The Little Princess Imprisoned by the Demon Brothers – Chapter 5

Translated by Novice Translations

Chapter 5 Inserted in the Small Womb to Ejaculate, Older Brother Continues (h)

    Every time there was a deep and heavy thrust, the person under him tremble.  

    She felt happy before, but now she felt cheated. She looked at people with tears in her eyes, she didn’t know how wronged she was with her aggrieved look.

    “Cheat…a liar.” She accused him.

    Wu’er glanced at her and narrowed his eyes slightly with a smile, “How did I lie to you? I said I would make you comfortable. How did I cheat you…” He looked at her with his deep and beautiful eyes and stared at Chu Yao with a seductive tone.

    His large meat stick slowly paused its ferocious movements that tore her apart, filled her to the brim and hit the base of her little womb.

    Yao Yao vaguely glanced at the man who crushed her body, her shadow was in his eyes, he wouldn’t cheat her, right?

    Yao Yao, who was wary and whose body was tense, slowly relaxed, including her little inner mouth. She was relieved to feel that the big thing buried in her body slowly exited the area between her legs.

    The next thing that awaited her was the shock from the man’s deep thrust. “Ah—” Yao Yao cried, she shivered, and her legs were spread apart. She didn’t know the man penetrated her with half his penis into her little womb.

    “Wuwu…” She cried pitifully and felt pain again.

    The man pushed harder and the entire head of his penis went in, it almost filled Yao Yao’s entire little womb. He felt very comfortable. He was inserted up to the stem in her body and was covered by her tender meat and felt her flower meat tremble.

    But the little thing under him cried so pitifully. He stopped his movements for a while, touched her cheek and coaxed her by asking, “What are you crying for…”  

    “It’s too much…painful…” She sobbed.

    “En, how about I do it lightly? It won’t hurt if I take it lightly…” His tone was gentle and inconceivable, like coaxing a child. The penis buried in her body appeared to stop moving, but it will suddenly throb from time to time. This was Yao Yao’s first time, even if it was inserted like this, it was very exciting.

    He also reached out his hand to rub her abdomen. Her snow-white belly bulged, which was caused by his insertion in her womb. The dark budge under her belly was slightly protrude outward, which looked particularly terrifying.

    His big palm had calluses because he held weapons all year round, so it was a little rough, and his palm was hot, so rubbing her stomach made her feel comfortable and at ease. Besides, the man with ill-intentions was kept under control for a while.   

    “Is it still painful…” He consulted her which he knew was symbolic.

    “Pain…” A soft voice.

    “Little liar.” He smiled and Yao Yao looked at him with wet eyes.

    His hand moved away from her lower abdomen, grabbed her waist and kindly reminded her: “I’ll continue?”

    Yao Yao had no right to refuse.

    He pulled out a little, the little womb’s walls appeared as if it was unwilling for him to withdraw, it desperately sucked on him. He didn’t pull out by much and inserted it again. The traces of the penis on her lower abdomen sometimes disappear and reappear from time to time. Yao Yao’s legs were soaked with liquid dripping out. His two sacs slapped the tender meat at the heart of her legs, causing it to become red.

    “Ah…ah…” Her voice intermittently sounded.

    The man’s thrusts became heavier and heavier. The impact one by one hit the tender and immature womb again and again. The tender meat inside couldn’t withstand his invasion just like its owner.

    Yao Yao screamed, her voice was hoarse, and finally, his tailbone felt a bit crisp and numb. He could no longer repress it, deep in her womb, he began to ejaculate.

    The semen squirted in her narrow cunt which was thick and plentiful. Yao Yao wasn’t sure if she clearly heard a “zeze” sound during his ejaculation. It was too much, her belly was bloated by the injected semen and his semi-hard big sexual organ was still inserted in her body which tightly plugged her.

    He panted while holding her. He narrowed his eyes and enjoyed it. He was always picky, but this little thing really satisfied him.

    Yao Yao’s hand climbed on Wu’er’s body unconsciously, she was in a trance and sleepy. When she was about to fall asleep in the man’s arms, from the corner of her eye, she suddenly saw the curtain of the tent lifted and a tall figure entering. She subconsciously hid in Wu’er’s arms.

    “Big brother…” She heard Wu’er called him, this was Wu’er’s older brother, Wu Man.

    She heard how he addressed him, Yao Yao felt a little relieved. Nothing should happen. She was too tired and was slowly about to fall asleep, but faintly heard their conversation and Wu’er’s deep laugh.

    “It’s a cute little thing, you will like it.” She heard Wu’er say.

    She woke up in a flash, then felt the man holding her hand and let go. Her hand hurriedly grabbed Wu’er and said, “No…no, don’t, no one else…no…”

    She didn’t want to do such things with others. Her voice sobbed and her eyes burst into tears.

    It’s really…Wu’er thought, then smiled again. He moved slowly, wiped her pitiful tears and said, “Be obedient, he will love you as much as I do…little thing, there will be two people who will love you in the future. This is a good thing, isn’t it?”

    Then he left. Yao Yao was afraid, she couldn’t imagine that the man who softly whispered to her gave her to another man. What should she do?

    While Chu Yao was at a loss, the body of the strange man pressed her, his strong physique and strong male scent completely wrapped her.

    “Little thing, what’s your name?” She heard the man asked.

    Chu Yao answered.

    “Oh…” The man responded casually, she wondered whether he was listening or not. But now he was busy and reached out a finger to Yao Yao’s bottom, inserted it and stirred. It was wet and moist, there wasn’t just the white turbid liquid that Wu’er previously injected, but Yao Yao’s love juices flowing out. There were still some intertwined fluids continuously flowing out, her corridor was long and narrow, it seems that the semen won’t completely come out for a while.  

    As soon as Wu Man reached his long arm out, he took a small piece of cloth beside him. It was Yao Yao’s bellyband that had been thrown aside. Wu Man wiped the liquid residue between her legs with the little pink cloth. Originally, he thought to wipe the inside of her hole, but as soon as he held the soft cloth to her entrance, the little thing under him trembled badly.

    He thought about the amount of fluids in her womb. He didn’t know whether he would fit or not, but since she didn’t appreciate it, it didn’t matter.

    “My name is Wu Man.”1Wu – crow/black; Man – barbarian, bullying, rough, reckless He said to Yao Yao.

    Then, the thick and huge penis was suddenly inserted all at once. Yao Yao was just relaxed for a while but was penetrated by this huge sexual device that was different from ordinary people. She wailed and was firmly held by the strong and terrible man.

  1. Wu – crow/black; Man – barbarian, bullying, rough, reckless

His name foreshadows everything, it’s over for Yao Yao!!

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