The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 21

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War Games and Dreams

“Your Majesty, why are you so soft-hearted?”

  ”Ferrer, I’m just wondering when I’ll be free.”

  ”Your Highness, what are you talking about?”

  ”To be honest, I’m really tired of this bloody and boring game.”

  Who is talking in her ear?

  A woman.

  A man.



  Her heart seems to have been dug out.

  The pain is beyond words.

  It’s like the last pain to feel before death.


  Is she really dead?

  The witch pushed away the white fog that was thicker than milk, but her eyes were reddened by the blood all over the ground.

  Dead bodies everywhere.

  The abandoned armor of the chariot.

  The broken crusade flag slopes down the yellow sand and falls on the charred wood. The vultures in the air hovered over the corpses. The dead soldiers gaze at the predators powerlessly with their muddy eyes, leaving them to peck at their flesh and skin and while they rot and stink.

  This is a terrible hell on earth.

  Her memory was in that dark and smelly underground chamber. How can she appear in a different purgatory in a blink of an eye?

  She stared in horror and was speechless. Her throat seemed to be blocked by a dry stone, hesitating and unable to speak.

  ”Your Highness, this is not a boring game.”

  The witch stood next to two people but couldn’t see their faces. She heard the man say in a cruel and cold voice, “It’s your duty.”

  They didn’t seem to see her, as if they were separated into two worlds by an invisible boundary. The witch stretched out her five fingers and waved it in front of the two people. She was clearly in front of them but was treated like air.

  ”Tired of this boring game?”


  Referring to war?

  It’s really cold-blooded.

  Taking war as a game.

  The bright silver haired woman’s face seemed to be covered with a thick white mist, she wore a long black dress. No matter how the witch looked at her, she could not see her face. She could only hear her voice with fatigue. “Ferrer, you are not me, and you can’t understand my pain.”

  ”Your Honorable Highness, with all due respect, if you hesitate to do so again, perhaps your wishes will never be realized.”

  The woman replaced her painful struggle with silence, and the man no longer said anything, but the witch had an inexplicable irritation.

  For some reason, she seems to feel the pain of the woman in front of her. The sudden tremendous sorrow and torment engulfed the witch’s mind like the waves in the sea.

  ”What on earth are you talking about? How come I can’t understand?”

  No one answered her, even though she waved her hand toward the two people and threaded through their bodies –

  She had no sense of existence like a mass of air.

  ”Your Royal Highness, the more disasters you create, the more uneasy the Temple of Light is. You know that the Son of Light has come, that young man…”

  ”What can that child do? It’s just a young messenger of light. You’re so annoying, Ferrer!”

  The woman impatiently interrupted the man’s words, behind her back was a pair of black wings strangely extended. The witch’s chin dropped so much it couldn’t be recovered.

  Wait a moment, this woman has a pair of wings behind her?!

  Shit. Did I cross to a strange place?

  Why does she have wings? She brought her wings forward. Oh, she flew away.

  The scene was finally focused on the woman’s dazzling silver hair and wings, just like watching a movie’s curtain call.

  The scene in front of the witch twisted and distorted rapidly. A black hole silently appeared behind her. When she was sucked into the black hole, her ear rang from the man’s cold and emotionless words –

  ”Your Royal Highness, your mind is shaken. This is not…a good thing”


  When the witch awakened from her strange dream, she stared at the dome’s mural above her head in a daze for a long time.

  There was chaos in her head. 

  So where?

  Where is the follow-up of that dream?

  Hey, this dream is not fun at all, okay? Is she being played?

  Who is the silver-haired woman who has inexplicably long wings? Where did she fly?

  Oh, please forgive our witch. This girl is a little short-circuited now. She hasn’t calmed down from her weird dream yet.

  Until her head was gently pressed, her eyes were covered with dark shadows, and her eyes were scratched naughtily with a strand of hair, and his forehead pressed against her forehead.

  ”My princess, you finally woken up.”

  The youth’s gentle whisper rings in her ears, his deep voice flicks slightly on her sensitive eardrums. It had a strange crispness.

  The witch was shocked and had not recovered for a long time.

  Should she struggle about why she’s still alive after her heart was dug out?

  Her heart turned into stone in the Viscount’s hands!

  ”I’m still not dead.”

  Her words seemed to amuse the young man. The man pulled away a small distance with a smile, gently rubbing her small face, his eyes full of pampering.

  ”Fool, how can you die?”

  There was no light in the dark room. She was half lying on a soft bed. The high curtain separated her from the youth on the narrow bed. There was a faint shadow in the air.

  The frame flashed by in her mind like a movie playback.

  The evil Viscount cruelly cut her chest.

  This young man appeared at the moment of her despair. 

  He saved her.

  The girl drowsily lowered her head and pressed her hand on her soft chest. She clearly sensed that her heart was bouncing vigorously in her chest.

  What’s going on?

  ”He dug my heart out.”

