The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 16

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Silver Hair Is Black

  How could his highness make his beloved girl sleep on the cold floor?

  Even though the floor was covered with a thick wool blanket, soft and comfortable. As a gentleman, he was instilled with a strict gentleman character from a young age. The young man raised his mouth and walked towards the witch with a serious face.

  He knelt on one knee in front of the witch and looked up at her affectionately.

  ”You, what are you doing?”

  His gaze looked like a burning flame, hot and fierce. Does he realize that his eyes were blazing with a determined gaze and he did not say a word?!

  Hey, why raise your hand, ah ah ah ah ah, don’t, don’t!

  The witch is not calm.

  She was solemnly clasped by the prince on her cheek with both of his hands.

  Speaking of the innocent and shy prince, at this moment the prince firmly held her face. Er, although his face blushed, his eyes were very domineering.

  What a paradoxical and strange person. 

  The witch thought to herself.


Now isn’t the time to think about such things!

  The witch patted his hand in tears, and the fleshy little face was gently squeezed into a nice shape, soft like a cotton-like cute face. The killing power of this idiot is simply 100%. 

  The prince’s blood rose sharply and burst open with a roar. He began to be shy again, breathing disorderly, and his hands trembled like a sieve. But his words were particularly masculine.

  ”As a gentleman, I won’t allow my favorite girl to sleep on the floor. This is not what a gentleman does.”

  ”So, let’s go to bed together!”


  Witch: Ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha.

  What can she hope for from this pervert?

  She smile strongly.

  So, the prince was caressed by the witch as he wished.

  And was left a memorial [two palm prints].

  As the witch watched her peer burned to ashes with the angry curses of the people during the day, the picture was engraved on the fragile heart like a curse.

  She was frustrated and depressed, she wrapped herself into a ball with a quilt, and her heart was exhausted. Even if she had a dangerous idiot around her, she was too lazy to deal with him. She solemnly told him that she was tired tonight and did not want to be harassed in any form.

  In the darkened room after the lights went out, the witch chanted incantations and formed a barrier to isolate themselves. While his highness, the prince sat on the edge of the bed and looked sadly at the witch who wrapped herself into a cocoon.

  He actually felt something was wrong with her.

  The bloody trial during the daytime frightened her.

  At that time, she allowed herself to be curled into his chest, her green-blue beautiful eyes with tears showing that she was afraid.

  He should kill all those people. 

  He blamed them for letting his cherished princess feel fear.

  Her precious tears flowed like pearls. He wanted to reach out and catch them, but he couldn’t stop them from evaporating into nothingness.   

  His heart ached faintly.

  Like a dagger maliciously poking innumerable small wounds in his heart, not too deep, but shallow, and cannot be ignored.

  Darkness hid in the prince’s expression, the prince sitting at the bedside touching her fingers slightly. He silently recited a spell to eliminate the weak points of the barrier set up by the witch.

  The tall figure of the youth stood up and held onto the witch.

  His eyes are focused and obsessed.

  His mouth squirmed silently, as if he were reading something.

  The silk was lifted, and the girl’s brows were knotted in the darkness, and it seemed that she could not sleep well.

  Her nightmare was expelled by the youth, quietly applying a pure white sleep magic. The girl fell into a deep dream, there will be no cruel pictures in that dream, and no sad things.

  ”Good night, my princess.” The prince gently lifted the witch on a soft, silk-clad bed, and a glimmer of moonlight plunged into the gorgeous bedroom, reflecting on the heavy wool blanket.

  The young man looked lovingly at the sleeping princess, and his infatuated eyes were as gentle as the moonlight. He bent down and politely branded a kiss on the girl’s smooth white forehead with remorse.

  But it was not satisfying at all.

  What should I do?

  His eyes became more and more blurred, kissing along the small and delicate nose, then holding the petal-like delicate soft red lips.

  He stretched out his tongue and delicately traced and tasted it against his lips. He even used his teeth to bite and tear like a beast full of love and affection. There were several deep moans from his throat.

  My princess.

  My beloved princess.

  You know, you are my only obsession.

  I really want to pull you into darkness.

  But I can’t bear to see your sad face.

  Please forgive me for being so dark.

  Like a demon, his hand slowly untied the girl’s skirt, and held up her slender swan-like neck. The skirt was slowly pulled off, and the sword-like hands was like a work of art, carefully taking off the girl’s white underwear and close-fitting clothes.

  The expression on the prince’s face is getting worse and worse.

  There is only the sound of his heavy breathing in the room.

  He showed a fascinating smile, and the depths of his eyes were so thick that there was no light within the darkness.

  He’s going to break down.

  What should I do?

  He is black from beginning to end.

  Kneeling on his legs, a girl was treated like a precious treasure. Numerous kisses fell gently from her neck to her toes.

  The air is filled with strong emotions and colors, and evil blossoms like a beautiful mandala.

  One, two, three.

  It’s like blood without the blemishes.

  Pure and dangerous.

  ”Witch! Witch…” The horrified shouts came from the messy clothes thrown randomly on the floor, as if it was shocked.

  The prince’s eyes glimmered with darkness.

  He lowered his head and placed a heavy kiss on her white and delicate calf. He turned away from the girl, bent down and picked up some clothing. Finally, he picked up the magic wand that had fallen to the floor.

  ”Little magic wand, you’re such a disobedient bad wand.”

  The dark face is immersed as a dangerous night, just like the disguise of a demon, revealing his true face in the dead of the night.

  The magic wand felt that his tiny body was under control by a huge, invisible and irresistible force, and it felt a terrible horror.

  ”Y…Y…Your royal highness, please don’t be so cruel to me, I will be broken, I beg you to please stop.”

  ”My good wand, you have to obey me, you know.”

Author’s Notes:

Prince: The little magic wand should be obedient.

Magic wand: Hey, why is he so horrible…?

TL Note: Thank god for the loyal wand’s cock blocking, things would have been bad for our Snow White. Wouldn’t be surprised if some readers dropped this series after this chapter since there are some that are fully against anything rape related.

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    The magic wand sure is loyal.
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