The Little Princess Imprisoned by the Demon Brothers – Extra

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Extra: Banquet and Exquisite Bell Play

    Yao Yao was also close friends with the womenfolk. Princess Ning found that Yao Yao always stayed indoors since she returned from playing outside, so she asked her to attend the flower appreciation viewing held in her gongzhu’fu.1 Gongzhu – higher ranking princess than junzhu

    The carriage drove in front of the gongzhu’fu. Yao Yao wore a wide-sleeved long skirt that was tied high on her waist which made her waist look more slender than usual. Yao Yao had a hat and was escorted by her bodyguards from her carriage. Princess Ning, who waited for a long time, ushered her into the fu.

    Princess Ning walked inside with Yao Yao the entire time but found her friend’s walking posture was a bit strange, her steps were very slow.  

    However, Yao Yao’s entire person looked good, so this kind of weak walking posture made people feel pity. Princess Ning thought she didn’t know what accessories Yao Yao brought. It sounded like a bell, but the sound was very pleasant.  

    She asked Yao Yao casually.

    Yao Yao tried hard to restrain her blush and stuttered to tell her that it was the knocking sound of the jade ring hanging on her waist.

    But she remembered this morning, when her two bodyguards were waiting for her to get up and dress, they put a strange thing in her pocket, which was a bell the size of two baby’s fists. The bell was made of silver, hollow and delicately patterned.  

    The two silver bells were connected by a silk thread. Wu’er placed the two connected bells inside Yao Yao’s small cave, one deeper while the other was shallower.  

    “There will be sounds.” Baby Yao Yao looked at him, hoping that he wouldn’t put this strange thing under her. “Be good, just clamp on it, I’m afraid the princess would be lonely if there wasn’t something inserted along the way, eh?”

    Then the two exquisitely crafted bells were put into Yao Yao’s cave. She tried hard to speed up, but when she walked, she couldn’t avoid making some sounds. She also had a long thin jade stick inserted in her back cave. She was most frightened when they played with her rear hole. Fortunately, it just made Yao Yao feel a little tender, as it was filled with something much smaller than their meat sticks.  

    While Yao Yao walked along the road, her little sister tightened up and the things inserted in her chrysanthemum cave made her feel that this time was extremely difficult.

    Fortunately, the voices of the womenfolk were heard at this time. She could hear many women laughing in the gongzhu’fu. The princess didn’t take Yao Yao there, she said, “If we go there, what can we talk about? It’s so boring. I wanted to find you to go play. It’s better for you. After a long time, I haven’t heard a word. I’ve forgotten about you…fortunately, I’m not the kind of person without conscience. I have a good thing to show you.”  

    The relationship between Yao Yao and Princess Ning was very good, but she was indeed…

    Princess Ning took her to a room. Yao Yao felt it was a little strange. There was no one in the room, but when she saw the princess clapped, a tall and handsome man came out. The princess nodded at him, then the man took off his clothes stunning Yao Yao.

    The man’s slender strong body was naked. Below there was a red raised meat stick. The hair on his lower body was shaved clean. At first glance, it was a male pet that was raised to serve women.

    Princess Ning turned around and proudly said to Yao Yao, “Little sister Yao, I picked it for you. Isn’t it good? Do you want to…”

    Before she finished speaking, she saw Yao Yao carried away by two tall men who she wasn’t sure where they came from. One of them politely left with a message: “The princess is unwell, excuse us.”  

    Princess Ning remembered they were Yao Yao’s bodyguards. She suddenly understood and shook her head and smiled. She was still worried about her.

That girl wasn’t enlightened. It was hard for her to find such a good product to let her understand this personal issue. It turned out that she was busy.

    It was just that Yao Yao was so small, and these two people were so tall and strong. She didn’t know if Yao Yao could bear it.

    Maybe she should have given little sister Yao some tonic to remind her not to overindulged? The princess thought.

  1. Gongzhu – higher ranking princess than junzhu

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