The Little Princess Imprisoned by the Demon Brothers – Chapter 3

Translated by Novice Translations

Chapter 3 Obediently Let Me Do It (H)

    Her two legs were spread apart and forcibly exposed, it was chilly. Yao Yao felt very ashamed in her heart and wanted to close her legs, but she was firmly restrained by the man’s big palm. She could only keep her legs opened like this and let the man play.

    Wu’er reached out and put in his fingers. As soon as he reached in, he felt that it was too tight. Layers of soft meat wrapped his fingers, it trembled and wriggled. If it was his penis, he didn’t know how ecstatic it would feel, his eyes darkened. The hole was just too small, and he was afraid she would suffer.

    “Lighter…” Yao Yao felt strange and uncomfortable with the invasion of the foreign objects and begged him.

    His fingers continued to penetrate her deeper and soon touched the film inside. His fingers retreated a little and rubbed against the soft flesh in the inner wall of the corridor. His fingers were rough, and her flower flesh was tender. He teased quite well, and Yao Yao gradually disgorge some liquid fluid.

    “En….” It felt strange and was a little comfortable….it felt a little swollen and made Yao Yao dizzy. She felt ashamed because of the liquid flowing out from her lower part, but her legs were held by the man and she couldn’t move.

    While she was in a daze, the man withdrew his hand and replaced it with a huge object that radiated heat to her cave.

    What? She opened her eyes blankly. The man kissed her face, comforted her with a few words at her ear and she became obedient.

    Wu’er placed his swollen penis at Yao Yao’s cave hole and thrust in half his head. His thing was extremely thick, it was frighteningly as thick as an adult woman’s forearm. Yao Yao hadn’t reached marriageable age yet. She was petite and couldn’t stand such a big meat stick.

    She felt that she was being stretched and torn, her tears filled her face. She choked with sobs while she struggled and said: “It hurts, no…no more…”

    Wu’er knew that she was small and tender. She had to adapt, and he couldn’t wait a year. If he wants her body, it would hurt anyway. It was the same as opening her up with his big meat stick.

    He restrained her and Yao Yao couldn’t move for a while. She could only be obedient under him as he inserted himself deeper.  

    He patted her face with his big hand and said, “Be good, it won’t hurt after a while.”


    Wu’er continued to exert force and finally his head was completely submerged. Yao Yao’s virgin membrane was completely crushed by him. He felt that warm and hot liquid flowing down from the corridor of the small cave. He thought it should be virgin blood, with it lubricating him, it would be more convenient than her being dry. Previously, the liquid flowing due to her small pleasure wasn’t enough at all.

    “Wuwu…” Yao Yao was still choked with sobs.

    “Be obedient, it’s okay, it won’t hurt after a while. I’ll make you comfortable, okay?” He bowed his head, kissed her face, coaxed her, then his thick sexual organ below was inserted deeper, which made Yao Yao’s two thin legs trembled.

    Yao Yao’s watery eyes looked at him. The man’s face was very handsome. The muscles on his chest moved one by one as he coaxed her.  

    Yao Yao hugged his waist with his big stick stuck underneath her, she still sobbed: “Pain…”

    She was so cute, Wu’er thought. But now, he wasn’t in the mood to comfort her, he just wants to fuck her.

TL Note: Marriageable age in China is 15, so Yao Yao is less than that.

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