The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 14

Translated by Novice Translations

Live in a Fairy Tale World

In this way, the dirt-poor girl and the penniless noble prince, led the black horse into the most prosperous center of Karon City – the vendor’s district near the central square.

  She looked at the surrounding scenery curiously. The wind was blowing, and the vines climbing on the road monument swayed softly like a wind chime.

  People came and went on the spacious roads neatly and orderly paved with smooth patterned stones.  The housing and the basic infrastructure are located on the high and low side of the open road. The colorful glass fragments are attached to walls of the stone houses, and the sun shines overhead. The hooves sound mixed with the hustle and bustle of the square form a wonderful morning symphony.

  The witch who has been wandering through remote and small villages has never seen such a large-scale city. Her heart was full of joy, but her stomach growled at this time.

  The dirt-eating girl touched her stomach, her lovely little face pulled down bitterly.

  It seems more difficult to make a living in the big city.

  It’s difficult to buy a loaf of bread even if she pawns everything she owned on her person, not to mention the toll from Karon City to Engelmod.

  The witch is very distressed. 

  The prosperous streets are lined with iron shops, a mouth-watering fragrant cake shop, a fragrant and beautiful flower shop, and hotels where visitors come and go. The witch slowly moves to a small shop. In front of the small shop were sausages, she stared at it with the green light of hunger, and miserably pinched the flat purse where only air was left.

  ”Well, I really want to eat meat, but I don’t have money.”

  ”Oh, I really want to eat meat, but when I went out, I forget to bring my wallet.”

  The seemingly hungry prince piteously agreed by nodding, the two stood hungry in front of the butcher shop. The passing guests curiously looks back, only to see the beautiful silver hair handsome young man and a poor-born girl staring hungrily at the meat hanging in the shop –

  ”Go away! Don’t come here without money!”

  The two poor souls sighed within the same breath and bowed their backs, shaking their heads sadly. They led the black horse, who also had nothing to eat, and head to the corner of a church. 

  Under the bright sunshine, the adolescent girl and youth sat pitifully on the declining steps at the corner of the church with a dark horse. The lonely figures of the two looks very bleak, and the witch is bitter and sullen looking silently at the busy streets.

  Several black crows cawed harshly above the witch’s head, and maliciously hit her with bones with the meat cleanly eaten off.

  ”Look at that young couple who are in a real mess.”

  ”Caw caw, I heard the poor girl’s stomach grumbling all the time, that is the most wonderful sound I have ever heard.”

  ”They have no money to eat and will starve to death. Then their bodies will rot and stink, that is the most delicious food in the world, caw caw.”

  Vicious crow!

  The witch was so angry that she picked up the stone and threw it at the wicked crow in the sky. The crows cawed and flew away.

  Even in a fairy tale world you can starve to death without eating.

  She can’t go on like this.

  The witch’s eyes turned around for half a circle, and then she turned her head tentatively and said, “If you don’t, I will find some way to earn the toll. You can just walk around the city and see if you can find something to eat?”

  She desperately does not want to stay with the spoiled Prince, for this reason without any traces of excuses, when they split up, she can secretly get rid of this sticky guy.

  No, no, no.

  The prince refused the witch’s proposal without thinking about it.

  Even if he falls from grace, he does not want his beloved princess to go out and work hard to earn money. Thinking about the witch going to work hard for them to earn money to support their family, the prince feels distressed.

  He is a man.

  How can he watch his own woman suffer!

  ”Snow White, how can I bear to let you do such a thing.” The prince said he would be responsible for his beloved princess. He took the witch’s hand seriously and burst into overwhelming masculinity. “Don’t worry, I am capable of taking care of you and our children. I am a man of my word.”

  Witch: Wait a minute, why are you jumping so far ahead? Who wants to have children with you!

  The handsome youth did not follow the plan and directly killed the little hope in the witch’s heart. He stood up and patted the black horse that had been accompanying him. The malicious narrow eyes made the black horse tremble.

  The dark horse was so afraid that its legs shook: Master, why do you look at me with such strange eyes, I am so scared. I am hungry and only have bones left. Oh, don’t eat me.

  ”Although you have been with me for a long time, but now I can only sell you in this grim situation…”

  The black horse suddenly raised his front hoof and his nose continued to snort: “Whoa!”

  The witch’s expression became strange.

  ”Neigh Neigh Neigh Neigh-“

  ”Neigh Neigh Neigh Neigh-“

  The prince forcibly went to take the horse away, and the black horse struggled and was tied to the tree next to him. Stretching its neck, its neighs sounded as if its heart was torn and its lungs were cracked.

  ”That, don’t sell it.” The witch clenched her fist uncomfortably and coughed. “It is condemning you.”

  The magic wand poked its head out of the witch’s skirt. “Witch, witch, it is clear what the dark horse is talking about. Being beaten and working hard without merit and suffering. When riding it, pat the horse’s ass and say baby. But when you don’t need it, treat it like a replaceable shoe that can be abandoned, what a conscientious bastard.”

