” Yao Yao cried anxiously.

    “Oh, isn’t your little mouth very happy?” Wu’er looked at Yao Yao’s tearful appearance and smiled.

    He grabbed another beautiful fruit and shoved it in Yao Yao’s little cave. The pink flower lips were spread open by the two cherries the size of thumbs and still twitched. Wu’er saw that it was interesting and stretched out his fingers to push the cherries in deeper.  

    “Baby Yao Yao, I want to drink fruit juice. Can you help me make a portion…” He asked while taking the cherries and ramming it in Yao Yao’s little cave one after the other.

    Yao Yao wanted to refuse, but she knew the men wouldn’t agree. She was a little afraid, what if she can’t get them out later? She wanted to use this reason to refuse their play.

    “It’s okay, these fruits are seedless. Yao Yao will work hard to squeeze them into juice later and I will happily finish it…”

    Wu’er held her little butt in his hand and filled the cherries one by one. These were ripe fruits which easily broke. Each fruit was sent deeply in her cunt. Yao Yao’s small cave was stimulated by the cold things and the inner flesh began to contract and wriggle layer by layer.  

    A few ripe cherries were crushed and the sweet red juice from inside streamed out. A wisp of red juice flowed out of Yao Yao’s cave entrance which looked attractive and obscene. Yao Yao also watched Wu’er used his finger to wipe the juice, then licked it and said in Yao Yao’s ear: “It’s really sweet. Baby’s juices, so delicious…”

    Yao Yao’s face reddened and begged: “Too much, no more…”  

    “Yao Yao can even eat our big meat sticks, what about these little cherries…”

    Wu’er didn’t listen to her. The red fruits filled Yao Yao’s cunt one by one when he pressed it in with his fingers. He filled it more and more. It was too big, too cold and too uncomfortable…Yao Yao wanted to break free, but she couldn’t do anything except tremble in the iron chains.

    “Cold ahh…” She uttered delicately with a hint of pleading.  

    Wu Man sat on the bed and held Yao Yao’s naked upper body in his arms, warming her. He also had a hand to hold her slender waist. The little thing has followed them for so long. Didn’t she know that the more she struggled, the more interested they were and the more they wanted to play with her? Maybe baby Yao Yao likes it rough?

    Wu Man calmed Yao Yao while Wu’er continued to stuff cherries in Yao Yao’s cunt. There were too many fruits being stuffed and many of them broke. Yao Yao’s cave was covered with red colorful juice and the pink lips were soaked in the fluid, which made it look like a different kind of abusive beauty.  

    The more and more the fruits were accumulated, it reached the entrance of Yao Yao’s womb. Yao Yao’s little butt writhing also grew and the fox tail also trembled. Wu’er slapped Yao Yao’s butt and said, “Where is the junzhu with this undulating appearance….”

    Yao Yao felt extremely ashamed.

    There was also a tail inserted in her back hole, the fruits and wooden stopper were squeezed through the layer of fleshy membrane which was very stimulating.

    The cherries were still being filled in and couldn’t be completely stuffed. The red cherries were piled up in the hole. Yao Yao’s begging was useless. She finally was enlightened, she leaned on Wu Man’s arms, looked up at him and begged coyly: “Big brother, it’s so full, I really can’t take it…”

    She has always been afraid of Wu Man because of how he takes her little sister, always heavy and ruthless until she passed out and had a bellyful of ejaculated semen.

    “Big brother…” She begged him tenderly. Wu Man meaningfully glanced at his brother and Wu’er raised his eyebrows and set the plate aside.

    Yao Yao was relieved. Now the cherries filled her cunt and her hole was opened wide by the red fruits.  

    However, when Yao Yao saw Wu’er holding a jade pestle against the entrance of her small hole, her small mouth was speechless, and she wept again.

    “Shhh—baby, we’re supposed to drink the juice…It’s your little sister whose too lazy to squeeze the juice. I have to do it myself.” He kissed her on the leg.

    A long jade pestle was inserted.

