The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 15

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A Witch is a High-Risk Occupation

  The witch’s entire body went cold, and she was very frightened.

  When she recalls the hotel, the innkeeper kept staring at her with a strange look, and instantly got goose bumps all over.

  If she didn’t sneak into the mysterious forest that night, she may have been killed.

  ”For the devil, these lowly offerings were not simply worth mentioning.” The prince’s face was full of disdain. He saw that Snow White’s expression was full of fear and her body tense and took the opportunity to hold her wrist.


  His princess is really soft and waxy, he really wants to hold her hand all the time.

  ”Don’t be afraid Snow White. I’ve killed all the worshippers, no one can hurt you.”

  The innkeeper who received his beloved girl was stabbed in the heart by his sword. The old man’s head and limbs were cut down and hung in the doorway, his turbid, dull eyes were filled with fear.

  The expression on the head was really ridiculous.

  Witch: Hey, big brother, you are a hundred times scarier than them! Mom! Wahh, this is not a beautiful fairy tale world, god knows what she has experienced!

  There is also a perverted killer beside her. What’s even more terrifying is that this murderer is still an idiot (tears).

  The atmosphere seemed to be contaminated with an unknown odor. There was a sudden agitation within the busy streets with many people gathered. Their faces looked angry and they moved toward the square.

  ”Kill her!”

  ”Tie her to the sacred pillar to purify her sins!”

  “Take out her heart!”

  ”Purify her sins with fire!”

  FML! What’s happening?

  The crowd moved towards them, the spacious roads were blocked, and the witch who was almost crushed stood up in a panic and fell but was smothered by the prince’s embrace.

  The birds stationed on the trees were stunned and flew into the distance, and the sounds of the animals came into her ears as noisily as a pot clanging.

  ”Chirp, chirp, there is a poor woman tied to the pillar of sacredness in the square.”

  ”They call her a vicious witch.”

  ”The holy trial has come, she is taken alive and her beating heart will be cut out.” –

  The peculiar smell is like gangrene on the bones. Everyone surrounds the stone pillar in the middle of the square like a swarm.

  A bloodstained woman’s body was entwined with twisted rope, and whose clothes were ripped, was cruelly dissected to reveal a bloody wound. She could vaguely see the hollowed-out chest. The dirty flies smelled the bloody odor and densely sneaked into her other organs. The scene was terrifying and worthy of giving people a terrible nightmare.

  The person has died long ago, but there were countless voices roaring in anger.

  ”Her evil soul still remains! Burn her!”

  ”Burn her!”

“Burn her!”

Black smoke billowed from the fire that burned the body of the woman, which lingered above the sky over Karon for a long time.

  ”Is she really so evil to be killed?”

  The squirrel on a hazelnut tree heard her murmur. The squirrel agitated its little mouth and ate the hazelnut –

  ”Those people found magic tools on her and she does not have the magician’s credentials.”

  ”It is said that she knows black magic and made a poison for pregnant women to abort their unborn.”

  ”It is also said that she kills the babies to eat their meat and to sacrifice it to the devil.”

  ”Even if she has never done anything bad, she just stole demon snake blood that is considered taboo. She cried and knelt to beg for forgiveness. Her seriously ill daughter was lying in bed and waiting for the blood to save her life, but no one listened to her excuse.”

  The witch was horrified to see this hellish scene with trepidation. Her body and mind were immersed in extremely cold waters, she felt cold and frightened.

  When she first transmigrated, she also knew some information about the world. Anything related to evil black magic was listed as a heresy by the people of this country. But she was isolated in the peaceful and calm days of the serene swamp. She was ignorant of the fears of the outside world.

  Even witches were no good.

  Just like her… she never harm others.

  Is it because a witch is bound to the pillar and her heart dug out that she must accept a trial from God?

  The witch lowered her head and quietly wiped her tears. She turned and wanted to escape from this fearful place full of smoke, but the prince grabbed her wrist.

