The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 Shy Girls Always Complains

On the way to Karon City, the prince and witch shared a horse. No matter how much the witch protested, it was ineffective. He also touched her head tenderly, shyly and considerately stroked her.

  What to say, even if Snow White hates me, but the forest is infested with beasts, how can I rest assure unless I am riding with Snow White?

  The witch had a hard time communicating with the unreasonable prince. “Then you can walk while I ride on the horse, I absolutely have no objection.”

  Hey, is he even a civilized person, can he be reasoned?

  The prince flushed and blushingly smiled, he secretly lowered his head and kissed her soft hair, pretending that he hadn’t heard her. “The weather is really good today.”


  Sorry, the plot of this story cannot be followed.

  Since the struggle was pointless, she coughed, she can only helplessly continue with the plot.

  There are a lot of items in the witch’s backpack. Now, in addition to the previous items, there is an immature chestnut sent by a squirrel. A small fish gifted its scales and so on.

  But sometimes the gifts from the small animals were really good.

  When they climbed the first mountain, they spent the night in the horrible and gloomy forest, surrounded by brambles and shrubs. The low and excited howls of wolves echoed in their ears, which inevitably caused goose bumps.

  The prince made the bonfire with flint and stone. The witch sat on the ground cushioned with dead wood branches. She just took the last piece of bread from the old cloth bag and suddenly the man sat next to her.

  The warm fire flickered like stars, it was a quiet and serene night, emitting a faint and charming dim light.

  The breeze brushed the prince’s hair which was tinted with a faint golden yellow light upon his silver hair, which slightly covered his deep pair of purple irises.

  The young man placed his hands on his knees, shyly and courageously glanced at the witch. Watching her expressionlessly take out the water bag from the old cloth bag, the water from the stream deep in the mountain tastes especially sweet. The girl is calmly absorbed in drinking the sweet water, but as time passed, she could not ignore the prince’s eyes which were stickily glued onto her.

  The witch’s objects were probably bored and quietly revealed themselves when the night was quiet.

  ”What a calm and beautiful night.” The old-fashioned quill said.

  ”Yes, this beautiful night can’t help but make me think about where I came from, witch, witch, you are my owner, do you know? Recently, I can’t help but think if there is another magic wand in the world that came from the same tree as me.” The charming magic wand said.

  The witch took them out and looked up at the diamond-like stars in the sky. The green-blue lake like eyes were stained with starlight.

  ”Sorry, ah, magic wand, I do not remember, but I believe that in this world if there is another magic wand that shares your origins, it must also be a particularly lovely magic wand.”

  ”You are from the green fir tree, ten inches and two-thirds in length, at the core of the rod is the devil’s phalanx, so you are a unique and dark magic wand that is a one of a kind in this world.”

  ”Witch, hey, I am desperate, the prince he bullies me.”

  The witch put the crying magic wand and the still old quill back into her skirt, she turned her head, but bumped into a rude man.

  When he touched her eyes, the third prince quickly bowed his head and smirked. He carefully tilted to a forty-five-degree angle, displaying his clear violet eyes. Gentle and slightly shy, he seemed embarrassed, but looked at the witch greedily.

  ”You look at me, I bow my head, but I secretly peek at you and watch you, oh, what a shy game.” The prince can play all night and enjoy it, his shy and beating heart rippling along with the romantic starry night of spring.

  His princess is looking at him.

  No, be calm and pretend nothing is wrong.

  No, but her eyes are so hot that he burns quickly, what to do, so shy, shy, shy…


Hey, the atmosphere has become awkward.

  The witch’s stiff expression stares at the hard tasteless bread in her hand, and painfully extended her hand to the young man who began to show strange expressions again.

  ”Half per person.”

  The prince shook his head in confusion, he then reacted and shyly blush. He said weakly, “I am not hungry. When you eat, I don’t know why I feel as if my stomach is full to the brim. Snow White, you eat more, you are so thin, it is really distressing to see.”

  Since that was all said…

  The witch lowered her head without saying a word and began to chew the unpalatable dry bread. The prince next to her began to tirelessly peek at her concentrated at eating.

  She took a bite and the prince’s throat moved.

  She chewed slowly, took out her water bag and sipped.

  The young prince’s infatuated gaze began to wander, and involuntarily licked his lower lip.

  She –

  ”You’d better eat!”

  Sure enough, the girl quickly bowed her head like a frightened little animal, and her ears twitched. “Snow White, you eat, I am really not hungry.”

  Witch: …

  Who can give me a knife, I want to hack him! The witch is bitter.

  She pulled a long face, her heart was irritated and she had difficulty breathing. Can he not stare at her with those lustful eyes full of fascination? Big Brother, who can eat?

