The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 13

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Phi Phi Prawn, Walks to the Next Town!

The witch took out the old mole’s beetle and shook it in front of the pheasant. 

  ”White pheasant, this is your favorite food, take us out of the hills and I will give it to you.”

  ”Chirp-chirp, this is what you said, you’re not allowed to take it back.”

  The cantankerous white pheasant succumbed to its favorite food as the old mole has said and kept its promise to lead the witch through the first mountain. When she left, the grinning white pheasant asked the witch whether there was a second beetle. The witch answered honestly.

  ”Then I will not take you over the second mountain. You must be careful. There are fierce beasts. They like to go out to hunt at night but are afraid of fire.”

The witch lamented in her heart that this bird is more real than human beings.

(TL Note: End of witch’s flashback of the old mole and pheasant)

  However, she was lucky enough to meet the good old mole. The little owl told the witch that it met the old mole when it flew by the first mountain last night.

  The kind old mole told the owl that a handsome prince was riding a horse with a beautiful witch that wanted to cross the second mountain. The witch was described as enthusiastic and sincere, and her heart was as kind as a lake.

  ”Hey, kind witch, if I take you out of this mountain to show you the direction to go to Karon City, can you satisfy me with a wish?”

  Since the witch left the swamp, she had help from the little animals in the outside world. Like the fairy tales in children’s books, they always like to gift her things or come to her aid.

  But this was quite interesting.

  ”Well, as long as it is within my power, I will do it for you.”

  The little owl blinked its big eyes that looked like precious gemstones and tilted its head. “Hey, witch, do you think my eyes are beautiful?”

  “It looks beautiful.”

  Its eyes look like fire burning at night. It was terrible.

  The little owl proudly cried a few times and moved its wings. “I also think that my eyes are the best in the world besides stars but listening to the owl in the forest say that there is a precious jewel more beautiful than my eyes. It was described as ten thousand times times brighter than the stars in the night sky.”  

  The witch was speechless with her half opened mouth and foolishly looked at the sullen little owl overhead. 

  ”Is there such a thing?”

  ”Gu Gu Gu Gu, witch, witch, I will lead you out. If you see a gem that looks better than my eyes, can you bring it back?”


  Little ancestor, how can a poor girl who doesn’t even have money to buy bread be able to afford a gem that shines during the night?

  Can you be more realistic?

  The witch strokes her hair and had a bitter melon face. “Little owl, I am so poor, how can I possibly have money to buy a jewel that shines at night?”

  She missed her cheap little lamp ornaments that did not transmigrated with her. If she had brought a few before transmigrating, it would have made a big difference.

  Don’t be so ruthless whimsical white owl, she will be very sad.

  The prince who has not spoken was actually listening attentively with his ears perked. “Gemstones that shine in the night?” 

  ”…It seems like there are a lot of it in my house, red, blue, green, purple, how many do you want? Do you want them all? In addition to all kinds of precious stones, there are countless sharp antique treasures, and those things are quietly piled up in a room no one goes and will become gray and moldy…”

  The indifferent tone was very irritating. Can you show off your wealth in front of a poor woman who can’t even afford bread?

  The maiden who gave the prince the half bread that wasn’t yet eaten, sneakily snatched it back. She also laughed and ate it with tears in her eyes.

  Prince: [(T ^ T)] Snow White, she doesn’t love me anymore. She took back the love token [half bread]. What on earth have I done wrong?

  The little owl flew out of the forest with the prince and the witch when the first dew fell from the early morning grass. The witch dozes with difficulty on the prince’s thick broad back. The young man riding the horse softened his face. He tried to let the horse walk slowly on the bumpy rocky road during dawn.

  Before the witch was awakened by the little owl’s pecks, she had a strange dream. The scene from her dream was vague. She felt like she was hit by thousands of bullets from an owl wooden boat that was flying in the sky. The colorful owl boat kept firing at her. The witch was beaten and screamed. The beatings were so painful that she opened her eyes and struggled to see the little owl standing on her shoulder muttering discontentedly.

  The owl hooted, “witch, the sun is rising, hey, I am going back to sleep, as the great forest god as my witness, please remember your promise.” 

  The witch who has yet woken up forcibly narrows her eyes. She remembers the promise.

  ”I will remember, little owl, thank you.”

  ”Gu Gu Gu Gu.”

  The little owl hoot and flew away toward the forest. The witch felt that her mouth felt too tight. She raised her hand subconsciously and wiped it and saw the drool.


  ”Yes, I’m sorry! I was not careful…” She blushed in embarrassment, flustered and hurriedly stretched out her hand and rubbed the youth’s back, trying to destroy evidence of her crime. 

  The young person was even more nervous than her.

  ”Snow White… don’t wipe it,” the prince whispered. “I don’t mind.”  

  ”When we get to Karon City, I will clean it for you.” The girl said embarrassedly.

