The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies – Chapter 24

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Migrant Worker Entering the City

 ”Chirp, chirp, the prince returns, the people admire.”

  The pigeons flew and skimmed across the sky and seemed to be participating in the cheerful welcoming ceremony at this time.

  The pigeons surrounded them and started singing.

  ”His sword is covered with the blood of dragons and witches, and the glorious deeds will be passed on by the people.”

  ”But on this happy day, the tears from the God of Light never disappear. You see, he is still crying sadly.”

  God of Light?

  What is this, with the God of Light?

  She couldn’t understand what the pigeons were singing. The birds flew countless laps around them, and finally they swept the blue sky, and then they remained near the statue with their wings crossed and their heads bowed.

  She stared at the birds for a long time, rubbed her nose with her hands restlessly, and lowered her head to find that the prince’s face was as solemn as ever, and the whole man fell into his own world with an indescribable chill.

  The witch believed that the young man was timid because of homesickness, but then again, she was obviously more worried than she should be.


  His Royal Highness’ palace is built near the fountain of the third square in the palace, it was close to the magnificent main palace. Although, it was not as big as the palace where the King and Queen resides, it was not small.

  Like a migrant worker who had just entered the city, the witch followed the guards sullenly with her old cloth bag on her back into the palace where the legendary prince lives.

  This place is about ten times more luxurious than the castle of Karon’s City Viscount. Even the marble floor is carefully carved with gold powder into complex patterns, not to mention the valuable furniture and furnishings in the palace.

  The witch silently hugged her own cloth bag.

  [(T ^ T)]

  Originally, she thought she was wealthy by personally taking away the viscount’s jewels. She had the illusion of making a fortune, and sure enough… she really doesn’t understand the world of rich people.

  The dome is inlaid with countless colorful gemstones and night pearls, shining like bright stars in the sky, which can choke people to death.

  The prince, His Royal Highness, led the witch to a luxuriously decorated bedroom. His eyes dodged her, but he looked excited and shy.

  ”Snow White, do you like this bedroom?”

  Witch: Does this soul seem deliberate? Well, what’s the matter with his blushing face that is as shy as a girl, with a tint of exhilaration within his eyes? His narcistic portrait is hung in the room, it’s really shameless. Did he try to fool me into his room and think I would love it and then make an excuse to sleep in the same room?

  ”Well, I don’t like it.”

  At this moment, our prince’s heart is crumbling.

  He had taken her to their bedroom with great joy, but his beloved Princess said she didn’t like it, what to do, what to do!

  But it doesn’t matter!

  If you don’t like it, let’s change rooms. There are many rooms anyways!

  The broken Prince: “Snow White doesn’t like it? It’s a pity, then, let’s change rooms.”


  ”His Royal Highness, it’s not us, it’s me.”

  The witch seriously refused his kind offer.

  ”There are so many rooms in your palace. Please give me a bedroom to sleep in alone. Um…if your house can’t provide that, then I’ll go outside and find a place to stay.”

  His Royal Highness, had been injured by a 10,000 critical hit, it was not good for his person.

  Well, she refused him.

  That kind of naked dislike is completely undisguised. Hey!


  Because our honorable prince was resolutely rejected by the witch, he fell into a bittersweet unrequited love.

  The girl with big lake green blue eyes, looks like a delicate ceramic doll, was taken back to the palace by the prince in rhetoric. But the girl seems to have no interest in him at all.  

  Although the prince himself bluntly reiterated that it is not unrequited love, in fact, they indeed love each other. But the palace guards can see their family’s noble prince’s tail, thick-skinned running to the other for attention, all of them were defeated and degraded.

  There were also servants who quietly gossip, every time his Highness did something strange to anger the dark-haired girl.

Narration from Servant A: His Royal Highness, who is praised as a gentleman, has recently fallen in love with a vulgar girl. For example, he likes to sneak into the lady’s room called Snow White every morning and hide in a hidden place.

Doubts from Servant B: Why does His Highness hide? Is he going to frighten her by disguising himself as a ghost?

This, this is not gentlemanly.

        And it’s so trivial.

Servant A: No, His Royal Highness said that he did not have vulgar tastes, nor did he secretly peep at her, but wished to wake up the lady with gentle eyes every morning.

Servant B: What were the results?

Servant A: His Highness, with a gentle smile on his lips, satisfactorily covered his face and was kicked out.  


  Wait a minute. Why do you cover your face contentedly?

  Actually, it’s a face beating!

  For the prince’s dementia with his indignation behavior, probably everyone feels hot and blind.

  Privately, I feel it’s necessary to honor His Highness, the most horrible prince in our history. So, let’s tell you a story about the prince.

  His Royal Highness, Ibis of the Kingdom of Kelub.

  His Royal Highness has never been ordinary since he was born.

  On the night of his birth, it was said that there was heavy snow as light as goose feathers, white as willow catkins, painted the entire silver-clad Madeira Palace as beautiful as a castle in a dream.

  The old King anxiously waited for his beloved Queen to give birth to his third blood. He paced outside the delivery room, up and down, back and forth. The attendants and palace people accompanied him. They felt the King’s anxiety and worry, but they can only silently pray to God to bless the Queen and give birth to the prince safely.

  At a time when the atmosphere was oppressive and uneasy, they suddenly heard a loud baby cry from the delivery room.

  The crisp sound seemed to illuminate the sky above the Madeira Palace like a bright light.

  It seems like an ordinary story about the birth of a royal son.

  But according to the midwife who helped the Queen deliver the baby at that time. The Queen struggled through dangerous childbirth. The Queen and the King looked lovingly at the silver-haired baby boy who was sleeping in her arms. Suddenly a white crane came to visit.

  The white crane was as white as the drifting snow outside.

  The white crane stretched out its elegant neck and knocked the window three times with its long-pointed beak.

  The King was shocked and told the servants to open the window and let the white crane in. The white crane bent down its slender neck, shook off the snowflakes, and went into the warm delivery room like a man, and bowed to the old King and Queen.

  It opened its mouth and spit out words—

  ”The honorable Queen, the little prince in your arms is deeply loved and watched by God. The Lord God sent me to give a gift of blessing.”

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