  ”If you don’t eat, where will you have the physical strength to travel out of the forest tomorrow?”

  God knows how much she wants to escape this deadly pervert, but the skills of deadly metamorphosis were too dazzling. In addition to his tracking skills and unique idiot skills that she has seen before, his most horrible attribute was “getting blackened more and more.” In addition, she is really afraid that he has realized the earth-shattering skills he has learned.

  The witch secretly shuddered and placed half the bread into the prince’s hand, and silently moved her buttocks one meter away from him.

  Prince: …

  This, this piece of bread!

  His princess actually gave him her own food.

  What a precious half piece of bread, he cannot bear to eat the bread!

  God knows how much he wants to cry now.

  The prince was touched and satisfied, holding half a small piece of bread in his hand, just like a devout believer, wriggling his lips and not knowing what to say. She must be shy, so she stayed away from him. His princess really loves and care about him. The prince was very moved.

  Well, I have to say that the prince really thinks too deeply, she actually hates you.

  Late at night, the heavenly moon hangs high in the starry sky, and the winds of the vast forests echoed, and the insects and animals were like a symphony throughout the forest.

  ”Gu Gu Gu Gu”

  A little owl flew from afar and leaned thoughtfully on the dry pine wood and threw it into the bonfire. Its big round eyes glittered like the stars, shining in the night sky. The little owl folded his wings and sat on the dwarf oak branches above the witch’s head, and his head turned around flexibly.

  The magic wand poked out of the witch’s skirt and saw the little owl’s actions. It curiously said, “Witch, this little owl is really kind, it is helping you tend the fire.”

  The old quill also probed its head. “It’s really a good-hearted owl.”

  Suddenly the silent owl muttered a few words, and its yellow coppered eyes blinked. “Your magic wand can talk, your old quill can speak, you are her, I am sure. You are the witch that my old friend, Mr. Mole mentioned. Listen, my friend, Mr. Mole, says that you are going to Karon City.”

  Mr. Mole?

  The witch remembered that she happened to rescue a blind mole from the poisonous fangs of a predatory snake when she climbed the first mountain earlier. The old mole cowered and trembled within the soil. The witch gave it some sweet potatoes she dug in the morning to appease it.

  ”Good witch, thank you for your help.” The blind old mole gratefully held the sweet potato, its pointed little mouth and long teeth shaking constantly. The mole plowed in the soil, burying itself until only his head was seen.

  ”In order to repay your life-saving grace, you can make a request to me.”

  She did not know when the sticky price crowded near her silently watching the interaction between the witch and the small animal, he shyly stuck out his finger and poked the witch’s cheek.

  ”Snow White, this mountain is difficult to walk and as deep as a maze. You can communicate with animals, it is better to ask how to leave this place.”

  ”Old mole, do you know how to get out of this mountain to go to Karon City?”

  The old mole said, “witch, when you walk in the direction of the sun rising at daybreak, you will see a row of oak trees. In the dead trunk of the thirteenth oak tree, there will be a strange white pheasant, which is familiar with every stone and every leaf in the mountain, but it has a bad temper and likes to be difficult. Witch, you take this with you. It is its favorite beetle that will help you get out of the mountain.

  The old mole gave the witch the beetle that soon died.

  After daybreak, the witch and the prince found the oak forest the old mole spoke about and took the dead beetle to it. The birds sang songs praising the mornings. They came under the thirteenth oak tree and looked up to find the nest of the white pheasant.

  This is a strange white pheasant, it is not like others. Instead of forming groups like the others, it was alone. Inhabiting the dead branches of the oak tree, its cluttered nest was filled with cotton which they had no idea where it came from. The egg-sized body was curled up in its warm-looking nest and narrowed its eyes at them.

  ”Hello, white pheasant. We are travelers, but unfortunately lost our way in the mountains, do you know how to get out of this mountain?”

  ”Chirp-chirp, I am familiar with every piece of grass on every land of this mountain, but today’s weather is very comfortable. I don’t want to tell you how to get out of this mountain. I am sleepy and just want to sleep well for a while.” The strange pheasant said.

Author’s Notes:

His Royal Highness, The Prince: (///▽///) Snow White must have secretly liked me, she gave me half a piece of bread, I’m so happy, happy, happy.

Witch: Oh, hehe, huh, you can take it with your dog.

TL Note: I thought about why I like Seeking Good Temptation more than this series. In this series, the prince’s character is not as well developed as the male leads from that other novel. He just is obsessed with her with no reasons besides her looks (?), plus the only reason why I enjoy this novel is the little animals, talking objects and the way she acts/reacts with the prince/animals/objects in different situations.

With the other novel, the protagonist is actually actively seducing all the capture targets to maximum affection to achieve a true reverse harem without dying.

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