The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 23

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The Light Statue and Witch

While leaving the city, the witch rode with her heavy old cloth bag on horseback—

  It was full of pearl necklaces and precious stones taken from the count’s home and there were gold coins that were exchanged with some gems, as well as her original travel items.

  She felt that it was necessary to upgrade her equipment when she arrives at Engelmod. There was always the illusion that the cloth bag would not be able to endure holding these items.

  In addition to her own self-review of her recent adventures and her doubts about her own body, the witch has been questioning herself throughout the journey.

  Do you remember the crystal ball that was used to test your soul when you first entered Karon City?

  That crystal is actually an identification tool from the Temple of Light to prevent black magic from mixing into the city.

  The witch discovered this fact from a copy of “National Security Prevention and Basic Measures” obtained from the Viscount’s library –

  [Black Magic Identification Ball]: It can identify black magic. If there is a weak aura of black magic residue within its detection zone, it can also emit a green fog warning.

  It turns out that the black magic identifier that emits green light is a device. The prince and her identities were not recognized, let alone the Viscount’s numerous covert murders within Karon City. It was complete nonsense that the green fog warning is competent.

  ”Every city has a black magic identifier, but it seems useless.”

  ”Actually… Since the magic of the Temple of Light has been weakened, the balls placed at the gates have become jokes.”

  The prince approached his princess gallantly on the dark horse. “Snow White, are you thirsty? Exhausted or not? If you are uncomfortable, you can ride with me. My shoulders are ready for you.”

  The pervert racked his brains this entire time and wanted his princess to ride with him. Well, he misses the time when there was only one horse. She was very dependent (helpless) on him and she was within his reach. Now that it was so crowded, she said she was shy and will not ride the same horse with him.

  Oh, it’s so troublesome.

  I really want to drive those unsightly guys away.

  The girl is immersed in her own world, completely ignoring the prince’s self-affection.

  Has the magic from the Temple of Light weakened? Well, what’s the relationship between this and the Temple of Light?

  Ever since she had that strange dream, she discovered that the Temple of Light is like the air that exists everywhere. It seems to be closely related to this kingdom, but the Temple of Light’s sense of existence is weak in its divisions.

  In the witch’s perception, the Temple of Light seems to be a belief-based existence. Except for the small towns and villages, each city will have at least one church. There will be at least one priest who passed the test of light. But the prince said that the Temple of Light’s magic has weakened, and the black magic identifier is a joke, which is very intriguing.

  Cough, as if I’ll think too much. However, it seems that the black magic identifier ball –

  ”It’s indeed a joke.”

  She is a witch who wields black magic. The idiot prince around her is more eccentric than her. Both of them belong to the same kind at soul. But they have passed the crystal’s ball detection.

  She was afraid before.

  ”But then again, isn’t it easier for black magic users to breach the city?”

  ”Not anyone can wield black magic.” The prince squinted and looked up at the sky. His mouth was slightly hooked up, and he seemed to laugh rather than smile.

  ”But everyone has a dark side, darkness and evil resides within the heart, they will be unable to bear resisting the temptation to taste the fruits of sin. In fact, there is not only just the Viscount who is a devil’s follower within Karon City.”

  ”Are there others?” Don’t scare me!

  ”Those ignorant people who were incited and exploited by the Viscount used their ridiculous anger, fueled with the devil’s flames. Everyone has a germinating evil seed buried deep within their hearts. They are actually tempted by the devil. It may not be long before they are infected with the desire for darkness, just like the light priest in the city who deeply believes in the God of Light, but instead they will secretly sell their souls to the devil.”

  The prince looked at the witch tenderly, but his words were horrifying.

  The human heart is selfish.

  Although the Viscount died, his fallen soul was cursed.

  His curse is coming. Those tempting properties and wealth are the fruits gained by the devil’s influence. Those innocent servants and people think that those things were obtained from nothing like pies that fall from the sky. It may be a killing blade in the future.

  ”Well. The ghost knows what will happen in the future.”


  The prince and his entourage marched magnificently towards Engelmod and finally arrived at the heart of the Kingdom of Kelub on the tenth day.

  It is more prosperous and larger than imagined. Engelmod, is like a round biscuit. It is divided into four pieces by a knife, and each division is distinct.

  ”Engelmod has a total population of 800,000. If the adventurers, walking vendors and slaves who stay temporarily are included, the total can reach about one million.” A middle-aged man, the prince’s attendant named Daniel said to the witch.

  ”One hundred…ten thousand1For the slower readers: “100…10,000….” the witch utters. So, if you multiplied the two it would be 1 million. She was saying like 100 of 10,000’s…the Chinese meaning is just concealed. lol.” The witch was shocked by this huge population figure. According to her, it seems that few cities can reach such a prosperous amount.

  ”His Royal Highness!”

  ”Look, His Royal Highness, Prince Ibis is back!”

  The orderly civilians witness the long-awaited return of the third prince, and they threw down their busy work and crowded into the street, surrounding both sides of the commodity street

  ”We are your most loyal citizens!”

  ”Thanks to the blessings of the God of Luck, Mokaela, the heroic and brave Prince Ibis has finally returned to the capital!”

  His Royal Highness, who has always been unofficial and sticky, rode on his black horse, with silver hair and white clothes, and his beautiful features in the sunshine looks like white flowers, which made his whole body radiate a momentum that could not be ignored.

  The witch was stunned by the crowd of enthusiastic people, and her eardrums were almost deafened. The people of Engelmod were so excited that they threw fruits and flowers at them.

  Mom, if these people were in the modern age, they would be his fan club.

  But then again, the guy next to her on his dark horse, rushed forward to accept flowers and confessions…is he so popular?

  Am I hallucinating?

  After the prince relentlessly refused the hearts of all the girls with his handsome face, he turned his head to the witch unconsciously and found that the black-haired girl was staring at him with a peculiar gaze. His white hand rubbed his chin, and he seemed to be pondering.

  ”Snow White, don’t be angry!” His Royal Highness’s hard-won image of dignity immediately collapsed, and he hesitated to explain: “I have never received their love, Snow White, don’t be jealous… My heart is always loyal to you!”

  Witch (Fuss): Can you shut up and keep your image?

  These people did not see past the surface at all.

  A group of people and horses went to the central square, which is connected with the four districts of Engelmod. There were many people present that even the guards were forced to maintain the order. The central square was located in Engelmod’s center. In the center stood a huge statue. On the witch’s face hung a veil, she looked up in amazement at the statue that resembled the American Statue of Liberty.

  Please forgive her for not being able to think of a reference in order to describe this awesome-looking statue that reached high in the clouds.

  The majestic and solemn statue reflected the sacred white light from the sun, it was frightening. The witch couldn’t recognize who the status portrays, but she felt that this magnificent and sacred statue did not make her feel good.

  It seems that something is blocking my heart and needs to be vented urgently.

  [Do you feel unpleasant? Are you particularly upset to see those who are screaming and cheering? Is there a desire to let everyone fall into the abyss of misery and evil? In fact, you don’t have to suppress your own nature.]

  The witch’s brows scrunched quietly, and the rage of irritation within her heart seemed to be rising and burning.

  She subconsciously covered her heart with her hands.

Author’s Notes:

Author: His Royal Highness, you seem to have a bad impression of the Temple of Light?

Your Royal Highness: I have never said such a thing.

Author: But when you just talked about the magic ball identifier, it seemed a little weird?

His Royal Highness Prince: Illusion (OvO).

  1. For the slower readers: “100…10,000….” the witch utters. So, if you multiplied the two it would be 1 million. She was saying like 100 of 10,000’s…the Chinese meaning is just concealed. lol

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