  Shh, magic wand, don’t talk about it. Come on.

  The witch sneakily pressed the magic wand back into her skirt.

  She didn’t see the prince’s face changed.

  Well, maybe he didn’t think that his noble self would be scolded by a dark horse. After all, he didn’t know Li Baotao1 Li Baotao – It’s a well-known Chinese singer. I don’t know much about modern Chinese culture, so I am not sure what the sentence is implying. Here is the raws for that sentence if anyone wants to decipher it. 毕竟在他的人生里并没有以李报桃这种认知。 in his life.

  In the end, the prince did not sell the poor dark horse. Instead, he sold his expensive precious clothes to the pawnshop, inlaid with opal stones, delicate embroidery jacket with gold thread embroidery and his expensive leather black boots. The black mink fur cloak is estimated to be two bags full of gold coins.

  However, the uncomfortable prince was reluctant to part with the luxurious silk cloak. It was obvious that his other clothes were replaced with vests worn by ordinary civilians with sturdy black trousers, but he was not willing to part with the Turkish cloak. He looked very odd at first sight.

  The witch felt completely incomprehensible.

  ”But you look so strange.” She kindly gave him advice but was rejected.  

  ”No, this must be kept.” The prince lowered his head and gently pulled his clothes. The handsome white porcelain face was dyed with a lovely pink tinge.

  After waiting, he had to exchange it and mount it in the glass frame to later collect.

  The prince had different brain circuits, he felt nervous and sweet, and will remember this memorable piece of clothing as a memento of their love adventure. 

  Oh, he felt so satisfied.

  In the end, what was the prince satisfied with? Forgive the plot, it is best to not step on the metamorphosis or his sickness will spread.

  Unexpectedly, our poor protagonist obtains a lot of money from the golden finger2 Golden finger – it’s a phrase/saying for those that just have a lot of wealth..

  Rather, the money is not from the witch, but our Royal Highness, the tyrant Prince.

  The witch looked at the two bags of sparkling gold coins and pulled out two fingers with difficulty. “You owe me two copper coins. If you have money now, return it to me.”

  Whoop, if she has two copper coins, she can at least buy some dry food to gnaw on.

  ”Snow White, these are all yours!” His Royal Highness handed the purse to her expectantly and behind him came countless pink bubbles.

  ”Myself, my heart, my money, all of it is yours. Are you very touched? Well, I don’t ask for anything more than a deep kiss.”

  The innocent little prince shyly finished this sentence. After this confession, the whole person turned red, ah, ah, he covered his face, he actually said these shameful words.

  Oh, really shameless.

  But then again, the noble Prince was not always so shameless.

  The witch replied, “No, I refuse!”

  Even if she refused, it didn’t help. When the prince was holding a large paper bag of aromatic barbecue and sausage, the witch’s eyes straightened. How could her hands be uncontrollable? Hey! Don’t take the food that smells like roasted meat.

  Hey! You must resolutely stand firm – a ball!

  The witch is silently remorseful in her heart. She is really a person with no determination. She is guilty!

  Oh, the meat is so fragrant…

  The witch is full of food and sitting on the stone along the street, rubbing her belly and basking in the sun. She keeps her eyes fixed on every passing pedestrian. There were people who passed by in a hurry and had mighty weapons. The adventurers, they look very happy, filled with an energetic vigor.

  The people here are totally different from those in the previous town.

  The people there did not smile, and the air was filled with death and a strong urine smell.

  ”That town is a cursed place.”

  The witch turned to look at the prince who was playing with her cheeks. The hand was slender with a beautiful arc. She had patted it off countless times in anger. But the thick-skin prince was insistent, just like an addict, he gently touching the soft, elastic cheeks with his fingertips, with a strange satisfaction on his face.

  The girl’s thoughts were heard sharply in his ears, and the prince utter a sigh of satisfaction. “That place was abandoned by the god of light. They believed in the Demon Plathus. The devil satisfied their desires and expectations but took something away from the villagers.”

  The ability to smile and have happiness.

  ”You…how do you know so much?” The witch was surprised and had her mouth hanging.

  ”Their altars are set up in the town’s stables. I happened to see the girls who had their heads and limbs cut off and blood drained. The fanatics who were blinded by human nature were happily cutting off their flesh and devouring it. The town had no crops because they could only eat meat. Usually the villagers use ignorant outsiders as food, and the unpleasant air is the smell of corpses.”

1.  Li Baotao – It’s a well-known Chinese singer. I don’t know much about modern Chinese culture, so I am not sure what the sentence is implying. Here is the raws for that sentence if anyone wants to decipher it. 毕竟在他的人生里并没有以李报桃这种认知。

2. Golden finger – it’s a phrase/saying for those that just have a lot of wealth.

Author’s Note:

Prince: As a responsible man, how can you let your beloved woman and children starve and freeze?

Witch: A guy who even forgot to bring his wallet… It seems that he is not qualified to say this.

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