The Little Princess Imprisoned by the Demon Brothers – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Cute Little Thing (wh)

    “Look at the cute little thing I found…” He sighed.

    He wiped her face with his hands. Chu Yao had a timid appearance, her skin was white, tender and beautiful. She gave off the desire to be bullied. In fact, he felt the same.

    He picked her up in a princess carry, strode and walked outside. He was terribly tall. Chu Yao was imprisoned between his hard chest and his iron arm, unable to move. Soon he carried her into a tent.

    “You…you don’t touch me… my family will repay you…” She begged him.

    “Don’t let me move you, then who do you want…” He placed Chu Yao on the bed and said, “Those demons outside, zeze1 Zeze – sfx for clicking one’s tongue , they are very rude. Their favorite thing is to play with several women together. It doesn’t matter if they die. Do you want to serve them?”

    Chu Yao shook her head and trembled, it was terrible.

    He saw that she was frightened, and the man smiled and said, “Then, I’ll serve you alone, do you agree ah…”

    He began to peel off her clothes and soon left her with only her bellyband. He moved the tied knot with interest, the women of the demon clan never use these things. He took a wet towel and wiped clean the exposed areas covered with lime for her.  

    “Then let me do it, eh?” He said in her ear.

    Chu Yao’s face turned red. She has been frightened these past few days. She had never encountered such a situation and had always been well-protected. Together with many men…she didn’t dare think about it. She was scared to death.

    The man just wiped her body clean. He looked at the delicate and tender body under him and was very satisfied. It really wasn’t easy for him to find such a lovely body. He threw the wet towel aside, touched her tender face and said in her ear, “Little thing, what’s your name?”

    Chu Yao was frightened by the scene he had mentioned earlier. She didn’t want to be treated as a prostitute by a group of demons to vent their lust. She replied obediently, “Chu Yao, my name is Chu Yao…”

    “En…Chu Yao, Yao Yao…” He said in her ear. His voice was low and sexy. Chu Yao looked and shivered under him. He was tall and strong, wider than two of her. She was afraid that she was only taller than his waist. His eyes and eyebrows were deep, and he looked very handsome. She was a little dazed.

    “My name is Wu’er.” He said to her. He unfastened her belt, easily threw her clothes aside, then pressed upon her body.

    He kissed and praised her, “Really well-behaved.”

    But what could she do? She was so weak that she could only rely on him.

    The man’s hand kneaded her small breasts across her belly, but heard the little thing cried under his body, she sighed pitifully: “It’s too heavy, so painful…” Her watery eyes looked at him and he rubbed her chest too hard.

    The wet nurse often let her soak in medicated baths that promoted her beauty. She doesn’t know if she was beautiful, but her breasts were bigger than girls of the same age.

    Wu’er smiled and kissed her again, he said, “Okay, I’ll be lighter.” He felt it was uncomfortable across the layer of clothing, so he simply pulled her dudou down and threw it aside. He bent down and sucked one of the beautiful flesh, with his other hand he gently rubbed the other. His teeth also tore at it as if he was eating something delicious.

    “Ah…” Chu Yao was still a fledgling and couldn’t stand it.

    Hearing her moan, Wu’er looked up and smiled. Yao Yao looked at him with a smile and a red face.

    He held her chest and kept her legs spread with his hands the entire time.  

    Such a cute little thing, but he was reluctant to ruin her first time.

  1. Zeze – sfx for clicking one’s tongue

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