The Little Princess Imprisoned by the Demon Brothers – Chapter 4

Translated by Novice Translations

Chapter 4 Open the Womb (h)

    What’s more, it felt damn good with the head of his penis being wrapped, but he wanted more.

    The huge meat stick was still going deeper inside. The pitiful two petals at the mouth of the flower hole was tightly attached to the meat stick, which was almost transparent. With the inserted male erection, the two pieces of flesh was also inserted into her body.

(TL Note: her two petals also is submerged into her body because she’s so tight and the dick is stuffing it in – thus its almost transparent; barely visible)

    “Wuwu…” Yao Yao cried pitifully. The man responded to her with heavy gasps for breath and deeper sex penetration.

    His palm’s strength increased on her breast, and the huge sexual organ finally was inserted halfway in. He saw the little one crying pitifully and retreated slightly but didn’t wait for Yao Yao to breathe a sigh of relief, before he inserted himself deeper and heavier than before! He pulled out and poked in, deeper and deeper, and the two pale pink petals were pushed in and out.

    Chu Yao was young and never had sex with a man or woman. How could she stand this? Her legs kicked indiscriminately, but unfortunately it was useless. The strength of the man’s intervention was more vigorous.

    At last, Wu’er felt his peak in Yao Yao’s tiny, tender and fresh mouth. He clearly felt Yao Yao’s body trembled as if she was stimulated.

    Of course, he’s going to play with her little womb. A big portion of his sex organ was exposed outside. She was so cute, her little womb was as good as her, so delicious.  

    But she has to open her mouth.

    He retreated a little, pinched her nipple and redden breast. He played with her upright. He lowered his head and bit it, his lower body slowly pulled out and was slowly inserted. His sexual organ was thick and surrounded by sharp blue veins, it rubbed her delicate little cunt.

    “Are you comfortable?” He asked her.

    “It hurts…” She was a bit coquettish. He was too big, much bigger than her. She really didn’t agree with him. How could this be comfortable? She was so full from being stuffed below, he was about to burst her open, it was as if it was stuck in her belly.

    The man laughed lowly.

    His big meat stick plopped out and was reinserted, the blue veins on top rubbed her pink tender cave meat. Sometimes the mighty glans on his head bumped gently on her hidden mouth. He enjoyed it, but it was definitely not enough.

    The man’s body completely enveloped her, he pressed her and occupied her corridor below. He was so beautiful, Yao Yao vaguely thought. She seemed to have felt something different. Although the hole below was still badly swollen, a kind of crisp and numb taste followed.

    The man looked at Yao Yao’s face that held a pale pink color and smiled.

    “Have you taste it?” He squeezed her chest and said, “Call out, I want to hear it.”

    Yao Yao felt ashamed, but the man swung his crouch and hit her constantly. Wu’er didn’t know how many women he played with, but she was very small and soft, how could he be blamed for rubbing and kneading her all over?

    “Yaya…en…ya…lighter, ah….”


    She seemed to have tasted, the small tender spot below also became softer. The small mouth from deep within also loosened obediently.

    The man felt at ease and boldly pounded her. The thick and long sexual organ penetrated deeper and deeper. He bumped into the small mouth again and again, each time he pulled out his sexual organ and banged her harder. Before she realized it, Yao Yao knew she was tricked and immediately cried.

    “Wuwu…no, let go, let me go…”

    Silly girl, this time this man will let you go.

TL Note: Okay, I can’t do anymore, my jade cave is overflowing and making me uncomfortable. Maybe I’ll post more tomorrow. I can see why my homegirl SmoggyBelle is so addicted to TL smut. QAQ;;

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