The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 18

Translated by Novice Translations

A Lying Gray Cat

In the golden corridor, the gray cat with shiny fur slowly approached the witch elegantly and lazily on the thick soft purple wool carpet. The round cat’s eyes raised its black pupils. Its tail high in the air, the tail tip was slightly curved. At its neck, it was decorated with a hanging ornament inlaid with agate. Every step, its tail would flick slightly, it had a proud and cold demeanor.

  Isn’t this the pet cat that often follows the count?

  Always sleeping lazily on the count’s knees, occasionally opening its eyes like a princess, inspecting the people present, it opened its mouth to reveal sharp teeth, yawning, and then turning over to sleep.

  The gray cat walked slowly to the witch and raised its head and its four claws. The cat’s green eyes examined the young girl curiously. Its tail was slightly lifted and softly bent into a question mark.

  ”Do you understand animals?”

  Ah, ah it’s a Mr. Gray Cat.

  Its gray-white fur looks soft and smooth, reflecting slightly under the bright candlelight. The witch crouched down and raised her hand with a smile. When she reached to touch the fluffy fur on the ears of the gray cat, the cat dodged unhappily, and lowered both of its ears, and the vertical pupils of its fundus shrank into a semi-circular arc.  

  ”Don’t touch me, you stupid human, answer my words quickly.”

  The gray cat paced around her impatiently, and its tail kept swinging as if urging her to answer. The witch took back her hand in dismay and the corner of her mouth twitched. Uh, sure enough… no matter what, cats everywhere are the same type of urine.

  She was scorned by a cat.

  [(T ^ T)]

  ”Mr. Cat, I can understand.” So, you stinky cat, be polite! What do you mean by narrowing your eyes? Is that contempt for me…?

  She seems to be despised?

  Wait, it’s not an illusion, that stinky cat really despises her!

  ”Since you can understand what I am talking about… you must be a witch.” The gray cat jumped onto the wall window decorated with golden powder, laying on the edge of the quaint vase filled with roses, the round cat’s eyes were filled with suspicion.

  ”Stupid witch, I saw you accompanying that noble prince all this time. What is your relationship?”

  Mr. Cat, can you stop using adjectives when talking to people?

  ”Why do you ask so many questions?” The witch was too lazy to respond to the bad-tempered and arrogant cat. She lifted her skirt and turned right through the stone arch. The annoying cat kept sticking to her side and its claws silently stepping onto the ground.

  The gray cat easily leaped over the threshold, jumping naughtily on the iron frame of the snow-white Roman pillar from time to time. It crossed its front paws and approach the witch. “I saw you go into the same room together, and you hide your identity as a witch and willing to be his lover.”

  ”It’s none of your business.”

  ”But I just saw that the prince is dancing in the hall with the daughter of a nobleman. It seems that the prince did not attach much importance to you.”

  This gossip cat!

  The witch went to every door and peeked in with her head to see if it was her room. Her footsteps and movements never stopped and dealt with perfunctorily. “Yes, he doesn’t care about me. We are quickly going to part ways. Why do you talk so much…?”

  “Well, am I?” The ghostly gray cat is like a human. The ghostly cat’s strange tone is not as pure and lovely as the small animals she met before. The witch remembers the owner of the castle. –

  The short, pale-faced Viscount with a white beard and mustache is also a sophisticated figure and received the prince luxuriously. She turns around and asks for information regarding the Viscount. She talks about the witch who was burned to death which was disdainful and disgusting.

  Every time the witch meets him, she can feel the disdain and contempt from the other side.

  Well, in the eyes of the Viscount, she is a cheap item. Even if the prince paid attention to her humble lineage, she is only a temporary plaything.

  It is said that pets and their owners will become similar after a long time, and the gray cat’s tone of voice is similar to the Viscount.

  ”Where on earth, oh, this castle is really too big.” The witch was an idiot, blindly wandering between these numerous similar rooms and corners, and finally she sat down discouraged on a stone-step and sighed dejectedly.

