The Little Princess Imprisoned by the Demon Brothers – Chapter 8

Translated by Novice Translations

Chapter 8 Insert Jade to Eat People, Newly Plugged Chrysanthemum Hole (h)

    When Yao Yao woke up in the afternoon, her bones and muscles were completely sore. She urged herself to move slowly. She was covered with thick fur and laid in the large tent.

    She lifted the fur blanket and slowly tried to sit up. She didn’t know what she was touching. She went soft and reached down again. Now that Yao Yao had some knowledge, she knew there must be something stuffed down there. She reached down with her trembling hand and touched a section of the warm jade outside her cave. The temperature of the jade was dyed warm by her for several hours.  

    Ah, how could there be such a thing in her body…she blushed, she held the exposed section of the jade in her hand and tried to pull it out. But the exposed part was originally scarce and there were some wet and slippery traces of fluid on it. She tried several times without success.  

    At this time, the curtain was lifted, and the sun poured in. Wu’er just entered, saw the little beauty in the tent sitting naked on the blanket, holding a section of the exposed jade with her outstretched hand between her legs, she was extremely lecherous.

    When Yao Yao saw people enter, she went still, she wanted to hide in the blanket, but was pulled by the man and couldn’t move. “Little thing, what are you doing?”

    Yao Yao didn’t dare to answer him. She always felt that if she answered, something bad will happen.

    Wu’er smiled, put down the plate from his hand, sat down, and held Yao Yao in his arms and said, “Would you like to eat first?” Of course, he knows what she was doing, and he will teach her well in the future, so that she understands the things in her little sister couldn’t be taken out without permission.  

    He took a slightly smaller plate from the large plate, which was a plate of roasted venison, the most delicate part of the neck, which was cut into small pieces with a knife, it smelled fragrant.  

    At this time, Yao Yao realized that she was hungry. Wu’er took a piece in his hand and hand-fed Yao Yao.

    Should she eat while something was inserted below? Yao Yao didn’t dare ask him but hesitated for a moment. She approached with her face while naked in a half-kneeling position and bit the delicious roasted meat with her mouth. When she finished eating, the man didn’t intend to feed her again, instead he said, “Lick it clean.”

    The man’s fingertips still had a little bit of residue and oil stains. At this time, Yao Yao moved her head over and stuck out her tongue to start cleaning according to the man’s wishes. It was really delicious, she wanted to be fed.  

    While she was holding Wu’er’s fingers, the curtain was lifted and another person came in, it was Wu Man.

    As soon as Wu Man came in, he saw a naked girl half-kneeling who held his brother’s fingers and her looming hole which had the inserted jade.  

    Yao Yao’s body froze.

    “Continue.” Wu’er said, he took another piece of venison to feed her and Yao Yao obediently ate.

    But she didn’t expect the newly arrived man’s big hand would stroke her back, all the way down and touched her hidden flower. He pressed it while Yao Yao was still eating and she trembled again.

    She didn’t dare look back. Her impression of Wu Man from that crazy night of her near death caused her to be a little afraid of him.

    Then she heard a box opened, the big hand held her waist, made her kneel, then a cold thing was pressed against her chrysanthemum hole.

    Yao Yao’s eyes turned to Wu’er for help, he looked at Yao Yao’s watery eyes. Wu’er smiled and coaxed her: “Be good, keep eating, it will be very comfortable…” With that, he held her in his arms, raised her buttocks like she was a puppy, gently placed a piece of meat in her mouth and even rubbed her.

    Wu’er rubbed her back to soothe her. Wu Man raised an eyebrow, then applied pressure with his hand.

    The small buttocks were raised high, she knelt on the ground like a puppy, chewing food in her mouth while people inserted things in her back hole.

    Wu Man put ointment on the jade in his hand and slowly inserted it into Yao Yao’s back hole, regardless of whether she was still eating. Yao Yao was still eating and made a pitiful “wuwu” sound while it went in her back hole.

  In fact, the jade plug inserted in the chrysanthemum cave was very thin compared to their meat sticks, which was longer and thicker. He was afraid that she couldn’t adapt to it, so he chose an easy thing for her.

    In front of Wu Man’s eyes was Yao Yao’s little buttocks. The back hole trembled with half the jade plug consumed. The jade plug in the small hole was shook as if it was going to fall. He grasped it with his hand and stuck it inside.

    “Wu…” Yao Yao groaned while licking Wu’er’s fingers.

    Wu Man thought the jade plug in the cave can be changed into a thicker and longer one. She may not be as relaxed as last night. Yesterday, his brother pitied her for the first time and let her fall asleep early. Later, he was afraid that she would have his brother’s thing inside all night long, whether it was eating, sleeping or walking, so she had to adapt in advance.

    At first, the shape of the jade plug wasn’t big. Its size was smaller than his brother and it will be gradually replaced with thicker and thicker ones in the future.

    The jade plug in the back hole was only in halfway. Yao Yao was too tense. The small chrysanthemum cave constantly contracted the jade stick, which made the jade stick quiver in the air, drawing several arcs.

    Wu Man grasped the end of the jade and slowly pushed it in.

    “No, it’s too long…” Yao Yao finally couldn’t stand it and begged them.

    “Shhh—you can. Our thing is much thicker and longer than these things. You will have to adapt for it later, be obedient…” After Wu’er finished, he fed her another piece of meat.

    Yao Yao chewed the food in her mouth and her high-raised buttocks was penetrated with the jade plug. She gasped and twitched a few times. Her eyes were full of tears and her nose couldn’t help but faintly snort. She would have collapsed if it wasn’t for the man’s big palm that held her waist and legs.

    After a while, the slender jade rod was inserted into the backyard. Yao Yao felt relieved that the action had finally stopped and licked Wu’er’s palm clean.

    At this time, Wu Man turned her over and let her lie on the ground. The jade plug in her back hole was so snugged that Yao Yao cried out “Ah…”, causing the man to smile.  

    The jade dildo from her cave was visible. Yao Yao watched them pick out a thicker and bigger one from the box, slather a layer of ointment on it and insert it into her tender little sister. The cold jade surface made Yao Yao trembled all over and Wu Man’s big palm caressed her back to comfort her.

    The small hole in the front and back were filled with jade dildos. They burst and rise. She couldn’t sit still but thought it was fortunately over.

    But Wu’er took out a thin chain and held it out to her and said, “Good Yao Yao, tie it up for us to see…”

    There were two holes at the end of the jade plugs, it was meant for the chain to pass through them and tied around her waist. The two fierce and overbearing men on the bed looked at her. Yao Yao couldn’t help it. She held the thin iron chain with her trembling hand and wanted to pass it through the hole at the end but couldn’t.

    The man watched her clumsily reaching for the jade plug in her cave and smiled, so instead of teasing her, Wu’er took the chain from her hand. Three times and two times, he looped it through the jade plug from her little back and front hole, then the chain went around her waist and was fastened.

    These two men helped her up and admiringly watched the little beauty’s waist tied with the delicate chain. They firmly fixed the two jade plugs in her body. Their eyes sweep her body as if to eat her. Yao Yao’s body was covered with a beautiful pink blush.  

    They put on a woman’s dress for her, then they wore their clothes so they could swear sovereignty over her. They took Yao Yao out of the tent.  

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