The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 11

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The Whole Plot is Destroyed –

My beloved princess.

    You used my heart to deceive me. 

  You couldn’t wait to escape from me.

  I am very sad.

  I really want to turn you into a doll that can’t move, so you’ll stay by my side and never leave.

  The broken prince once again found his princess.

  He was deeply fascinated by the innocent Snow White.  The delicate and fragrant skin was as smooth and white as milk, which made people want to get a taste.

  At the moment, the melancholy and broken heart was ignited with light when he captured her.  Although the dazzling and blinding light felt painful, he was willing to bear it for her.

  The sickly prince was holding his favorite girl.

  ”My dear Snow White, why are you crying?”

  Is it because I found you again?

  It was hard to find you, but I now have unspeakable joy and satisfaction.

  The prince lowered his head and quietly touched the witch’s delicate neck with the tip of his nose. He sniffed a deep breath. The witch’s eyes were half-closed, and the thick eyelashes covered most of her eyes, like the petals of a violet flower. A faint green-blue iris looming beneath the lashes.

  The scavenging birds on the roadside saw a handsome and aggressive man cherishing a girl who was crying. His head slightly lowered, revealing the delicate side of his neck, and he kissed her red earlobes with his lips affectionately.

  He coaxed in a low voice.

  ”Don’t cry, my beautiful princess, obviously you abandon me first, you used my ignorant trust, but when I found you, you act as a weak and poor animal.”

  The warm tongue wet with saliva suddenly licked the sensitive earlobe of the crying girl. The scared witch panicked and cried even more fiercely, but the culprit’s handsome white face secretly blush, like a child who did something wrong, he quickly retracted his tongue back to his mouth.

  The grazing birds flared their wings and flew into the vast sky.

  ”The handsome young man finally found his princess.”

  ”He hugged her with joy.”

  ”The one who cries in his arms is his most precious treasure in the world, but the girl is crying in sorrow.”

  ”You let me go! Obscene! Despicable! Shameless villain.”

  The witch struggled noisily and cried but was tightly held by the youth’s arms. The prince stopped his horse in a quiet forest that was surrounded by white wax trees. The towering ash trees climbed to the clouds, like a barrier, covered the skies in layers.

  The handsome prince whispered an incantation, and a light appeared on the sturdy trunk of a high-rise ash tree. The surrounding animals were frightened by the unexpected visitors and ran away. In the witch’s skirt the old quill and the magic wand hidden in her sleeve did not dare to make a sound.

  The girl was sobbing silently, the beautiful green-blue eyes of the lake lost its brilliance and became red and swollen. She reached out and tried to wipe away her tears, but the young man in front of her held her hand. The young man pressed his long fingers onto her face and gently wiped away her tears.

  The youth’s eyes were obsessed, but with doubts and grievances.

  He didn’t understand, obviously he was the deceived person. She clearly said in the dark cave that she would give him a chance to get along. Then when he was ecstatic, she petrified him and left alone.

  ”My beloved princess, what can I do to stop you from crying?”

  Although he was very annoyed that she was dishonest and deceitful but watching as she cried out her heart like a kitten, which made it really difficult for him to vent his anger, even when it was itchy and painful.

  He really wants to kiss her sweet and soft lips. Looking at the flower-like lips pouting slightly at this moment, as if they were attractive and ready to be plucked.

  The prince’s breathing became slightly heavier. He trapped the witch between the tree trunk and his thick chest. He lowered his head that almost touched the witch’s face, and his eyes dazzled.

  ”Princess, if you cry again, I will stick out my tongue like an animal and lick all the tears on your face.” The husky voice contained unclear emotions.

  That’s just disgusting.

  The witch raised her head and looked at him with red, swollen eyes. She just took some spices and put it on her eyes on the spot. Her eyes were so teary that the prince seemed to be overwhelmed by her tears like a few days ago. However, he acted like a wild horse without rein.

  There was anger in her eyes, and her mouth was filled with unspoken words, but his behavior was unrestrained and abnormal.

  He looked like he was shy dyed in blush and aggrieved.

  Two lines of tears fell from the witch: How can you talk so much about feelings when I am afraid.

  The handsome prince took his beloved girl to the towering ash tree and trapped her between his chest and the hard trunk in an irresistible posture. His sharp nose touched the witch’s nose. She tried to resist and move her head, but she was held by the him tyrannically and firmly held her elongated neck. –

  Their lips touched.

  The witch’s brain explodes, and she raised her hand and slapped his handsome face.

  ”I hate you! Don’t get close!”

