The Little Princess Imprisoned by the Demon Brothers – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 Use the Big Meat Stick to Apply Medicine, Jade Plug (H)

    By the time Wu Man released his ejaculation, Yao Yao had already fainted.

    With a slight gasp, Wu Man lowered Yao Yao’s legs and laid them flat on the bed. Due to the previous ruthless oppression, she was unable to close her legs, they were still twitching, he was afraid it was cramped.

    Wu Man’s big palm rested on her leg, with slight force, he soothed her body.

    “Tsk.” A sigh came from the nearby Wu’er. “Before, I was worried that you broke her, but you’re more considerate than me…” It turned out that Wu’er wasn’t gone this entire time. He wore a robe and read the military documents leisurely. It was amazing to be able to concentrate in such an environment.

    Wu Man kept pressing and said, “Very good, I like it.” With his words, this woman was well-regarded by him.

    Although Wu Man has a strong desire, his eyes were very picky. Fortunately, his brother’s tastes were similar. If he likes it, the other will naturally like it.  

    “I just need to take good care of it. I can’t help but play a little.” He dropped the paperwork aside, came over, and touched Yao Yao’s face, with a regretful tone.

    Wu’er’s hand reached down and wiped Yao Yao’s lower body with his sleeve. Yao Yao trembled in her sleep. They both saw the red and tender flower, which was swollen, probably caused by their previous rounds of lovemaking that caused her pain.

    Wu Man frowned, and said, “I’ll get the medicine.” Then he dressed and went out. He rarely gets to eat something delicious until recently.  

    Wu’er actually smiled. The medicine was brought in, what should he use to apply it.


    Yao Yao woke up the next day to the calling of the birds, then slowly opened her eyes. She felt that she was in a person’s arms, there was a large hand behind her that rubbed her back gently, as if she was a baby sleeping peacefully. This touch…she was naked without clothes!

    She suddenly woke up and remembered what happened last night. She opened her eyes wide and found that it was Wu’er, the man who took her virginity. She tried to struggle out of the man’s arms, she looked at him and said incredulously, “You…why do you want me with other men…”

    She couldn’t say and her face was red. This appearance looked so cute in his moist eyes.

    “Isn’t this good?” The man gently rubbed her naked back calmly. “There will be two people taking care of you. He’s my brother and will love you as much as I do…”

    “Isn’t this good, we will accompany you and take care of you together…” Wu’er comforted her.

    Will accompany her…Yao Yao was a bit dazed. In the Wang’fu, although she was a princess of gold and jade, her royal father and elder brother was busy with many things. The ones that were always besides her was the maids and concubines. They were different from her, they were respectful and distant…can someone always accompany her?  

    She was in a daze, and suddenly felt something strange. Her body seemed to be full and distended, as if something was stuck inside? She looked down from the man’s arms and found a black-red tree trunk rough thing inserted in her body, and as she gazed at the exposed part, it grew larger and larger, filling her up.

    “You…why are you still inside?” She was frightened.

    Wu’er smiled, lowered his head to bite her lips with his mouth, and said: “Of course, I’m applying medicine for you there…there are some bruises from yesterday, first help you with medicine, ah…”  

    “How can what…medicine…” Yao Yao’s voice shook.

    “Oh…” The man raised his eyebrows. “Maybe it’s time to change the dressing?” He began to slowly withdraw his stiff, thick and long genital. With the slow extraction, his sex caused friction against Yao Yao’s cave walls, Yao Yao sounded several moans.

    “En ah…” Yao Yao was frightened by her own voice and her face was flushed again. All she heard was the man’s low laugh.

    En, it really needs to be adjusted again, Wu’er thought.

    Finally, when it was completely extracted, the black and red sex was covered with traces of fluids and glittered. Wu’er opened the wooden box next to him. It was full of pale green ointment. He dug a large chunk of it and slather it on his penis.

    Yao Yao stared dumbly and was scared without remembering to escape. “You…what are you going to do?”