  ”Oh… I feel that my back is slimy, will you help me wipe my back? Now that you are going to wipe my back, just wash my body for me.” The young man sincerely proposed.

  Witch: …I take back what I just said.

  This pervert, I really can’t get used to him.

  At this time, the road became flat and sandy. She craned her neck to look ahead. In the distance, a towering wall made of stones gradually came into view.

  The city built on a flat plain is segregated into a natural boundary by a broad bottomless river. The high and low houses are situated within the ancient walls. From a distance, a fortified castle like a strong barrier is situated at the top of the city.

  Karon City is located in the northwest of this country. The witch did not know much about the city. When they entered the city, she was stopped by soldiers guarding the gates to inspect resident certificates. 

  ”We came from the countryside, and we have no resident certificate.”

  They stood ten minutes behind a traveler and listen to the person talked with the soldiers in the queue. The witch calmly indicated that they did not have an identity card.

  After listening to the witch, the gatekeeper showed a look of impatience, and looked at the well-dressed prince who was messy behind her. He turned and took two wooden cards with numbers from an iron box and handed it to them.

  He also quietly groaned, “What a strange combination.”

  ”Since you don’t have a certificate, go to the resident registration office we will issue a temporary resident certificate.”

  Following the soilder’s direction the witch saw an old and tidy medieval style spiral house not too far away. It seems that every non-resident immigrant needed to go there to register.

  When entering the pointed house, the witch was sensitive to the magical flow of the atmosphere, and there was something like a crystal ball next to the office where the archives were densely packed. The smooth spherical surface was covered with greasy handprints.

  A steady stream of magic overflowed from the green ball. What is that? Do you touch it and get God’s blessing?

  ”Please sit down. First of all, you need to pay two copper coins as the material costs. If you don’t have money, you can use your belongings as collateral.”

  The witch took out two pieces of copper coins from her purse and heard the old man buried in the high file pile ask, “is the gentleman behind you also a traveler? Then it will be four copper coins.”

  As a distinguished prince, he is sure to be able to pay with two copper coins. The witch naively thought but felt the young man behind her gently tap her back.

  ”Snow White, I was too anxious and forgot my wallet.”


  The witch has two lines of tears, this is the last four copper coins she has left!

  Why does she have to help that lazy-faced fool pay for it? Can she refuse?

  ”This is four copper coins.” When thinking about this problem seriously, the money in her purse were robbed, and the young man smiled like a spring breeze and handed the four copper coins to the old man.

  ”Then please.”

  Witch: …

  Whoop, whoop. It’s very irritating.

  After the old man received the money, he asked them some simple questions, which were basic information such as the name and address.

  The name of the witch in this world is Snow White, so she told her identity, but when she heard the prince reveal his name, the guy hid his true identity without pause.

  He is called Jane, from Engelmod.

  ”Then, finally, please put your hand on this stone and swear that you have not committed any sinful crimes. It will see if your soul is still loyal to the great Lord Eos.”

  The witch’s heart sank rapidly. Her own setting is a witch. She doesn’t know if this ball will detect her identity.

  [If you are afraid of the truth coming out, you can kill all the people in this house. Except that his highness, the prince beside you may be more difficult to deal with, but if you use a beauty trick –]

  Can you gracefully close your mouth and go die?

  The witch whispered restlessly in her heart, which could only teach people to do evil.

  She gritted her teeth and laid her hands on the crystal ball as if she died. “I have not committed any sinful things.”

  She saw the dark green crystal ball shining a green light that immediately disappeared, and the old man bowed his head on a piece of paper to write some words.

  The magic ball probably has the same function as the dedication prayer bead in her old cloth bag.

  The witch thought about some things and saw that the prince passed the test successfully. Her expression became subtle, as if nothing occurred.

  The guy in front of her even dedicated his soul to the devil. He couldn’t be any more corrupt, but he passed the test peacefully.

  Her prayer bead was much more advanced, at least it shows the color of a person’s soul.

  So the formalities were completed.

  They each received a short-term resident certificate that was standard for three weeks.

  If the badge on the resident’s certificate disappears, it is necessary to go to the public office to apply for renewal. If you do not comply with the legal laws, you will be sent to the prison and become a slave once found.

  The witch can’t figure out why it was so strict to go to a city now. She thought that she would be able to go anywhere in the future. It is definitely difficult to travel poor and without identity.

  ”Don’t worry Snow White, when I return to Engelmod, I will ask people to create a universal certificate for you. You don’t need such cumbersome troubles when you travel.”

  ”You say that so lightly. Why don’t I see you have that kind of thing now?”

  The prince hid from her questioning eyes in a guilty way and stammered, “I, I forgot to bring it.”

Author’s Note:

Prince: [(T ^ T)] Snow White, she doesn’t love me anymore… She took back the bread and didn’t wash me…

Witch: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I really can’t get use to this pervert.


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