The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 22

Translated by Novice Translations

Is Your Chest Still Hurting? I’ll Blow It.

 How long does it take for a normal person to heal in the event of a serious injury?

  One month?

  Three months?

  Even longer?

  The witch has been thinking about what has happened recently for a few days. 

  She feels that…

  The existence of these things is very unreasonable.

  The tiny wounds that were caused by the cat’s scratches on her face and the wounds on her hands and feet disappeared miraculously. Only a terrible scar with a thickness of twenty centimeters was left on her chest to remind her of the nightmare. 

  Although the prince said that she had been in a coma for more than a month, but those serious wounds were healed regardless of rational thinking –

  She should have died the moment she was cut open by the Viscount.

  The chances of being killed by pain is high.

  Well, maybe it was because of her high pain tolerance and endurance. At that time, she felt that her soul was about to leave her body, but she was still strong enough, so at the moment when the Viscount dug out her heart.——

  The witch felt she couldn’t do it anymore.

  She doesn’t seem to be an ordinary person.

  Although the prince said that it was an illusion, but because of the pain she experienced, it is impossible for her to forget the fear and despair at that time.

  The witch laid in bed and looked through the books that the prince had deliberately brought to her from the Viscount’s library.

  Its title was The Kingdom’s Chronicle.

  However, the page in her hand stayed at page 43.

  Her index finger rubbed the rough pages of the book but stared absent-mindedly at the dense fonts. The book was dull and tediously narrated, it is about the long and turbulent history of the Kingdom of Kelub.

  The witch is ignorant of the world, not to mention the Kingdom in the southern part of the western continent. Although she became an inhabitant of the Kingdom as soon as she opened her eyes, she didn’t have the right to choose her identity or place of birth when she transmigrated.

  Unluckily, she couldn’t choose her own settings.

  By page 43, the witch remembers the world’s analogy of the Kingdom of Kelub as an ambitious python entwined in the southern part of the Western Continent.

  It seems that since long ago, the wars in the Western Continent were raging, and the relationships between countries has been extremely delicate. However, the only light temple that was not controlled by any country has chosen to set up their temple in the ancient Kingdom of Kelub.

  The strange dream she had during her coma allowed her to vaguely remember the temple of light and the son of light, so when she read this book, she felt it was familiar.

  Perhaps her predecessor’s memories remained in the subconscious, and occasionally strange dreams were derived from keywords.

  Somehow it feels a little delicate to dream like this.

  The witch was lying idly in bed thinking.

  But it’s no use thinking too much, so she got out of bed and breathe.

  After all, she was stuffy in this luxurious room for staying in it for too long, she felt she might become silly if she didn’t go out for a breath of fresh air outside.

  The witch tumbled clumsily from the bed and put on new leather shoes. She was wearing a simple but easy to move in yellow dress. When she walked to the door, the magic wand in her pocket suddenly cried.

  ”Witch, witch, where are you going? Your wound is not healed yet.”

  ”I’m all right. Don’t worry.”

  She comfortably touched the slender magic wand soothingly and heard another voice saying, “Witch, witch, you’ve been staying here for a month and a half. When are we leaving to the next place? It’s so boring here, I already feel that my feathers are moldy.”

  Witch (tears): Old quill, don’t say that you’re going to be moldy. I think I’ve become moldy for a long time.

  So, she’s going out to breathe fresh air, and by the way, she tells the idiotic prince, who she doesn’t know what he’s been busy with recently, that she’s leaving tomorrow.

  When the witch opened the door, the soldiers stationed outside greeted her.

  ”Princess, now the prince is in the hall. If you miss the prince, I’ll take you to the hall to meet the prince immediately.”

  Can you still speak well?

  The witch’s mouth is slightly twitching.

  ”Well, please don’t call me Princess. Don’t follow me either, I’ll find him myself.”

  From behind came the soldiers’ energetic reply.

  ”Yes, Princess!”

  Witch: What to do? She wants to curse the two soldiers and turn them to frogs if they talk again?!

  Yes, that’s it.

  Please don’t question why there are two familiar soldiers in front of her door. In fact, it’s not surprising at all.

  She woke up and found that the castle was occupied by the prince’s guards. She asked the prince where the guards, who had often complained or disturbed her in the village, had come from.

  The prince took her shoulders and said with grief, “Because I am greedy to enjoy both worlds and sent the guards because Snow White is seriously injured, I can’t forgive myself!”

  So, you summon those people back from Engelmod?

  To be honest, when she heard this, she was a little touched.

  But the next second the prince stickily approached her chest, full of tension and concern, “Snow White does your chest still hurts?”

  Eh, eh.

  ”Now no, no pain, what are you doing?!”

  The blushing face raised his head hotly with a flushed expression and red ears twitching and shyly smiled at her.

  ”If it hurts, you must say. I’ll blow it for you…no more pain.”

  Witch’s indifferent eyes: Such a good man… Isn’t the hero good? 

  To be honest, she has completely no hope for this man.


  The witch slowly walked through the hall and met many servants moving things, such as valuable collections of portraits, furniture, and antiques. Even the gemstones and gold frames set on the walls were pried off. She looked at the servants moving things out with joy. This situation appears to be a demolition.

  The prince stood in front of the wall in the hall with the Viscount’s murals. The three close guards, A, B and C, who she has seen previously was in a heated discussion with him. The silver-haired youth, who had never looked serious, looked a little grim.

  Instead of rushing over, she grabbed a maid who was holding a gold-framed picture and asked, “What are you doing?”

