The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 17

Translated by Novice Translations

Don’t Ignore the Words of the Little Animals

 The prince’s soul was swallowed up by the darkness.

  This is the prayer bead of dedication’s prophecy given to the witch.

  Listen, to it’s singing with a faint voice –

  ”Despair is like a cluster of dead flowers,”

  ”The breath of death is frightening,”

  ”The Holy Light is falling, deep into the dark swamp.”

  The witch, blinded by ignorance, is far from aware of the importance of the revelation of the prayer bead’s speech.

  She only knew that when she got up early in the morning and she had moved inexplicably onto the bed. She was scared and turned and fell to the thick floor.

  Once again, there was a sleeping silver-haired young man lying in the place where she was supposed to sleep last night. The young man was covered under her silk quilt facing away from her, showing only his bright white-silver hair.

  As if!

  Is she a pig? How on earth did he break her enchantment and quietly change positions with her if he was sleeping like the dead?

  Although the clothes on my body are still intact, I am very angry!

  The young girl’s delicate white tender feet stepped on the silver hair with one foot, she maliciously crushes it to vent out anger. The young man opened his sleeping eyes dimly, but the young man’s mouth was crushed by her foot.

  ”Ibis, how did I sleep on the bed? Did you do anything bad?”

  From the youth’s line of sight, he can see the girl’s angry face in the glare of the morning light. Looking like a little squirrel who was robbed of her hazelnuts, the green-blue eyes stared at him rounded and big, pouting her lips. She asked him angrily in a soft voice even when she was angry.

  The slender, white legs were looming under the swaying skirt, emitting a pearl-like whiteness.

  His Royal Highness was not calm, his heart trembled violently, and his breathing was unregulated and disorderly.

  His eyes flickered with a bit of guilt, and he quickly blinks his eyes shyly. His broken brain has a shameful thought. But, on the surface, he seems to be ashamed of doing bad things to her.

  There was an unexpected reaction of excitement somewhere.

  Her toes are blocking his mouth. The things that he has sneakily done last night was desperately stuck in his mind for a long time. Oh, her angry look is really cute, ah, ah, is he broken?

Obviously, he was trampled on without dignity, but he was not angry at all, actually he still wants her to step on him for a while longer. What should he do? He wants to stick out his tongue, just like last night…


  Suddenly, the witch’s toe felt a damp wetness. She raised her foot in fright, and her delicate little face turned red with anger and stared at the culprit with a silly expression.

  ”You, you – deadly pervert!” Actually, licking her feet, ah ah ah ah, that guy is crazy, how can he do such a disgusting thing?

  The deadly pervert slowly emerges from the quilt and rubbed his violet peach blossom eyes that seems to not have woken up yet. His soft silver hair was disorderly, the hair on the top of his head naughtily erect like an antenna. He had an innocent look on his face, it was quite sellable.

  ”Snow White, last night I was worried that you would catch a cold in your sleep. I just wanted to change positions with you. I didn’t mean anything else.” Look at his sincere expression, please trust him.

  The prince, who had been walking further and further down the disintegrating road, looked at the girl in front of him as if she was about to cry. He hastily defends himself.

  I have to say that our male protagonist is indeed really… shameless.

  Last night, hey, let’s not talk about it.

  As the stupid witch was quietly under the sleep magic, her last night’s memory was enshrouded in a beautiful dream. She doubtfully scrutinizes the pretending calm youth, trying to force him to confess it all.

  Except the prince was shy enough to cover his face. –

  ”Snow White, you and your gaze make me hot all over.”

  ”Don’t look at me. Well, I can’t stand it.” 

  What else could she say about this perversion?

  She had dead fisheyes.

  There is no love in life.jpg.

  Here, we must congratulate our prince, in addition to flying on the shameless road, he succeeded in practicing superb acting skills, even if he was thrown into her scrutinizing eyes thousands of times, he persisted in saving his face and honing his skill.

  There’s an applause here.

  Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap.

  The witch was so stuffy that she felt like she was about to explode at the spot.

  In the early morning, the girl decided to have a serious face-to-face conversation with the broken prince in front of her.

  She strictly declares that the safe distance between them must be half a meter away. He can’t say strange things or do strange things. It can’t be done without her permission, he cannot violate these rules.

  ”Everyone has a patient limit, your Royal Highness, I am blunt, if you keep doing this, I probably will not accept your love even when I die.”

  His Royal Highness: Snow White is very angry.

  Is it too late to admit my mistake now?

  [(T ^ T)]

  ”Snow White, I am wrong! I, I shouldn’t move you to the bed without your permission last night!” I also held and kissed you and did some bad things.

  Only the ghost knows if this was a sincere or false confession.

  But in any case, the witch who had been exhausted from the abnormal pervert has finally won for the first time in this inexplicable morning.

  Oh, it probably means literally.

  The witch and the prince had planned to go to Karon City early in the morning to buy some supplies and then set off for Engelmod, but they were retained by the Viscount. He stated that there were witches in the city of Karon, the city must be blocked for three days to get rid of the filth. If the prince forcibly leaves now, he fears that it will cause public anger.

  The so-called removal of filth is to send the ashes of the burnt bodies to the church to receive magic purification from the priest of light.

  The witch who died tragically was so pathetic, Snow White had heard that her daughter who was seriously ill could no longer bear the pain and died alone in the middle of the previous night.

  The witch’s mood was as unpleasant as this gloomy rainy day. She stayed in the room with a sullen sorrow. The prince quietly accompanied her, he couldn’t help but reach out and touch her soft hair. He held her one hand to his heart and lowered his head to print a pious kiss on it.

  ”Snow White, you see, the sky outside is raining because of your sorrow, and my heart is covered with that cold rain. My dear princess, what can I do for you to regain your smile?”