    “Apply medicine, ah.” Fuck you.

    At this time, Yao Yao wanted to run. Her movement of wanting to get up was stopped by the man’s one hand. She was pressed to the ground. The man’s thigh was inserted between her two small legs, which separated Yao Yao’s legs. The small flower hole was exposed to his eyes. There were several drops of fluids on the two pink petals, which he liked very much.

    The big stick slathered with green ointment reached the entrance of Yao Yao’s cave. Yao Yao’s flower cave was very tight, but just a while ago Wu’er pulled out and it closed again. But after including the night with him, the meat was toyed with until it was soft and tender. He reached the hole, pressed against it hard, then half the head sank in.

    “No…” Yao Yao begged him, she still remembered the terrible taste of being fucked last night.

    “Yao Yao, you can’t get better without medicine. Your little sister is too tender and can’t help but…” He said. Yao Yao’s face turned red when she heard the coarse words from his mouth.  

    “Yao Yao, let me give you some medicine?” He looked down at her, his eyes smiled, but the huge thing from his lower body still pushed naughtily against her.

    His big thing was inserted into her body with the ointment on it. It felt cool, the deeper he went.  

 The more the inner flower flesh was rubbed and pressed…it was so comfortable. Yao Yao has been protected air-tight since childhood, how could she know what was right or wrong. She can only rely on them, the man was so handsome, strong body, spoke gently…if only he could be lighter.

    He looked at Yao Yao’s blushed face and silence, Wu’er regarded it as her acquiescence and began to move with a smile.

    The layers of flower flesh were spread out layer by layer and pasted on the man’s big meat stick. The man pulled out and inserted it, then it reached the outside of Yao Yao’s little womb. He thought of that narrow room that was played roughly last night, it was time to apply medicine to that place again.  

    He patted Yao Yao’s little butt with his big palm, “pa pa” several times, then said, “Let go, let me in.” Yao Yao didn’t respond and tightened up from below. He threatened her and said: “Do you want me to insert it like this and kill you?”  

    Recalling the scene from last night, Yao Yao was frightened, and the flower hole softened. This made it very convenient for the man to enter her little womb.

    He worked for a while in her little flower palace, inserted into the crying Yao Yao who begged him to stop. It was estimated that the drug was almost absorbed, so he took out his big meat stick, put more ointment on it, reinsert it, then used the hot stick to apply medicine for her.  

    The man’s huge thing was scalding while the ointment was cool. Yao Yao was tossed and turned, fucked thoroughly. This medicine was top-notched, she was fucked until she became a soft little fragrant puddle on the blanket and fell asleep. Then the wicked hearted Wu’er released her.

    Wu’er slowly pulled out his giant thing. At this time, the curtain inside the tent was opened by a large hand, and the bright sunlight poured in. It was still daytime, but it wasn’t clear whether it was day or night within the tent due to the curtains.

    Wu Man came in.

    “Done?” He asked. He also held a box in his hand. He crouched down, reached out, touched the delicate white body which was covered with fingerprints and kiss marks. He liked to trace the marks on this small snow-white body.  

    “En.” By this time, Wu’er had already pulled out his sex. He took his clothes aside and wiped the filth off his body. “The old fart’s medicine is really effective, only that it’s stuff from a dissident group, it’s still a little interesting…the medicine was just used twice, and this little thing no longer cried out in pain…”

    Wu Man nodded. Yao Yao laid on the ground, exposing her beautiful back with even flesh and bones and the small flower between her hips. He extended his index finger to press it, which caused Yao Yao to tremble for a while and dodge in her sleep.

    Wu’er smiled and said: “If you want to play with her thoroughly, you still need to train…”

    Wu Man raised his eyebrows and threw the box to Wu’er. Wu’er opened it and inside the box was a row of jades in different sizes. It was made from top-notched jade, which was most suitable for training a woman’s body.

TL Note: Wang’fu is a prince’s palace, so her father isn’t the emperor of the nation, but a direct descendant of the emperor.

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