    There were so many fruits in the small hole. As soon as the jade was inserted, the contents inside were squeezed against the delicate meat walls, the juice splashed out. The red juice was evident on Wu’er’s clothes.

(TL Note: The passage henceforth was the “ending” of the previous chapter that I decided to insert here to make sense)

  “Yaya…up…” She shrieked thinly.  

    Disregarding her, the jade plug continued to be rammed in, the fruits were ripe. In the process of insertion, the cherries were broken, and the pulp and juice flowed deeply in Yao Yao’s body. The hard jade rubbed against the meat walls and the smashed fruits splashed juice.

    Even if Yao Yao’s legs were shackled tightly by the iron chains, her legs couldn’t help but shake uncontrollably. Yao Yao’s white thin arms were also held in iron chains. She didn’t even have the chance to ask to be embraced before Wu Man took her into his arms and comforted her. The man bowed his head and kissed her deeply, blocking Yao Yao’s dissatisfaction and entreaties in her mouth.

    Like grinding some medicinal ingredients, the jade pestle in Yao Yao’s small cave was busy and the red cherry juice overflowed constantly. Because Yao Yao’s lower body was held, the juice overflowed from her flower hole and flowed onto his lower abdomen.

    The red cherry juice strongly contrasted the jade white skin. Wu’er’s eyes darkened and his hand strength also became heavier, the jade pestle suddenly rammed Yao Yao’s womb.

    “Wuwu…” Yao Yao’s body softened, and she was paralyzed in Wu Man’s arms. Wu Man’s big palm covered her breasts and gently kneaded them. Yao Yao’s clothes were scattered seductively while her expression was as if she was excessively stimulated.

    “It’s not good to waste so many delicious cherries.” The man said while slowly taking out the jade pestle. There was a thin red layer on the green jade. Wu’er wiped the jade pestle on Yao Yao’s inner thigh, then threw it aside.

    “There’s so much delicious juices, Yao Yao, let me have a taste…” He said, regardless of Yao Yao’s silence, he took off his pants and the steaming thing jumped out of his black dense forest.

    He placed the long black-red sex in Yao Yao’s little mouth and slowly inserted himself. His sex was much more powerful than the jade. As soon as he inserted himself, more cherry juice overflowed, but were squeezed in the depths of her cave. Yao Yao’s little belly bulged slightly.

    “Wuwu…” It was so swollen, and it felt hot and cold. The cherry juice was cold while the man’s sex was hot.

    Earlier, there were some intact cherries that were now completely crushed. The man’s sex was inserted against the meat wall and Yao Yao’s belly was swollen. Wu Man let Yao Yao lie in his arms and massaged her bulging belly with his large palm.

    Yao Yao opened her mouth slightly and couldn’t even cry out while being toyed with. Until the man’s hot turbid fluid shot into her body, she cried weakly like a little milk cat.

    But she knew it wasn’t over.

    The two men took turns venting their desires on her body. The black-red thick sex went in and out the small hole full of cherry juice. The scalding semen filled Yao Yao’s corridor again and again. The red and white liquid was stirred evenly inside Yao Yao’s body.

    When the men were finished, Yao Yao was out of breath.  

    Wu’er took off the iron rings that imprisoned Yao Yao’s limbs, so she could be embraced in a more comfortable position. He took a long and thin silver spoon and put it in Yao Yao’s cave. He fed the mixture of cherry juice and semen to Yao Yao one mouthful at a time. Her body was weak, and their things took her body’s yang. If she wasn’t played with until she lost her mind, she would have never eaten the mixture.

    Finally, they covered her mouth with their juice-soaked meat sticks. Yao Yao weakly licked it clean before fainting.


  1. Junzhu – means princess aka princess of prince, offspring of current/previous emperor.

TL Note: I personally wasn’t a fan of this novel or this last chapter…there’s one more extra left btw. Anyways, she became a Stockholm syndrome meat toilet 100% mind broken. This chapter wasn’t hot for me and grossed me out, wasn’t into it. Yuck.

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