The Little Princess Imprisoned by the Demon Brothers – Chapter 1

Translated by Novice Translations

Chapter 1 Captured in the Military Brothel Camp of the Demon Clan

    It was so sudden.

    As a princess, Chu Yao was angry with her father for a while, then came to the border to look for her elder brother. She always trusted and loved this elder brother.  

    But unexpectedly, when they arrived at the border for a while, the hostile demons suddenly counterattacked and occupied the border city. The men were either killed or fled, while the women were captured. Of course, this included the little princess. In the war, she was separated from her bodyguards.

    It was really unfortunate.


    The little princess and a group of women were locked in a fairly clean room. In fact, the attitude of these demon men towards the women was mild. However, the women in this room would be taken out by these foreign men every night and sent back at dawn the next day. The women who were sent back were all ragged and blushed. Most of them couldn’t stably stand, they curled up in the corner with blankets and slept all day.

    This should be the military brothel camp they set up.

    There were some young women who were wedded to ministers, but their families left them when they fled. Because of the sudden incident, the husbands abandoned their wives whose feet was too slow. So, these women were confused about the future. They didn’t know whether they should hate or flatter and rely on these rude foreigners who occupied them for pleasure.

    Chu Yao, the little princess was brought up very well in the palace. Even living in such a dirty environment, her father and brother developed her to be ignorant, but if she wasn’t aware of it, she was now. After seeing them for several days, she couldn’t help but be surprised and afraid of what occurs in the military brothel camp.

    Those tall and strong demon people always went out with a woman in their arms. Some of them were impatient and they would exercise in the next room or in the tent outside. Women’s moans and wails, men’s low pants and roars easily passed into Yao Yao’s ears, which scared her into shock.

    These demons were too strong, some women couldn’t adapt, or the men were too impatient and had no pity. These women never returned once they left. No one knows what happened to these women, which was a terrible thing.

    She was still a little smart. She plastered the wall ash on her face and bare skin. The beautiful little face turned grey and the delicate skin within the Chinese clothing and her delicacies no longer stood out. She was part of a small group in the corner and was very inconspicuous. Most of the demon men love plump and mature women. She was so thin and small that few people noticed her. So, she passed many days consecutively and the elder sisters in the same room went out several times.

    When it was mealtime, the food that was delivered was pretty good. Those elder sisters enjoyed it very much, but it wasn’t suitable for the gold, jade and honorable little princess.

    A woman next to her saw that she was picking her bowl and gave her the grilled meat from her bowl.

    “Thank you, elder sister…” Chu Yao said in a low voice. Her age was really young, so these women who were several years older was willing to take care of her. Chu Yao saw that she was wearing a blanket on her leg, which was a thick hide of an unknown animal. Chu Yao was surprised and asked her quietly, “Is this what those people gave you?”

    “En.” This elder sister was always very shy, but she blushed after answering. She thought of the strong man who rode her again. He said that he would take her home and let him do her every day, so that she wouldn’t be able to get out of bed and could only give birth to children for him. Now her legs and heart were still red and swollen, she walked in pain, so she sat on the ground with Chu Yao.

    But how could she say these kinds of things to a little girl?

    Chu Yao looked at this elder sister who didn’t talk. Her face was getting redder and redder, instead she was more curious.

    At this time, she suddenly heard a “squeak—” from the opened door. Yao Yao trembled twice. It was already evening, was it time to pick up people? She shrank into the corner.  

    One woman was taken away, some were eager, and placed the woman on his shoulder and left.  

    The man’s rough voice was gradually gone. She thought she was safe again and let out a quiet breath, but she saw in the spare light that a tall man entered, and he said, “There is another one here…”

    The man sighed. He had been watching for a while and was very interested to see the little girl of the human race clumped in the corner with the group.

    He took her out, wiped her face over and over with his hands, it revealed white and tender skin below. He suddenly became interested.

    He found a baby.

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