The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 20

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He Came Out of the Dust

 There was a young man who once told her.

  No matter what corner she hides in, he will find her.

  All day long, sticking to her like a fart bug, she often feels that that fellow was quite annoying.

  But this annoying guy, as she is on the verge of despair, he walks toward her from the dusty smoke in the form of her savior.

  His white coat was splashed with blood stains, and the ruined clothes hung on him like a rag, revealing tense but powerful muscle.

  ”I found it.”

  The cold tone of the silver-haired youth was like a dagger that has been quenched with ice. The witch looks at him on the verge of death, and her eyes are empty and dull.

  When he saw the girl’s limbs being crucified on the cross, her chest brutally inserted by a dagger, and the heart from her chest was pinched by the middle-aged man’s hand beside her. Her heart turned into a hard, cold black stone. She was bathed in blood, and the white dress turned blood-red. The prince’s heart seemed to be tightly held by an invisible hand, and the pain was suffocating.

  The pupils in his purple eyes contracted sharply, and the depths were filled with chilling lethality. The blood stains left on the ruby-encrusted sword seemed to silently prove the occurrence of killing and emits a seeping aura.

  ”Meow-!” The gray cat next to the Viscount suddenly uttered a fearful cry and flew to the cross above the witch’s head in horror.

  ”Your Royal Highness, the Prince!” The Viscount watched in horror at the handsome young man, who looked to have come out of hell, walked towards him with a fierce look and his sword. The powerful killing pressure made him gasp for breath.

  ”You see, she is a wicked witch! Her identity was discovered by me…for your safety in mind, I put her–” He staggered back and finally found his soft back against the stone wall covered with old brown blood.

  There was no way to retreat.

  ”Wicked witch?” The voice of the youth was extremely light, and the tone rose slightly at the end, as if he were asking questions, and as if he were mocking.

  In the dimly lit room, even the dazzling silver hair, was covered with a heavy blackness within the gloomy darkness.

  The prince, who had always been praised for his bravery and integrity, slightly lowered his head. His beautiful purple eyes were shallowly covered by his bangs, and his emotions could not be discerned from his face within the dark secret chamber.

  The corners of his mouth were strangely curved into a frigid arc and he spoke calmly and softly.

  ”You inferior pariah who dedicates himself to the devil, you are not qualified to say such a thing. Rest assure, I will cut your limbs and head and place them on the altar and let you follow the damn Plathus forever.”

  The countless dead sacrifices to the devil wept.

  Countless blood oozed from the gap between the stone walls of the secret chamber, the silent roar of the dead.

  The Viscount’s elegant mask was torn slightly apart, revealing his original bloodthirsty and ferocious nature.

  ”It’s just a lowly and worthless slave…for what?”

  The Viscount, who looked extremely frightened, changed to a strange gloomy smile, his face was covered with dark purple and emitted a strange aura. The stone heart was randomly thrown aside, bumping and rolling into the blood trough of the dark magic array and penetrated by the witch’s blood.

  The Dark Magic Array glows a little darkly, but no one noticed.

  ”I didn’t want to go against you… My dear prince, you are a high-profile figure. Why would you lose your life for a lowly woman? You forced me.”

  The Viscount’s lips kept moving and the prince was swallowed within a moment by the sudden burst of black flames from within the ground. It surrounded the prince like a fire dragon—

  ”God of the dark abyss, take my humble soul as an opportunity to grant me the power of destruction!”

  “This is the anger from the abyss of hell. If you don’t pay attention to it, you will be burned to ashes.”

  Even the greatest swordsman of the Kingdom of Kelub?

  The Viscount thought with triumph.

  Only light can dispel darkness, but the Temple of Light was not present, and the black magic that has been contracted is like a curse, making a terrifying low whisper.

  Nothing can stop the spread of despair.

  The noble Prince Ibis is about to lose his life here.

  Great devil Plathus!

  This is my most abundant tribute I offer you!

  Please –

  The dark flame was instantly covered and swallowed by the dazzling light. The powerful magic excavates the narrow chamber. The force caused the earth to quickly tremble, the light penetrates the dark flame and rushed to the chamber’s vault. It ruthlessly penetrated the hard basement and created a large and shocking hole.

  The sacred light of hope scatters countless dust-like brilliant lights and expels the dark magic within the secret chamber little by little.  

  ”This…this is! No, impossible-“

  The Viscount watched in horror and trembled with fear. He panicked and looked around, but there was no escape.

  Do you know what despair is?

  When the underestimated enemy breaks through the obstacles laid with all his strength without effort, the win-lose situation was already decided without suspense.