  She turned a deaf ear and after a long time, she took her hand silently from his big hand and suddenly said softly: “Do you know that when we first met, you crusade my neighbor, the dragon, I was scared… … I thought that I would end up like the dragon.”

  Obviously, he did nothing, but she was marked with misfortune.

  She knows she is a witch, but why must witches be considered evil?

  That feeling.

  It’s really bad.

  It’s like being labeled as a discriminatory person, how can you wash it out?

  ”Why are you different from other people?”

  Her green eyes were full of doubts, but she heard the young man who smile gently.

  His Royal Highness, a handsome silver-haired prince, narrowed his eyes. He seemed afraid to look directly at her, but he firmly said, “Whether Snow White is a witch or an ordinary person, for me, Snow White is Snow White, my only princess”

  What about evil witches?

  He doesn’t care.

  He only cares whether Snow White loves him or not.

  His only prayer is that one day she will be able to trust him with her heart.

  Why can’t such a tiny wish come true?

  ”My princess, please don’t be afraid, I will never hurt you.” Please don’t look at him with prejudice. This is his humble and tiny prayer.

  For an idiot, it seems that no matter what her identity is, he could ignore it directly, love is love, and he can’t wait to shackle the other person into his own world.

  It seems that our broken prince still has praise-worthy merits, er, although the disadvantage outweighs the advantages by N times.


  Outside the castle, the rain was pattering. The slightly cold rain enveloped the world in a hazy rain curtain. It did not stop until night came.

  The prince was invited by the Viscount to participate in the evening banquet. It naturally became a topic to hear that the great and honorable prince, His Royal Highness, was in a remote city. Once the witch trial was over, the residents of the city had unprecedented admiration and curiosity for the Kingdom of Kelub’s lonely eagle.

  So, the Viscount invited the nobles to come to the castle.

  The carriages in front of the castle are endless, and the women with delicate makeup were helped by the servants. In order not to make the expensive and complicated dresses stained with dirty mud, the humble and inferior coachman stooped down and did his best to elevate the beautiful and luxurious dresses of the owners.

  The solemn castle was decorated, and the magnificent lobby had magnificent golden purple silk velvet curtains. The mermaid wall lamp on the wall was lighted by the servants for a long time, and the inside and outside of the castle were brightly lit.

  The windows carved with dark patches reflected the people’s imagination and intertwined talk with laughter.

  The Wisteria flowers wrapped enchantingly around the mottled walls of the ancient castle, gently swaying in the breeze, as if in response to the hustle and bustle of the lively castle.

  In this quiet night, something is whispering.

  The witch couldn’t stand the lively atmosphere and slipped out of the hall full of singing and dancing while the prince was surrounded by a group of aristocrats.

  She fumbled up the third staircase of the castle according to her memory. In the empty corridor, besides the occasional shaking of the lights along the mermaid wall embedded within the mottled walls, she sank into a state of lethargy.

  ”Squeak, what’s the number?”

  ”Squeak, nine.”

  Two mice were whispering.

  Her footsteps stopped at the corner of the stone staircase and found two small shadows passing by at the end of the staircase. They walked extremely fast and disappeared into the dark corners in the blink of an eye.

  The group of mice might be busy carrying food during the banquet. The witch didn’t care. She grabbed the tedious and gorgeous long dress and slowly stepped in the corridor, but soon she found out that she could not find her room.

  The castle was so big that each door looked strikingly similar. She bitterly looked like a headless fly, and suddenly heard the familiar and small voices.

  ”Squeak, what’s the number?”

  “Squeak, thirteen.”

  The big plump mouse with a ripe plum in its jaws, suddenly burst out from the sole of her foot screaming in terror. The witch jumped aside with her new dress in her hand.

  ”Squeak, she scared me, she looks as beautiful as the girls that the Viscount secretly hides.”

  ”Squeak, it’s not. The Viscount secretly hides old, haggard, wrinkled old women.”

  The witch thought the little mice were ridiculous. Look, these two real mice are so bold that they were arguing where people can see them.

  Hey, hey, she is still around. Why aren’t they afraid of her?

  ”Nonsense, it is clearly beautiful girls. They are dressed in white dresses with red flowers blooming on them and lie quietly on the ground.”

  ”Nonsense, obviously wrinkled old women who are dressed in white with red flowers blooming on them, sleeping quietly on the ground.”

  ”Is it that important that it’s girls or old women?” The kind witch couldn’t help but interrupt their quarrel and crouched on the stone floor with her chin propped up and asked curiously.

  The bold mice, as if frightened, stop quarreling, but was restless for a second.

  ”Squeak, she can understand us!”

  ”Squeak, go quickly, we can’t be found by her, we secretly took a lot of plums, cheese and butter, she will tell those pesky mouse catchers with her big mouth!”

  Two tiny black shadows disappeared into a mouse hole in the corner, and even the plums were left behind.

  For the first time, the witch thought the mice were so cute. She went over and bent down to pick up the plum and threw it into the hole.

  ”Don’t worry, little mice, I will definitely keep a secret for you, and I won’t tell the mouse catchers.”

  Suddenly, she felt eyes on her back.

  She turned around and found a gray cat standing silently behind her.

  The gray cat stood quietly in the corridor aisle with a pair of green cat’s eyes that illuminated like a torch, it fixedly looked at her like a horrible ghost that emerged from nowhere.

Author’s Notes:

His Royal Highness: [(T ^ T)] I am uncomfortable, I feel bad, my liver hurts, my lungs hurt… Snow White doesn’t listen to me.

Witch: [(T ^ T)] my God ah, Hong Kong, such a shameless perverted, sticky man…can I change it?

Author: [(T ^ T)] The author is desperate for all his male masters in his writing…But seriously, it seems that every time it turns out the female leads are sicker.

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