  Her face looked very stunned, and she couldn’t help setting her eyes on the young man. Even the dark room could feel her prying eyes, and it seemed so helpless.

  ”But I didn’t die.”

  ”I saw my heart turned into a hard-cold stone. The viscount was also surprised and he asked me…”

  ”Snow White, you are tired.” The young silver-haired man gently embraced her, pressed her on his chest and anxiously rubbed the hair near her ear with his chin.

  ”Those are hallucinations.” 


  ”Have you forgotten that evil fellow is a devil who practices black magic?”

  They are good at using illusions to confuse the enemy.

  As a witch, isn’t she the clearest on this matter?

  The facts from the prince’s mouth deviated from her memory.

  He said that the viscount smuggled and killed countless innocent girls and witches, he used their hair, heart and eyes on the altar to sacrifice to the devil Plathus.

  He signed a contract with the devil. Every time he killed a girl or witch, his soul will be eroded by the darkness and his strength would be stronger. The more ambitious he was, the more he longed to use evil black magic to extend his abilities and life at the expense of others. He used this to aid in transforming his heart, soul and body.

  The gray cat that can talk –

  Yes, the gray cat that can talk.

  It used to be his loyal confidant, but because of a bad disease, the Viscount did not find a suitable body, so he transfers his heart and soul to a cat.

  He hoped to contribute the witch’s body parts to the devil and give the gray cat a new body, but.

  ”He touched my beloved princess with his dirty hands.”

  His Royal Highness, the Prince’s handsome face was darkened with gloom, and he reached out and place his hand on the witch’s chest, overlapping her hand.

  ”What I regret the most is that I didn’t find Snow White in time.” And the scar left on her delicate white skin.

  The young silver-haired man’s eyes were red. He lowered his head and pulled her hand away. He painfully branded a kiss on her chest with no desire.

  His purple eyes were covered with thick eyelashes and trembled.

  When the kiss was imprinted on the scar of her heart, the witch could almost hear her heart beating fast enough to erupt, and her cheeks were so hot as if it could steam a crab.

  She questioned the facts that he said.

  She pushed the man away with some embarrassment but did not dare to look into his eyes.

  ”How did you find me?”

  The prince kept silent for a long time and seemed to be thinking about how to answer her question.

  ”There are servants in the castle. They all know about the things in the basement. I use a sword to threaten one of them by placing it on their neck and ask about the Viscount’s secret.” Since it is a secret, how can it be easily obtained?

  He killed all the way through the castle with red eyes, but finally from the mouth of a mouse living in the castle, he learn about the castle’s secret.

  The little mice told him –

  ”Squeak, squeak, another beautiful girl with black hair fell in.”

  Where did she fall?

   ”Squeak, she fell into the secret basement from the penultimate room on the second floor.”

  ”The beautiful girl was dressed in a white dress with beautiful flowers on her body. She closed her eyes and looked peaceful as if she had fallen asleep.”

  ”Sorry, my princess for being too late.” His Royal Highness extended his hand and wanted to hold her in his arms again, but the girl blushed, panicked and dodged.

  ”Thank you, thank you for saving me.” It was a hard and unnatural thank you.

  The witch’s heart became muddy and confused, and she thought: This guy is an obsessive idiot and pervert all the time!

  But he saved you!

  With his sword, he slain the darkness and despair that trapped her, and walked towards her like a hero from dust—

  The scene was deeply engraved in her memory.

  The witch buried herself in the soft silk bed, her cheeks burning with fire.

  Just as she was at a loss because she didn’t know what type of mentality to have in order to face the youth in front of her eyes. The silver-haired youth approached anxiously and rubbed her hair. 

  ”Snow White, are you still uncomfortable?” 

  ”Where does it hurt?” 

  ”It doesn’t make sense…I’ve carefully checked. Is there anywhere else I might have missed?”

  The shoulder strap of her dress was pulled down bit by bit and the abhorrent voice rattled on.

  ”Let me see if there’s a wound, hey, turn around and show me…”

  ”You, did you help check my injuries?” The witch, who had slow reflexes, reacted this time. She turned her head and stared at his eyes with dismay. “Weren’t my clothes changed by a servant?”

  ”How can I rest assure if others touch you?” His Royal Highness sighed with vinegar1eating vinegar – being jealous and said with some anger, “I won’t give my princess to anyone else.”

  She is holy. Her holy body must be guarded by him…

  ”You – go to hell!” Whoop, Mom, that bastard looked at her body.

Author’s Notes:

Author: What was it? Your Royal Highness, you seem to have said in a previous chapter that you can’t understand animals, right ……?

His Royal Highness, the Prince: I remember the original words: “You can communicate with animals, it is better to ask how to leave this place.” In fact, I didn’t say that I can’t understand…, (///▽///) Snow White is so cute when she talked to the animals seriously. She thought I couldn’t understand them, and her smug triumphant little expression sprouted!

Author: [(?? -_-)] A good cunning man…Can you stop selling yourself as foolish?!

1. Chinese phrase – eating vinegar – being jealous

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