  The ghost gray cat walked up to her side. “Witch, what are you looking for?”

  ”I want to go back to my room, but I can’t find where it is.” Hey, otherwise go back to the lobby, if you can’t find your room to rest by daybreak.

  The gray cat laughed and walked around her in a malicious manner. The tail twisted into a curved arc. “You are stupid.”

  This annoying stinky cat!

  ”I will take you back.”


  The witch got up and grabbed her tedious dress. “Really! Thank you so much!”

  Although your mouth is poisonous, you are quite kind.

  The witch contemplates in her heart.

  The gray cat jumped up the stairs and slipped lightly down the steps. “Stupid witch, catch up to me.”

  One person and one cat shuttle through the empty and quiet castle, through every staircase, every arch and corner, the figures pass, only the burning candlelight flickered with small flames and occasionally display their silhouettes.

  Somehow, the room in her memory didn’t seem to be far away, but she felt like she has been walking for a long time.

  ”Haven’t we arrived yet?”

  ”It’s coming soon.”

  After the third inquiry, the gray cat still answered with the same words.

  Finally, the gray cat stopped in front of a room door. The wooden carved door was inlaid with exquisite gem fragments. It seems to be no different from the other doors. There were similar vases between every door.

  ”It’s right here.”

  The gray cat bowed on the carpet, and its tail was strangely aligned to its body. It lowered its head and licked its front paws. The fluffy cat’s ears were flat, and the vertical pupils in its green eyes were constantly enlarged.

  The witch succumbed back doubtfully, tilted her head, raised her chin and murmured, “Why don’t I feel that this is my room?”

  She felt that something was wrong.

  ”Miao~, witch, have you wander so far before, did you get confused?” The gray cat stood up and walked to her side and gently tugged her skirt. “I will send you in.”

  ”Oh, thank you, gray cat.” She was dimly pushed, but the words of the gray cat did not seem to have any thorns. The witch opened the door in confusion, but when the light outside fell into darkness, an unidentified object suddenly hit her head. –



  The witch’s cheek was badly scratched, and she lowered her head in a panick to pull the cat out of her hair. She didn’t know why it suddenly went mad. –

  ”Get down! Don’t grab my hair… It hurts!”

  A dark-haired girl stumbled into the room, trying to get the gray cat off her head, which was holding onto her hair and refused to let go. The three scratches on her white cheek burned with hot fiery pain.

  There seemed to be nothing in the room, but she struggled violently without bumping into anything. The gray cat raised its paw and tried to claw out her eyes. The witch raised her hand sharply and grabbed the claws hard. She pulled back but heard the cry of the gray cat screaming out its heart and lungs. –

  ”You inferior witch! Don’t stop yet!”

  She felt her scalp being scratched by the damn cat’s claws again, and the blood was warm and sticky, running down her smooth forehead, dripping onto the clothes on her chest.

  ”Dead cat! My scalp will be ripped off by you!” Just after she finished her words, the witch’s heel seemed to step on something protruding. She seemed to hear a very slight “click”.

  The gray cat scratched harder.

  ”Meow! Meow! Meow! You go in for me!”

  Go in?

  The witch’s scalp was sore and bloody. She was unable to resist the intense attack of the gray cat. In the blink of an eye, she was scratched with a bloody mark on her face, so she was so angry that she pinched the dead cat’s neck. But when she stepped back, she found that there was a big black hole behind her –

  Trench! Why is it there?!

  Unfortunately, our heroine had a bad fate, she fell into a basement.

  This place……

  With the little mice arguing –

  ”Nonsense, it is clearly beautiful girls. They are dressed in white dresses with red flowers blooming on them and lie quietly on the ground.”

  ”Nonsense, obviously wrinkled old women who are dressed in white with red flowers blooming on them, sleeping quietly on the ground.”

  ”The beautiful girl fell in too.”

  ”The beautiful girl was dressed into a white dress. She closed her eyes and looked peaceful as if she had fallen asleep.”

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