The Little Princess Imprisoned by the Demon Brothers – Chapter 9

Translated by Novice Translations

Chapter 9 Block the Ejaculated Semen with the Jade Plug, Wear Jade Plug in the Bumpy Carriage (h)

    Yao Yao was taken out by the two brothers, Wu’er and Wu Man, to walk around. They let her go out after eating the meal because they were afraid, she wouldn’t properly digest her food.  

    There was nothing to wear but a simple skirt. Her legs were slick and slippery and there was a hard jade sticks between them. If no one supported her, she would have collapsed. When she walked a few steps, she would be interrupted by the sticks rubbing inside of her, so she spent a lot of time resting in the men’s arms.

    It was already evening, but along the way, there were many tall and strong demon soldiers whistling at her. She could only hide in the arms of the men behind her and be seen by others. The jade stick was more tightly clamped. Wu Man held her, let her rest enough and continued.

    After walking for a while, the two brothers were ready to take her back. Today’s adjustment went like this. The pitiful appearance of the little beauty who wanted to cry really made them hard. However, for demons, love is always upright and fair, both the man and woman should enjoy it, so Yao Yao still needed to adapt.  

    It was late in the night when the two lustful men dragged her back to the tent for vigorous work.  

    The jade plug was taken out, then a huge black sexual device was inserted. It was repeatedly withdrawn and inserted. The love fluids drenched the base of Yao Yao’s thighs. One of the meat sticks ejaculated while the other was inserted into the tiny pink hole. The two men’s semen sprayed into her little sister consecutively and her little belly was swollen.

    The jade stick from her rear hole wasn’t removed. When the men were fucking her front hole, the thing inserted in her back hole was also pounded, it rubbed against the walls of her intestine. Yao Yao was stimulated to cry out in a low voice, a little hoarse.

    Finally, when the two men were full of energy and having some fun, Yao Yao had already passed out. Wu’er took a jade plug that was larger than the one from today, dipped it in ointment and inserted it into her cave to block all the hot semen from leaving her belly.

    Her cave was too small and tender. It was necessary to use the jade toy to adjust her body to be more open. They were afraid she wouldn’t be able to bear their exercises. They both love her very much and Yao Yao could only work harder.

    Wu’er held her in his arms and fed her a small bowl of goat’s milk. Yao Yao obediently swallowed in her sleep, which was reassuring.

    “I heard there was a little princess lost from the human race?” Wu’er wiped the milk marks on her lips with his sleeve and Yao Yao opened her mouth leisurely.

    “Do you want to return her?” Wu Man looked at him mockingly.

    “Naturally…no.” Wu’er smiled. He placed Yao Yao down flat and covered her with the quilt. “First, let’s see if baby Yao Yao’s family treats her well. If she wants to go back, we can accompany her?”

    Anyway, this little rabbit couldn’t escape the palms of these two wild wolves.

    Wu Man opened the curtain and went out, followed by Wu’er. They still had some things to deal with.


    When Yao Yao woke up the next day, she was already in a carriage. The Demon Army was returning to their hometown, they were going to King City.

    Afraid she would wake up lonely, Wu Man arranged for her to take the carriage with her race.

    Yao Yao’s legs were covered with thick blankets, but she still couldn’t help but shiver, not because of the cold, but because of the bumps from the carriage which vibrated the jade plugs in her body. The jade plug reached her womb, with the carriage shaking, the thick hard jade constantly moved within her walls, hitting against it again and again. Sometimes, the carriage was hauled over a small slope and it would collide into her womb.  

    Yao Yao’s belly was still full of the ejaculated semen shot by the men last night. As the jade stick moved in Yao Yao’s cave, the semen also flowed out thinly. Yao Yao estimated that the bottom of her skirt was soaked, so she didn’t dare move, for fear of being seen.  

    The women in the carriage was also resting. Judging from the traces on their bare skin, they also had a difficult time last night.

    When they were about to set up camp, a horse came over and picked up a woman from the carriage. Some women were envious, because only those great men have the right to choose women, the rest of the women will wait for distribution when they arrive at King City. It was hard to say whether they would be assigned to a military brothel camp or become wives for other demons.

    But Yao Yao didn’t know this at all.

    A little later, Wu Man and Wu’er arranged the encampment and came to pick her up. They picked her up from the carriage and held her in their arms, then the three entered a large military tent.

    Yao Yao was a little scared. She wondered if she could ask them to be more gentle this time. But in general, she was weary of the night accompanied by orgasms.

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