The Little Princess Imprisoned by the Demon Brothers – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 The Extraordinarily Fierce Wu Man (h)

    As soon as the man entered, he couldn’t wait to move. The man of the demon clan was tall and had a thick dick. It was so thick that Yao Yao couldn’t bear it, she had just been recently embraced by Wu’er. She was very tender and a little swollen down there.

    The thick and long stick was inserted into her tender hole. The meat stick rubbed back and forth against her red swollen flesh. The two lovely petals were swollen and puffy, he pushed them pitifully in and out.


    “Hic…don’t…” She delicately cried out in grief, but the man worked her body, how could he stop, he didn’t know how delicious and tempting she was.  

    Yao Yao felt her tunnel was completely filled with something hot and her legs were spread wide open. The man made it impossible for her to close her legs. She could only maintain this shameful posture with her legs wide open for it to be convenient for the man’s activity. The man’s big stick penetrated more quickly and deeply, to the point that she was frightened.

    Wu Man “papa” her a few times with great strength and deep penetration. He pressed against her cervix a few times and obviously felt the resistance. He paused a little and looked at the raindrops on the pear blossom.1 Like raindrops on a pear blossom (fig) tear-stained face of a beauty

    He didn’t like to talk and preferred to kill people. He didn’t understand why she cried so pitifully, the walls below sucked him tightly, didn’t she want a man to fuck her?

    There were few women in the demon clan. It was common for a woman to serve several people. He heard the women from the human race were shy, but now she was their woman. Sooner or later, she will get used to it, become accustomed of being used by the brothers.

    He mercifully bumped her cervix gently which had recently been fucked, so it was still a little tender. In fact, he didn’t have much patience. The desire of demons was strong and terrible. Many of the captured women were played to death. Like Wu’er, he thought this woman was rare and suitable to their taste. So, he had to play lightly and couldn’t play rough.

    “Hah…” Yao Yao panted in confusion, she was possessed by his tyranny. The head of his terrible object was constantly hitting her deeply and she was helpless. She knew that she would be opened again and would face another strange man’s full possession.

    Wu Man also felt that it was almost over. His patience was exhausted, and his big erected glans withdrew, then made a firm effort to fully insert himself. The large head of his penis immediately filled her small womb.  

    “Ah…yaya…” It was too stimulating for Yao Yao. Her body was completely occupied by this strange strong man. She shuddered and her belly was pumped. The two small legs were spread apart by the strong long legs of the man and changed into a more lecherous position, which made it more convenient for the man to work.

    Of course, this wasn’t enough for Wu Man. He arched slightly, like a beast ready to hunt, but now his prey became a small human woman. He didn’t have to work hard to hunt her, but he was worried on how to avoid breaking her.

    He withdrew his meat stick, but it didn’t completely retreat from the womb, he bumped the back of the pink wall of the womb. The flesh there was very tender and delicate. Chu Yao kicked her calves and cried, but she couldn’t stop the man’s movements. Her weak, dumb moans became the man’s aphrodisiac instead.  

    What was more terrible was that there was still semen from Wu’er ejaculation in her little belly. Her uterus was too small, and the cervix also closed very quickly. The liquid was still inside her body. But now, the man’s thing was inserted, her uterus was too full, and she felt that her little belly would burst open.

    And the man’s big thing constantly pumped, her white belly bulged with the transparent head. A long dark shadow could be seen from below her navel to her flower hole, which was his sexual organ buried in her body.

    The dark shadow wasn’t motionless, the bulge on her belly unceasingly moved, but never disappeared.

    “Ahah…wu…” Yao Yao helplessly placed her hand on her belly and felt the place constantly being raised. She looked confused and pitifully. She was thoroughly fucked by the man with traces of pink all over her body, which looked particularly delicious.

    So, the man’s eyes darkened. Yao Yao felt that she couldn’t stand it, but for him, it was totally addictive.  

    He moved one of her legs up against his shoulder. Now, Yao Yao’s small legs were almost sculpted into a shape by him, since her body was flexible, she wasn’t injured.

    Her legs were wide open to the man, the two petals were spread by his genitals, they were so red and bright, alas…so red and swollen. Such a provoking posture made Yao Yao’s body more accessible, so it was easier for the man to fuck her.

    “Papapapa”, two huge sacks smacked Yao Yao’s small buttocks. The big dangling meat bags were filled with semen to shoot inside her later. Her legs were lifted by him, so she was no longer laying, she shuddered while being moved forward.

    He felt uncomfortable in this position, as he fucked her, he lifted her other leg and pressed it down. Unexpectedly, he forced her two little feet above her head. On the other side, Yao Yao was almost folded in half by him. The red and gorgeous little cave was opened to the sky.

   With the big stick in front of her face, the man rode her, like riding a little female beast.

    However, this little female beast was unable to withstand being mounted.

    Yao Yao was concaved into a “u” shape, so she could see her little flower hole being fucked by the man in her laying posture. How small was she? This stick was big and ugly, no wonder it was so uncomfortable getting fucked.

    Her flesh was pink, while the man was dark and sinister, the visual impact was extraordinary.

    She was put into such a shameful and obscene posture. The man worked himself down at once with exceptional strength, she felt that she was about to be pierced.

    “Ahhnaaaa….” Her voice was getting weaker.

    Vaguely, there seemed to be another voice that sounded in her ear, but she was too dazed to hear what it said.

    As she was about to faint, the penetration intensity became stronger and stronger. At last, a hot liquid shot into her body and the delicate uterus was enlarged. Yao Yao’s stomach bulged as if she was four months pregnant.

    He feared that he would really break her, so Wu Man shot his essence and slowly pulled out his stiff penis which filled her entire tunnel. By the time it was completely extracted, the semen completely filled her entire pussy and the red little hole was covered by this white fluid.

  1. Like raindrops on a pear blossom (fig) tear-stained face of a beauty

TL Note: For my readers with lack of imagination…the “u” shape is actually a backwards “c” with her LEGS between her head. Unless she was pressed against a flat surface to make a “u”…well I guess a backwards “c” is still considered a rotated “u” shape..LOL..

Bro, jade cave out of control. So, this series actually have 50% more readers than my previously highest readership series The Villain Has Blackened Again.

I am leaving out of country for 8 days tomorrow. This will be my last release, if you guys are lucky I might have time to release 1 more before I go, but no promises! After I come back, I will release at least 1 chapter of this daily. So, will be finished by Christmas Day the LATEST.

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