  When the maid saw the lady, who was always next to the prince, her face became respectful and submissive, and she saluted, “the castle will be burnt down, and the prince allows us to take away the valuables.”

  Burn it?!

  ”Why is it being burned?”

  ”You still don’t know?”

  The maid cautiously stared at her. “On the day you were rescued, His Highness, the Prince made a great fire, killing all the guards who blocked him. These days, the Lord’s relatives were reported, and all hanged, because there were too many people killed here. His Highness said that he would burn the castle. He looked rather unhappy.”

  In this ancient castle built by dark blue stone, how many people lives were buried, and how many souls wandered day and night in this seemingly gorgeous but extremely gloomy place.

  The prince chose to burn this sinful land with fire, and the residents of Karon City, who probably didn’t know the truth, dared not speak out.

  The witch was silent for a long time, and suddenly she looked up and her eyes sparkled with a strange light. “Do you know any other place where the gold and silver jewelry are more convenient to carry? Let’s go together!”

  The panicked maid was frightened by the turn of events. She looked incredulously at the witch who had fallen into greed for money and nodded foolishly.

  Maid: The Prince ordered us to honor the woman in front of us as a princess, but it’s my first time I’ve seen such a grounded princess.

  Well, that doesn’t seem to be the right thing to say. She seems to have seen such a princess.

  In this way, when the witch happily appeared in the hall with a tablecloth wrapped around a large pile of gems and jewels, our prince blinked, a little unresponsive.

  ”Snow White, what are you doing?” The silver-haired youth looked puzzled at the black-haired girl in front of him in doubt. She was carefully packing the tablecloth, and her face was filled with an indulgent smile.

  He only heard the girl reply in a light voice: “That wicked Viscount has injured me so badly that I have to gain compensation.” Well, by the way, she ran to the mouse hole and tricked a greedy mouse out with a piece of cheese, telling them about the burning of the castle.

  At the thought that all these things had been touched by the Viscount, the thorn within the prince erupted.

  ”Those things are stained with filth, if you want gold, silver, precious gems or anything, I’ll give it to you!” His Royal Highness with a bitter face tried to take away the tainted jewels from the girl’s carefully guarded arms, but failed.

  ”I refuse.”

  [(T ^ T)]

  Prince: Snow White refuses my things and yells at me.

  There was a sudden awkward moment in the hall. The guards, A, B, and C, silently watched their master they serve, silently crouching on the ground. He had completely ignored his image and began to abandon himself.

  ”Snow White~”

  ”I feel bad.”


  ”I’m struggling in the abyss of pain. Well, I want to destroy the dirty things in Snow White’s arms.”

  That’s what the heart says, right? Why do you want to speak your mind in such a strange way?

  Guards: Shall we go first?

  It seems that we saw something that we shouldn’t see. The eyes are a bit spicy.

  For example, the prince, who has always been serious, they don’t know why he was selling so hard. Is this the latest springboard1 I would have put IPhone so it would be a more modern saying. Ahaha basically the prince is acting like a salesman pressing people hard to buy his goods (opinion).?

  For example, he uttered his own words without any hindrance, which caused the girl named Snow White to be angry. Uh, she pointed a magic wand at the prince.

  The witch pulled down the thick black lines on her face and pointed the magic wand at the prince.

  Although she has a contract with him, that cannot be broken. If he dares to take away her jewelry that is not easily obtainable, she will set his hair on fire!

  Er, the plot is already powerless.

  Girl, stop and think about other punishments? For example, punish him to not come within one meter of you?

  ”Snow White, you actually want to cast a spell on me.” He wants to cry. If she bullies him like this, his heart will hurt.

  The shivering magic wand: Whoop.

  ”Magic wand, what’s wrong with you? Are you broken?” Did she actually saw her magic wand tremble?

  Where’s the broken magic wand: Bzz Bzz.


  This farce ended in a compromise with the prince.

  On the following day, the sky of Karon City was covered by a heavy haze. The head of the Viscount who has always tried others in the name of justice was hung high in front of the old castle’s gate. It was said that the Viscount had been burned by the angry prince and there was no trace of ashes left. It was only then that the people realized in horror that their revered Viscount has secretly practiced black magic. In the past, some of the women whose hearts had been dug out were witches, while some were innocent civilians.

  Their hearts were cruelly excavated and dedicated to the devil.

  Their bodies were also blindly condemned and vented by angry people.

  The inexhaustible prince led his guards to occupy the city of Karon. A fire burned the historic castle into ruins. The ruined castle seemed to be separated from the world. Except for the gate, which was once the glorious witness of the national emblem inscribed on the stone tablet, all that remained was the vicissitudes of prosperity and darkness.

  When she stepped out of Karon City to the next location, the witch sat on her horseback and looked back again and again as the city of Karon behind her became smaller and smaller. The edge of the city slowly disappeared.

Author’s Notes:

His Royal Highness, the Prince: (T ^ T) Snow White would rather have the property of the sick Viscount with all his sicknesses than mine. My heart aches, liver aches, lung aches. *whines and die from pain*

Witch: Ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha, today also bring your round dog belt2Pretty sure she’s implying he is whipped since she still managed to keep the Viscount’s property with a compromise. So, the round dog belt, I am pretty sure means a dog leash since he’s whipped. .

  1. I would have put IPhone so it would be a more modern saying. Ahaha basically the prince is acting like a salesman pressing people hard to buy his goods (opinion).
  2. Pretty sure she’s implying he is whipped since she still managed to keep the Viscount’s property with a compromise. So, the round dog belt, I am pretty sure means a dog leash since he’s whipped.

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