  The prince thought that the witch wanted to escape again, and his eyes were covered with a dark smoky mist. The young man glared at the girl, and tightly trapped her into his chest. “My princess, you want to escape me again?”

  Such a thing, he will absolutely not allow to happen again.

  The witch curled up in his chest sadly, her eyes closed tightly, her nose a little red, and she looked like a pitiful bunny who couldn’t help but evoke the feelings of sympathy.

  ”The person they killed was innocent. The little squirrel told me that she just wanted to steal something and go home to treat her sick daughter, but she ended up like this… I am really scared…”

  What are you afraid of?

  The prince frowned, his beautiful face stained with a cold expression, and he cautiously hugged her, using his chest to cover the unbearable scene –

  ”Oh my God, did I actually saw His Royal Highness, the Prince?!”

  When the body was burned to ashes and the crowd slowly dispersed, the middle-aged man wearing a red army uniform was stunned as he watched the prince standing within the crowd with a girl whispering in a low voice that could not be heard.

  The young man was dressed in ordinary coarse linen clothes, and on his waist hung a precious sword. The hilt was inlaid with rubies ​​symbolizing the royal family. Only the noble royal bloodline was worthy of the sword.

  His Majesty the third prince is a great swordsman. It is said that no one on this continent can be his opponent. He loves adventure and exploration. This great kingdom has long been visited by him.

  King Farella loves his youngest son and gave him a sword that symbolizes the highest honor.

  Such a song is popular among the people.

  ”His silver hair shines like the stars.”

  ”The ruby ​​sword in his hand can cut off the hardest shell in the world.”

  ”He is a proud eagle flying over the Kingdom of Kelub.”

  ”When he runs through the darkness with light “

  “The splendid day is coming.”

  The middle-aged man held esteem and admiration in his eyes and walked to the prince and knelt halfway, his palm resting on his heart.

  ”It is a great honor to meet your royal highness. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am your most loyal vassal, John Holder…”

  Viscount Holder V is the highest-ranking man in the City of Karon. His home was the oldest castle in the city.

  Soldiers were stationed on both sides of the magnificent gate, and the family’s crest was engraved on the stone plaque inlaid with gold water.

  In the evening glow, the gray walls are covered with dark green vines and blooming roses. The roses under the sunset were covered with a brilliant golden color, as if telling the glory and splendor of this ancient castle.

  Viscount Holder, who greeted the guests, had a festive banquet in his castle. He asked the servant to move the most delicious wine from the cellar. He made a delicious and lubricated fish soup with the latest fresh borscht from the black truffle and the morning fisherman. He also ordered the hunter to bring a one-size wild boar, only the freshest and tenderest part was baked golden.

  The long table is filled with fresh and fragrant fruit, and the delicious dishes are mouth-watering.

  But the witch did not have any appetite. She sat quietly on the table, and the food in front of her did not move. She looked like the prince’s personal slave in her unattractive and plain clothes. Everyone thought she was a pet bought by the prince along the way, an object to let off his lust during a lonely journey.

  No one would ask her for advice. Even when the room was arranged, only a luxurious room was arranged for the prince that housed dignified guests.

  The maid lit the candlelight and led them through the ivory white arches and walked up the magnificent staircase with handrails to a luxurious room. The exquisite murals painted on the high dome, large fireplace carved with exquisite patterns and expensive Persian carpet looks extraordinarily extravagant.

  Under the dim candlelight, the witch sat on the gorgeous bed with curtains. The girl’s beautiful cheeks were shining in the dark orange light. A beautiful gauze like dress was beside her.

  This was the first time he and his beloved princess were alone in a room. He was so tense that hot beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. He was pacing restlessly around the room, but saw the girl take initiative to move a set of bedding onto the floor. On the ground, she sat on the bedding and pointed to the bed.

  ”You sleep on the bed tonight, I will sleep on the floor.”

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