  The white fat face was covered with shock and fear, and the hand that violently shakes couldn’t wipe the cold sweat on his face.

  ”What’s the matter…”


  Why does he have the power of light –

  He obviously looks like a young man without any fluctuations in light magic, but –

  The silver-haired youth raises his sword in his hand, the murderous intent leaking from his eyes. His clothes were burned by the dark flame. His tense and bulging muscles were as hard and abrupt as bones, in stark contrast to his handsome appearance.

  He was as quick as a leopard, passing by at a very fast speed. He approached the white fat man who cringed and trembled cowardly begging for mercy. His purple eyes, which had been covered by his bangs, were finally exposed to the Viscount with the coldness of murder.

  The sick and crazy purple eyes were covered in dark shadows and stares at the Viscount condescendingly. The curvatures at the corners of his mouth grew bigger and bigger, it looked terrifying and strange.

  ”What? Are you afraid?” The voice of the young man was still gentle and soft.

  ”You touched my princess with that dirty hand. I am very unhappy.”

  A sword raised was printed by a shadow on the wall, and only a terrified scream was heard. The blood-stained shadow suddenly separated and flew out two broken limbs.

  Blood splashed on the stone walls, which were covered with moss and the blood of countless people.

  ”Your legs look disgusting, too.”

The words just fell, accompanied by the Viscount’s deep-seated wail, his thighs were cut off.

  ”Oh, that ugly face is really nauseating.”

  The viscount’s frightened expression was fixed at the last moments of his death. His ugly head rolled and rolled, then finally stopped at the corner of the devil’s altar with a thump.

  The sacred light expelled the darkness in the secret room, and also forced the black light that was scattered on the black magical array to be suppressed. The witch closed her eyes and did not know whether she was dead or alive. The sly gray cat quietly tried to slip away from the unremarkable wall but was pierced by the prince’s magic sword.

  The young man walked to the girl’s side, bent down and picked up her stone heart bathed in her blood. Her heart was like a knife, and the disguised mask she had on all this time was torn to pieces, her beautiful face was stained from the violent and manic murder.

  It’s dyed black.

  It can’t be restored.

  ”Plathus, you’re gone…but how come the ghost still lingers?”

  The oppressive voice had an indescribable tone. He burned the Viscount and gray cat’s mutilated corpse with magic full of hate.

  ”My princess, I am sorry.” He was reluctant to dye her black but was smothered by the dark apostle.


  I wish I could kill all those damn people.

  The twisted face gradually revealed pain, and the prince lowered his head and kissed the cold stone heart. A magical scene happened.

  The cold stone heart was beating slowly, and, in his hands, it was transformed into a beating heart again.

  Only the heart had small blemishes.

  It exudes a hint of purple black.

  ”It’s all my fault, blame me. why didn’t I show up in time?” The young man’s purple eyes shed sad tears. He carefully removed her shackles that bound the witch’s hands and feet. She lay quietly in his arms. The pale, colorless face was stained with some blood, just like falling asleep, she had no sense of the outside world.

  Tears fell on her face, sliding down her cheeks and onto the ground.

  The prince put the heart back into the witch’s chest. His big hand covered her chest, which was cut open by the dagger. The holy light shined gently on her chest. The bloody wound slowly joined together at a speed visible to the naked eye, leaving only a fierce scar.

  The heart was beating again.

  The wounds on her limbs and face were healed by him, but the lost blood could not be returned. The prince’s head lay sadly on her chest and listened quietly to the rhythm of the beating heart. It seemed that this was the only way he could feel at ease.

  He picked up his cherished princess and slowly walked out of the secret room filled with blood. All the way through the road paved with broken limbs, like a demon coming out of hell.

  How could anyone who signed a contact with the devil wield the divine magic of light?

  The sacred and powerful Holy Light suddenly penetrated the top of the castle and shocked the ambassadors of light within the king’s capital.

  In the solemn hall, there are deep and ancient bells sounding, remote and solemn, coming from the sky, and like the prophecy from the God of Light, Asla.

  ”What’s going on here…”

  ”The Holy Light came from the northwest, and I don’t know which great hermit sent it out.”

  The magic emissaries in white robes churned out in the main cathedral, gathered in front of a round bead suspended on the altar, each with a face full of panic.

  The smooth surface of the beads reflects the dark stars of the night, and in the central city stands a statue of the great God of Light, Asra. But –

  “Look, the God of Light, he’s crying!”

Author’s Notes:

From the little magic wand shivering a complaint: (T ^ T) The Viscount can relate to my fear, whine, afraid.

His Royal Highness, the Prince’s awakening as a new man [Ghost Chu]

Stupid authors needs to be cheered on _(:з”∠)_

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