  Did he hear it right?

  Hate you.

  Don’t get close.  

            Uh –

 Before her words were finished, the prince was blushing and his ears turned red again, he gently pressed his lips.

“I don’t like to hear Snow White say such things, so I will continue the kiss properly.” The wayward prince shyly focused his eyes on a small piece of bright mushroom at the lower left corner of the trunk, half of his white cheek had a palm imprint that looked particularly eye-catching.

The witch said that she was aggrieved.

“Don’t you dare kiss me again, bastard.” She really wants to cry, Mom, he bullies me! How did the style of the previous encounter suddenly transformed into a strange rogue mode?

  ”You let me go first. Don’t-“

  [Congratulations to the witch, to obtain the second kiss from the shy prince]

  ”I hate you! Quickly release me!” –

  [Congratulations to the witch, to obtain the shy prince’s third kiss 】

  Mom! She was really wronged.

  The righteousness were all jokes. The witch collapsed and pulled her hair and her face was flushed with anger. She puffed her cheeks and breathlessly stared at the prince who acted like a pig. She fantasized of holding his collar and punching his annoying face: “What on earth do you want from me, you little goblin?”

  What can she say to him?

  The witch is desperate.

  He stared at her swollen and red lips.

  The innocent prince sees the witch not talking, um…, kiss again?

  Oops, there is a kind of inexplicable shyness.

  His princess was so obedient and let him kiss her. Is this the moment that she has finally understood his fiery love for her heart through his hot kiss?

  It’s really exciting to think about it.

  But the prince quickly discovered that she didn’t open her mouth no matter what he said. He stretched out the pig hand and occasionally touched her hair and kissed her lips. She looked at him murderously, but there was no response.

  If you like someone, you can’t help but want to get a touch.

  Even a little touch can make your heart blossom.

  But in the face of a person who regards you like air, there were no feelings of being reciprocated. It seems that something is wrong, and he was at a loss.

  ”Snow White, you ignore me.”

  ”I feel bad.”

  ”What do you mean? What do you want before you are willing to talk to me?”

  It was a tragic thing for the prince to be sad. He turned his back from her, held his feet in disgust and curled himself up with a thick cloud over his head. Covered in a heavy thunderstorm, his little finger grievously poked at her and peeked at her from time to time.

  Witch: Ha, Ha, if you’re perverted and abnormal, you’ll dress it up hard as being normal.

  Snow White does not care for me.

  Snow White does not care for me.

  The prince who was indulged into his own small world became a black hole in the universe: [(T ^ T)]

My heart feels very painful and uncomfortable. What should I do? The more she acts like this, the more he feels excited, hurt and happy. She looks so lovely when she is angry with me. She pretends to be cold but secretly wants to be taken back to a place that nobody knows, every day will only be the two of them…

  Wait, this seems to be wrong?!

  This is simply lunatic mode ah ah ah ah ah! Hello!

  The witch did not know that the young man who had lost to his illness had a metamorphosis. His thought process was completely different from others by light years away. She only knew that she was in a very bad situation now.

  So, the witch stood up and took out her magic wand from her skirt. Just as she wanted to chant a spell under the tree, she heard the voice of the magic wand who was playing dead. “Witch, your face is so red, just like a ripe apple.”

  The witch smiled and grit her teeth and said, “Magic stick, I will break you.”

  But the magic wand remained safe, and the distinguished prince had his wish fulfilled to follow the witch. In fact, he knows that the witch hates him very much, but his confidence oozed like honey juice. After all, love was meant to cultivated after a long time.

  His dear Snow White will see his gentle, kind and charming side during daily life, so she would fall in love with him. The two people would walk together into the palace for marriage and live a happy life together forever.

  Wait, the story can’t understand what the prince is thinking!

  Saying as much, but kissing girls is a malicious form of bullying ah!

  Prince, you just deliberately want to pretend to be stupid and kiss me just to eat my tofu on purpose?!

  On the way, the shy prince grabbed the witch’s clothes shyly and tightly. “Don’t abandon me Snow White, no matter what invisible corner you hide I will always find you, and I will be angry. When I get angry, I may do something bad to Snow White…”

  The witch trembled with anger and fear.

  [(T ^ T)]

  Mom! She’s being threatened again by the man who’s so randomly destructive! 

  In this way, the witch with an extravagant, beautiful face was accompanied by a silky snow-like innocent flower ambassador – the prince (huge pervert).

Author’s Notes:

You guys are actually guessing the plot, murmurring, but um… (funny face)

TL Note: Blackening is progressing…

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